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  1. 1. Sound
  2. 2. To scientist a falling tree makes sounds eventhough we cant here it.Almost anything you do can make soundwavesSound can travel threw many common thingssuch as desk, walls, floors and many others
  3. 3. Interactions of sound wavesInteractions of sound is just how sound interacts withstuff. Like sound bouncing off a wall.Reflection is like an echo when your in the shower thesound bounces of the wall and comes back at you.Diffraction is when you can hear something not in frontof you like a friend walking by the door talking.Interference is when sound waves meet. The can meetand disappear or one can over come the other.
  4. 4. The speed of sound can travel very fast. When it goes threw glass ittravels the fastest when it goes threw air (0°C) its the slowest.Elasticity is very common for everyone. Its is as simple asstretching a rubber band and letting it go.Density is the weight of any and every thing. sound has to havedensity to travel. No density it will float forever. To much it will fall.Tempetuer has a great deal to do with sound to. If its really coldsound travels slow. If its hot they travel fastser.
  5. 5. Loudness is important cause if your to loud its bad to low canbe bad to.Energy of a sound source basically the more energy thelouder the sound.Distance from a sound source if you are 10 feet away from aspeaker its louder to you then someone 20 feet away.Measuring loudness is easy they are measured in decibelsome are higher than others.
  6. 6. Pitch is another property of sound. The pitch of sound is adescription of high and low.pitch and frequency sound waves that have high frequencyhave high pitch.Changing pitch is an important property of music. If you cantchange in the middle of a note it might not sound good.
  7. 7. The Doppler effect is when something gets close it gets loudwhen it gets farther away it gets quiet.What causes the Doppler effect is easy when a soundsource moves the frequency of the waves changes becausethe motion of the source adds to the motion of the waves.What cause shock waves is at high speed the Dopplereffect can be spectacular.
  8. 8. Sound quality of musical instruments results from blending afundamental tone with its overtones. Resonance also plays a role inthe sound quality.Fundamental tones and overtones. The lowest natural frequency ofan object are called Fundamental tones. The objects higher naturalfrequencies are called over tones.Resonance affects the sound quality of a musical instruments byincreasing the loudness of certain overtones.
  9. 9. Groups of musical instruments. There arethree basic groups of musicalinstruments: stringed instruments, windinstruments, and percussion instruments.Stringed instruments have stringsWind instruments you have to blow intoPercussion instruments are drums
  10. 10. Acoustics are used in thedesign of concert halls to control reverberationand interference.
  11. 11. The human ear.Outer ear funnels sound wavesThe middle ear transmits the waves inwardThe inner ear converts sound waves into a form thattravels to your brain
  12. 12. Hearing loss is exposure to loud sound s andaging.Causes of hearing loss can come from almostanything that is to loudHearing aids can amplify sound going into theear.
  13. 13. Some animals including bats and dolphins useecholocation to navigate and to find food.Bats are one of the main animals who use thisso it can catch and eat foodDolphins porpoises and whales us this also tocatch food and communicate even though theyhave eyes
  14. 14. Ultrasound technologies such as sonar andimaging are used to observe things thatcannot be seenSonar is used to find objects like a sunkenboatUltrasounds are mostly used on pregnant girlshahaha this is the way they see what babieslook like
  15. 15.  Microphone1. The microphone converts acoustic sound energy into electrical energy. Some hearing aids use two microphones to help separate background noise.2. Processor3. The processor digitizes the acoustic sound, then separates background noise from speech. Both are processed to make speech clearer and to reduce the interference of background noise.4. Amplifier5. The amplifier boosts the processed signal according to the pattern and severity of your hearing loss, as well as the amount of background noise.6. Speaker7. The speaker converts the electrical signal back into acoustic sound and directs the sound into your ear canal. Some models have the speaker placed in your ear canal. Some use a tube that connects the speaker to plug or custom ear mold. Others have the components housed in a custom-fitting shell.
  16. 16.  What determines the sound qualification is all about how the instrument works. If the instrument requires you to blow hard then that his how high and low it will be. But if it requires you to play strings the harder you strike them the louder it gets. So how the sound qualification works is up to you.
  17. 17.  They are mainly used to see babies inside of a womans stomach so they know what she/he looks like hahahha