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  • 1. GET ETARIENC 16-22AUD W e have chosen 16 our target audien the target audien ce of similar band -22 year olds for ce due to looking into s. I looked at the x and Fallout Boy .I Param ore, You Me At Si nd target audience of e was based arou comm on their target ag e l had one thing in bers of ATWI rangfound that they al e of the band mem -22. We members. The ag the age range of 16the age of the band we have selected etfrom 16-18, due to this reason all and a large targ ag e group was to sm 9 but we felt this e can band gain. did consider 16-1 nt of popularity th se the amou group would increa it mixed will increa se the a gender to ta rget as by having race. By We have assigned the same idea for interest. We have you used more people to ta ke an numbers that gain audience it allows nder and race having an open ge . appeal in the band ve to create a serie s of range to the band we would ha they can relate to . To get To entice the age is intrigued by or that the audience e song to be play ed on the promotional parts e can promote th ther, them interested in the band w that they put toge of university’s ha ve a radio station nd. miliar with the ba ra dio. The majority ould get the student fa Again played it w so by having Here online. Facebook is a are more than 500 million users soical networking O n Facebook there ed yo uth, by using the ing the on the modern ag d be done by post massive influence e band. This coul ease interest of th site we could incr ts. o or other elemen lay them in a fun and finished music vide usic video we disp ce through the m te how they want To target this audien et age will be able to rela doing this the targ energetic way, by I. to have fun to ATW