Day of Filming


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Day of Filming

  1. 1. On the 10th of October 2010 we met the And The Winner Is… at the lead guitarists house at Fakenham. After the meet and greet we left for the barn so that we could start setting up straight away. When the band had set up we started to film individual shots of the band. We started filming the drummer, Jack, we used a wide range of shots from high to low angle and pan shots. I made sure that we had a couple of close ups as this is what the audience wanted to see in the music video. All the shots that we used on the drums were had held because we felt that handheld shot would give it the liveliness that we wanted it to have. However before we set out on filming Jack we wanted him to keep in time with the music so we used my iPod to play the song to him, but unfortunately he couldnʼt hear it so we had use headphones. Which we were worried that the audience would be able to see but in most of the clips its barely noticeable. We then moved on to filming the whole band playing, this was due to the band were hesitate about doing the shot of them on their own. So we did some static shots of the band playing, pan shots and handheld shots. One issue that we had was the main singer, Connor, had difficulty getting into the music and kept giving up half way through the song but eventually he got in to it. After this we did solo shots of Thomas playing the bass guitar, for these we mainly used close ups and mid shots. Overall we made Thomas play through the song three times, we also did the same for Pete. Pete is the second guitarist of the band we main used the same style of shooting that we used for Thomas which involved handheld shots and pans. We then moved to the individual shots of Harry the main guitarist, which we referred to the plan of shots and places to film the individually. For Connor we put him in to the corner by the green machinery this is the point were he started to really get into the music. However unfortunately we only had time to film the entrance to the barn before the camera ran out of charge. To over come this we went back the lead guitarist house to charge it and while that happened we had lunch. When we back to the barn we noticed a corn field that looked enchanting and as a group we decided that we would film there after we finished at the barn. When we arrived at the barn we set up so that we would just film Connor singing by what looked like a large DAY OF FILMING
  2. 2. turbine. While he was singing I came up with the idea of having Connor in the foreground and then the band in the background. I had originally thought of this idea before but I thought that this would be the best place to put the plan into action. After the shot we could you experimenting with shots before we moved location to the corn field and started film solo shots of Connor in the field. After this we filmed a couple scenes of the band messing about and thought that we could add these in the music video or to put at the end of the music video to show the overall character of the band. Also Jos took photographs of the band to use for our digi packs. THE END