About Service Business InnovationThe importance of Service Business InnovationIn a world of fierce competition, in which c...
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C-urVision - about Service Business Innovation (SBI)


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C-urVision - about Service Business Innovation (SBI)

  1. 1. About Service Business InnovationThe importance of Service Business InnovationIn a world of fierce competition, in which companies use their resources to maintain a technologicaladvantage, companies need to move from business models based on products and technology to modelswhere value comes from intangible things like service, knowhow and relationship. The value creation processis shifting from being a supplier, into customer experience and co-creation of value by providing innovativeservices. The need to create substantial competitive advantage via services becomes a must to manufacturingand traditional solution (product and services) companies. It is forecasted that by the year of 2020 theBusiness to Business (B2B) market will be based mostly (58%) on services compared to 32% today.As such, companies that will not adapt their strategy, business models, concepts and processes to supportnew innovative services, will find it hard to compete.Service Business Innovation (SBI) captures the ability to anticipate customers’ behavior, needs and futurestrategies and to find the right services to address them all while providing a unique value proposition.The Challenge in SBI cycleService Business Innovation is a multidisciplinary structured innovation approach that benefits fromunderstanding what values customers reward.Companies need to develop their offering, business models, sales cycles, operation, concepts and methods inorder to define, provide and measure the right new services. While aiming to improve Customers’ experience,the customers better be involved at all of the service development stages: from the value co-creation searchand evaluation, to the service plan and processes definitions. Furthermore, today customers are willing to payfor information, advice, assurance and for infrastructure operation or leasing. This shift in value sourcerequires an ongoing changes and improvements of the offered service to meet the changing needs andexpectations. In the current competitive environment, it is not enough to react to new need, but to optimallyanticipate or even initiate it. SBI needs to address all the above while creating new value, in the right time, tothose that provide and those who consume the service.But SBI is not only about ideas. It is a process that requires the discipline not only to recognize the idea but toimplement it while integrating the right target, time to market, development process, team, leadership,change and risk management and so on.ConclusionService Business Innovation is where the world is heading. While stepping into this direction, the companymust understand the complexity of the concept while taking the discipline to adapt and change the internalway of thinking, methods and processes in order to provide the right value proposition. The focus has to shiftinto customer’s needs while internally managing the service business and encouraging service culture andleadership.About C-urVisionC-urVision assists in creating more profitable business by offering a full Service Business Innovation Cycle. Weare leading our clients towards new service’s creation and delivery while handling the complex andmultidisciplinary challenges along the way. C-urVision also assists companies in improving and monetizingtheir existing service activity by offering a focused cycle from gap analysis to improvements plan andexecution. We believe in escorting our clients all the way to success, as such we are focused onimplementation and up scaling of the new direction, using our experience and proven tools & processes. Copyrights © 2013 C-urVision Ltd. See more at www.C-urVision.Com ; Follow us at LinkedIn/C-urVision