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Evaluation 1

Evaluation 1






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Evaluation 1 Evaluation 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Evaluation OneIn what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  • Music VideoThe music video that we created was for a unsigned rock band called ‘And TheWinner Is…’To create the music video we decided to look at Goodwin’s theory. Goodwinidentifies 6 aspects that are in music videos:1. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics2. A relationship between the lyrics and the visuals3. A relationship between the music and the visuals4. The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups ofthe artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work.5. There is frequently reference to the notion of looking and particularlyvoyeuristic treatment of the female body.6. There is often intertextual reference.
  • To follow these aspects I decided to look into similar artists and tofind out the conventions of a rock genre music video. I decided touse the conventions that I discovered to make a performance basedmusic video that allowed the audience to obtain a live feeling of theband and to make them recognisable.I also came to this decision by looking at the lyrics. ‘And Im stillwearing the same old shoes, Tracing my steps, pacing the sameold rooms, And Im still staying in all night, Chasing the sameold ghosts ill never find’. The lyrics are complicated and wouldinvolve too many shots away from the band, and due to it beingtheir first video it would need to have a lot of establishing shots ofthem, thus challenging the norm of some music videos by nothaving a relationship with the lyrics.
  • Although, due to wanting to have a video that islively and energetic, an expression of the band,we decided to create a relationship between thevisuals and music. The link was created byhaving the shot change on the beat. This issomething similar to what is in the Paramore -Ignorance video.
  • The conventions that I also came across were onesthat showed the rock bands performing in a rangeof places from a tiny room to an emptywarehouse. I decided to challenge and conform tothe conventions of these music videos. The musicvideo conforms to the norm by having the musicvideo based in an abandoned barn. However, italso challenges the conventions. Within the barnthere are bizarre farming equipment that we usedto make interesting shots.
  • To hint at a rock genre we added a black and white filter, we did this as black and white is a stereotypical theme in a rock music videos. An example of this is the Just Because music video by Funeral Party. When we added the black and white it didn’t have any depth, so to increase it we altered the clip to have a higher contrast.This still also has similar properties toanother music video by Funeral Party,Finale. The video shows the band breakinginto abandoned houses to play their music.It’s also similar to the Arctic Monkey’s videowhere they are simply playing on a stage,however the way it’s filmed is entertaining.From this we decided to create our music videoin a similar way. Although we also choose asimilar setting we found unique props thatwould make the video more interesting.
  • We didn’t just rely on the props to makeinteresting shots, but it certainly helped.The still on the left would have been thesame kind of shot that music videos haveof guitars, however from having themachinery behind him the shot is able tocapture the audiences attention as theylook at the strange props. Nevertheless with this image we didn’t use any of the machinery just the band members to create a unique shot. The still shows how we have developed a stereotypical shot of the lead singer, into a captivating and unique shot. This is done by simply having the bassist stand on the drum.
  • To create a relationship between the music and thevisuals, we decided to change shot on the beat. This isa conventional theme in music videos, we decided touse this approach because of how effective it was onthe Arctic Monkeys and Funeral Party videos.Through editing the video in this way we were able tocreate an energetic theme that showed how lively theband are and how great they would be to see live. Thiswas mainly due to not using transition effects, byusing simple cuts it kept with the fast beat andcreated the vibrant theme.
  • Overall we developed original conventions ofmusic videos so that we were able to challenge thenorm. This was done through the selection of thelocation, shots and editing.However we did conform to using conventions, amain tradition for filming bands is to have closeups of the lead singer and some of the other bandmembers. I felt that this is something we need todo for an unsigned band as it allows the audienceto become more familiar with them.
  • Digipak The digipak was created using photoshop, which allowed me to be creative and experimental with what digipak would best suit the band. I had put together two full digipaks and gathered a random group of people to decide which one had an energetic feel. The group decided on the one above. The black and white suggest its is created for the genre of rock as this is one of there conventions. The scribbles on the lines and the CD suggest the vibrant music and also hint at a rock theme. The abbreviation of the bands name shows that they are young and trendy. For this product I used conventions of digipaks to make it effective and capture the views attention and make them instantly know whats the bands genre.
  • CD advert After looking into a wide range of digipaks and albums I found a correlation, both have the same theme. Due to this I decided to follow the convention, but to develop it in a way that made it unique. To make it unique and standout from the rest I have added shadows to give it a 3D effect, causing attention to be attracted. I have also kept with the convents that are used, release date, name, album or single name, quote, where to go to get more information and where to buy. The ripped paper and the black and white all hint at the rock genre. The colour is used to attract attention, this is a technique used frequently with adverts