StockFusion Studio Trading Advisor Expert System


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StockFusion Studio Trading Advisor Expert System

  1. 1. StockFusion StudioTrading Advisor Expert SystemBoris G. Zinchenko,
  2. 2. Aura Forecast Engine Indicators FXS Adaptive MA Hilbert Phasor Components Kaufman Adaptive MA MESA Adaptive MA Parabolic SAR TEMA Stochastic Forecasts more.. Criteria ARIMA Correlation Radius Exponential Fit Cumulative Gain Markov Automaton Fractal Dimension Logarithmic Fit Logistic Fit Expert Friedman Hurst Coefficient Square Fit Square Root Fit System Kruskal-Wallis Absolute Difference Stepwise Regression Shannon Probability more.. more.. Equis MetaStock® Yahoo Finance CSV text worksheets TeleChart 2008 Microsoft Access® Microsoft SQL Server Oracle 10i. more.. Data
  3. 3. StockFusion Logon Fill logon and password exactly as received from PayPal subscription service. Both are case sensitive and without white spaces. Use “Remember me” option to store logon for future. Secure subscription through PayPal Instant connection with easy cancellation Immediate technical support on all issues
  4. 4. StockFusion Home All functions are available through vivid context specific ribbons to comply with latest Microsoft® usability guides. Watch live hints at each button to discover its functions. Use quick start sequence for jump start Watch resource lists for system capabilities Use Vista style ribbon bar for navigation
  5. 5. Data Providers • MS Access® • CVS Text • Metastock® • Quotes Plus • TeleChart® • Yahoo Finance • SQL Server • Oracle 10i more to come… Home & Basics > Select Provider Highlight desired provider and click [Next]
  6. 6. Data Source Each provider offers own data sources. Select from the list and click [Next] to open one required. Symbol list will fill with selected data and show up automatically.Some providers allow to extent list of datasources. Hit [Open] to navigate for data anddisplay them in list
  7. 7. Data Manager Data manager view lists in one table all symbols available with current provider. It offers quick overview of summary values and data update status. Home > View > Data
  8. 8. Historical Data Table This table shows all available price history for a given symbol. Data can exported to Microsoft® Excel, Word, Text CSV and a Web page Home > View > History
  9. 9. Chart Basics All chart settings are automatically stored in a workspace for each symbol and loaded on next use. Use [Indicator] group to add chart analysis Use [Scale] group to adjust resolution
  10. 10. Technical Indicators Chart & Indicators > Indicator [group] Four available chart areas Select chart area from list [Window] Select indicator from list [Available] Click button [Add] next to list Indicator will show on chart List [Active] gives shown indicators Hit [Remove] to delete selected Hit [Clear] to erase all indicators
  11. 11. Expert System In certain situations expert system cannot reliably decide on the best strategy for given symbol. In this case there will be corresponding message. Trader then can rely on manual choice based on backtesting results. Chart & Indicators > Advisor [group] Expert Advisor button After advisor completes calculations there appears dialog with best strategy advise Trade advises appear on chart immediately
  12. 12. Performance Report All key measures of backtesting performance over all symbol history including trading commissions trade signal trigger adjustments Chart > View > Performance
  13. 13. Trade History Detailed list of trades simulated by selected strategy over the whole symbol history including individual profit and positions Chart > View > Trades
  14. 14. Portfolio Optimizer Home > Symbol > Lookup [pick one] Home > Symbol > Add to Favorites Repeat for all symbols of interest Home > View > Radar > Calculate Watch expert results for each symbol  Best trading strategy  Forecast  Expected change Home > View > Radar
  15. 15. StockFusion Studio Trading Advisor Expert System Thank You for Your attention© 2008 Boris ZinchenkoThis presentation is for informational purposes only. WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.