Yql Intercon 09


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Slides from my talk about YQL at intercon 09.

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Yql Intercon 09

  1. 1. Yahoo Query Language select * from internet Bruno Zanchet bzanchet@yahoo-inc.com
  2. 2. http://meme.yahoo.com
  3. 3. Aplicação ?
  4. 4. data manipulation Aplicação = + data visualization
  5. 5. data data
  6. 6. data
  7. 7. dev
  8. 8. var map = new YMap (document.getElementById('map')); … dev var currentGeoPoint = new YGeoPoint ( _c.Lat, _c.Lon ); map.addMarker(currentGeoPoint); ? … … if (flickcurl_prepare(fc, ? "flickr.photos.geo.correctLocation", parameters, count)) { … } … ? http://search.yahooapis.com/ ImageSearchService/V1/imageSearch? appid=YahooDemo&query=Corvette&results=2 ? http://weather.yahooapis.com/ forecastrss?p=FRXX0076&u=c
  9. 9. Yahoo! My Yahoo! Mail Welcome, guest Sign In Search MY PROJECTS APIs & WEB SERVICES var map = new YMap RESOURCES SUPPORT YDN Maps Suite AJAX Maps (document.getElementById('map')); Yahoo! Maps Web Services - AJAX API Getting … READY TO GET STARTED? You aren't signed in Sign In Help Started Guide Get an App ID dev Home The Tour Sign Up Explore currentGeoPoint = new YGeoPoint var Search Learn the fundamentals of the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API and start creating your own maps. This page contains: Introduction and Prerequisites ( _c.Lat, _c.Lon ); Yahoo! Maps Cheatsheets Examples Flickr Services Yahoo! My Yahoo! Mail RECENT BLOG ARTICLES Welcome, guest Sign In API Documentation Feeds Your API Keys map.addMarker(currentGeoPoint); Display a Yahoo! Map ? Apply for a new API Key Add controls to your Yahoo! Map Leonardo da Vinci: Hacker Search Add a logger to a Yahoo! Map Place a marker on a Yahoo! Map … MY PROJECTS January 24, 2009 APIs & WEB SERVICES RESOURCES SUPPORT Draw Polylines on a Yahoo! Map Whaddyathink? & the Yahoo! Application flickr.places.getPlaceTypes Place Smart Markers on a Yahoo! Map Add multiple custom markers on Yahoo! Map YDN Weather RSS Feed Platform January 22, 2009 Traffic information overlay Yahoo! Pipes RSS output information overlay Yahoo! Pipes JSON output information overlay Yahoo! Weather RSS Feed Making the new Yahoo! Currency Converter Yahoo! My Yahoo! Mail Welcome, guest Sign In Local search results overlay Fetches a list of available place types for Flickr. YMap accessible January 21, 2009 The Weather RSS feed enables you to get up-to-date weather information for your location. You can save this Overlay GeoRSS XML data Overlay custom objects at YGeoPoint location … feed in My Yahoo! or your favorite feed aggregator, or incorporate the RSS data into your own web site or client Search application. The Weather RSSRetrievingdynamically-generatedfrom based on zip code or Location ID. feed is a and displaying data feed Authentication Overlay custom objects at YCoordPoint location if (flickcurl_prepare(fc, Wikipedia with YQL PROJECTS MY APIs & WEB SERVICES RESOURCES SUPPORT Overlay polyline on Yahoo! Map January 18, 2009 URL and the RSS response for developers. It contains these This page describes the format of the request ? Export Yahoo! Map in GeoRSS format YDN Image Search Documentation for Yahoo! Search Web Services This method does not require authentication. GeoRSS overlay with polyline "flickr.photos.geo.correctLocation", sections: Get zoom level given radius from center Custom position of controls Arguments RSS Request Image Search Documentation for Yahoo! Search READY TO GET STARTED? Change Marker Images Dynamically Use YMapTypeControl to position map types parameters, count)) { … } Summary Request Parameters By applying for an Application ID for this service, you hereby agree to the Terms of Use Submitting Image Queries Rate Limit api_key (Required) Other Features of the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API … RSS Response YEvent, YGeoRSS, YMarker Your API application key. See here for moreTop-Level Elements details. The Image Search Web Service allows you to search the Internet for images. Get an App ID Terms of Service Channel Elements Support & Community Image Elements Example Response ? Download all of the cheatsheets and example code in the Yahoo Item Elements Request URL Maps API Reference Bundle. Condition Codes YAHOO! GROUPS DISCUSSIONS view all <place_types> Examples http://search.yahooapis.com/ImageSearchService/V1/imageSearch For detailed descriptions of the classes and methods in the API, place_type_id="22">neighbourhood</place_type> <place_type yahoo local search code in php Terms of Use Tue, 27 Jan 2009 check out v3.8 Reference Manual. <place_type place_type_id="7">locality</place_type> <place_type <place_type http://search.yahooapis.com/ place_type_id="9">county</place_type> RSS Request place_type_id="8">region</place_type> Remaining, Supporting Classes Request parameters My Web Search API shut down See information on constructing REST queries announcement Introduction and <place_type Prerequisites <place_type ImageSearchService/V1/imageSearch? place_type_id="12">country</place_type> The Weather RSS feed request follows simple HTTP GET syntax: start with a base URL and then add place_type_id="29">continent</place_type> (?). Multiple parameters are separated by an ampersand (&). parameters and values after a question mark Parameter Value Description Wed, 21 Jan 2009 </place_types> appid=YahooDemo&query=Corvette&results=2 The Yahoo! AJAX Maps API lets developers add maps to their web sites using DHTML and JavaScript®. Maps The base URL for the Weather RSS feed is are fully embeddable and scriptable using the JavaScript programming language. Yahoo! Maps AS-Flash API's appid string (required) The application ID. See Application IDs for more information. Re: Site Explorer API returns 999 Rate Limit Exceeded query string (required) The query to search for. Use + to include terms, - to exclude terms, and Wed, 21 Jan 2009 ? Error Codes built-in geocoder means that you can specify a physical address or latitude/longitude coordinates for your map's http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss put quotes around "exact phrase". location, as you like. type all (default), any, or The kind of search to submit: Reminder: Old obsolete versions of Local In this section, Summary shows how to make an RSS request with different parameters; Request Parameters phrase Search (V1, V2) shutting do In order to create and test applications100: Yahoo! Maps AJAX API, you'll need to use a supported summarizing those parameters. using Invalid API Key shows a table web all returns results with all query terms. Mon, 19 Jan 2009 The 9 or Safari 3. Newer versions of these browsers are also browser: Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6 or 7, Opera API key passed was not valid or has expired. any returns results with one or more of the query terms. supported. You can code your JavaScript applications usingcurrentlytext editor or IDE. 105: Service your favorite unavailable phrase returns results containing the query terms as a phrase. SUMMARY results integer: default 10, The number of results to return. The requested service is temporarily unavailable. An application ID is required to use the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. You can get an application ID here. max 50 The Weather RSS feed request follows simple HTTP GET syntax: start with a base URL and then add 111: Format "xxx" not found start integer: default 1 parameters and values after a question mark (?). Multiple parameters are separated by an starting result position to return (1-based). The finishing position (start The ampersand (&). For For best results, you should launch your web pagesrequested response format was not found. applications The from a web server. However, it's possible to run + results - 1) cannot exceed 1000. the Weather RSS feed there are two parameters: directly from your hard drive by double-clickingMethod This can be donefound 112: on them. "xxx" not by lowering the security settings in format any (default), bmp, Specifies the kind of image file to search for. the Internet Explorer browser or by setting the The requested method was not found. p for location. UniversalBrowserRead property in Firefox. gif, jpeg, png u for degrees units (Fahrenheit or Celsius). adult_ok no value or 1 The service filters out adult content by default. Enter a 1 to allow adult 114: Invalid SOAP envelope http://weather.yahooapis.com/ content. The SOAP envelope send in the requestlocationnot be parsed. required. Use this parameter to indicate the location for the weather forecast as a The could parameter p is Displaying a Yahoo! Map zip code or Location ID. coloration any (default), color, The service returns only the images of the coloration specified (color or 115: Invalid XML-RPC Method Call forecastrss?p=FRXX0076&u=c All the API classes and methods necessary to The XML-RPC request document couldyour be parsed.when interact with Yahoo! Maps are available to not application http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?p=location bw black-and-white). site string: default no A domain to restrict your searches to (e.g. www.yahoo.com). You may you include Yahoo! Maps AJAX API library in your web page.This example uses the demonstration application value submit up to 30 values (site=www.yahoo.com&site=www.cnn.com). ID "YD-eQRpTl0_JX2E95l_xAFs5UwZUlNQhhn7lj1H"; you cannot use this Application Forand must requestweather for Yahoo! Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, use the zip ID example, to get one code for Sunnyvale here. API Explorer (94089): output string: xml The format for the output. If json is requested, the results will be returned (default), json, php in JSON format. If php is requested, the results will be returned in Serialized PHP format. . <html> API Explorer : flickr.places.getPlaceTypes http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?p=94089 . <head> callback string The name of the callback function to wrap around the JSON data. The following characters are allowed: A-Z a-z 0-9 . [] and _. If output=json has . <b><script type="text/javascript" Or use the Location ID for Sunnyvale (USCA1116): . src="http://api.maps.yahoo.com/ajaxymap?v=3.8&appid=YD- not been requested, this parameter has no effect. More information on the
  10. 10. var map = new YMap (document.getElementById('map')); … dev var currentGeoPoint = new YGeoPoint ( _c.Lat, _c.Lon ); map.addMarker(currentGeoPoint); … Bindings … if (flickcurl_prepare(fc, "flickr.photos.geo.correctLocation", parameters, count)) { … } YQL … YQL stmt http://search.yahooapis.com/ select ImageSearchService/V1/imageSearch? appid=YahooDemo&query=Corvette&results=2 desc show http://weather.yahooapis.com/ forecastrss?p=FRXX0076&u=c
  11. 11. hein?
  12. 12. • milhares de serviços • milhares de documentações diferentes • dados isolados • filtrar, combinar, alterar, ..
  13. 13. YQL
  14. 14. • similar ao SQL • auto-descritivo • tempo real
  15. 15. • acesso aos dados de forma consistente • documentação no mesmo lugar • requests paralelas, cache, ...
  16. 16. comandos do YQL
  17. 17. • show, desc • select • insert, update, delete • use
  18. 18. show tables desc social.contacts
  19. 19. SELECT
  20. 20. select * from flickr.photos.search where text = “cat”
  21. 21. select * from github.repo.commits where id='yql' and repo='yql-tables'
  22. 22. select * from nyt.article.search where query="spontaneous combustion"
  23. 23. select * from google.translate where q in ( select title from nyt.article.search where query="spontaneous combustion" ) and target='pt'
  24. 24. SELECT what FROM collection WHERE filter condition IN (sub-select) LIMIT n OFFSET n
  26. 26. • modificar os dados na internet • usando <execute> • executa POST, PUT, DELETE • ex.: twitter, bit.ly
  27. 27. insert into twitter.status (status,username,password) values ("new tweet from YQL",”xxx”,”yyy”);
  28. 28. delete from twitter.status where id="2108869549" and username="xxx" and password="yyy"
  29. 29. Open Data Tables
  30. 30. • o poder do YQL em outras APIs • ou na sua API
  31. 31. bindings YQL
  32. 32. table definition YQL
  33. 33. USE
  34. 34. use ‘http://url-to-def.xml’ as tableName; select * from tableName where ...
  35. 35. http://github.com/yql/yql-tables
  36. 36. http://datatables.org
  37. 37. EXECUTE
  38. 38. • javascript rodando no servidor • acessar APIs com autenticação • juntar pesquisas distintas
  39. 39. • melhorar os dados • criar API a partir de html (scrapping) • transformar dados • mover lógica da aplicação para o cloud
  40. 40. <execute><![CDATA[ // Your javascript goes here. response.object = <item> <url>{request.url}</url> <a>{a}</a> <b>{b}</b> </item>; ]]></execute>
  41. 41. <execute><![CDATA[ var qs = query; var search = y.query('select * from search.web(50) where query=@query', {query: qs}).results; var images = []; default xml namespace='http://www.inktomi.com/'; for each (var result in search.result) { images.push( y.query('select * from search.images(1) where query=@query and url=@url', {url:result.url, query:qs})); } var i = 0; for each (var result in search.result) { var image = images[i++].results.result; if (image) { result.image = <image>{image}</image>; } } response.object = search; ]]>
  42. 42. so what?
  43. 43. construa aplicações de forma mais fácil
  44. 44. • menos linhas de código • sintaxe consistente para acesso a dados
  45. 45. construa aplicações mais rápidas
  46. 46. • serviço no cloud faz o trabalho • processamento, filtro, conversões • menos chamadas de serviços • mais perto dos dados
  47. 47. mais
  48. 48. • http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/ • http://meme.yahoo.com/api/ • http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/meme-dev/
  49. 49. Yahoo Query Language select * from internet Bruno Zanchet bzanchet@yahoo-inc.com