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Published in: Business, Education, Technology

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    • 1. DISSERTATION RESEARCH Final Year Dissertation Research Final year students 2011 -2012Scope:-Role of Library in your dissertation, good library research advice, collections of information available, research tools, selected sources highlighted Specialist services for students undertaking final year dissertation research
    • 2. STUART SMITH Academic Librarian (FBL) 0113-8121107 Office LS314 (ask at Library desk to see me)
    • 3. What do we need to cover ? Whatare you hoping to get from thesession?Chance to raise issues, concerns, questions about Library dissertation research:-?????
    • 4. PROGRAMME Refresher and update on selected important Library services and facilities Logins, Usernames and Passwords Dissertation ‘rationale’ and the Library role(s) Collections of material available to you Research tools Inter library loans Harvard Referencing Selected services mentioned and demonstrated as we go along
    • 5. Libraries – Amazon Catalogues + Leeds + Yorks area BLDSC ILLsPrint Indexes SCONUL eg ZETOC, BHI OtherFormats Bookshops Identify what Obtain what you Formulate – you want that want + what are you looking for is relevant Feedback to formulate Books Dissertations TV/ Radio Co. data You Tube Example services Journals –WARC, Mad, T1BA, ExHR…. Print E-journals Harvard Reports single titles market / industry E many titlesformat Newspapers Nexis / PD Gov pubns eg CC Search engines Statistics Intute, Bized
    • 6. REFRESHER ON BASIC LIBRARYSERVICES- Knowing your way around the Library is good – books, journals, rooms, printing, copiers, STL, HIP- Library catalogue + shelves = your first research tool- Leeds Met email - benefits of using this in research- Get the basics of using the Library sorted and the advanced stuff will be that much easier later on- Good awareness of the new Library Online structure
    • 7. Dissertation – process drivenAcademic / professional piece of workApplication and demonstration of the useful businessskills you have learned:-Academic research skillsInformation finding and handling skillsSecondary or desk research skillsMarket research skillsCorporate research skillsProject management skillsPresentational skills eg good writing style Use a ‘Library’ or ‘the’ Library to demonstrate your skillsAND to develop your skills in all of the above areas
    • 8. You are required to show use of‘Library’…… Via your dissertation Bibliography In your Literature review (overview of what is already known) ’The first task in doing a literature review is to find some literature’ Fisher Researching and writing a dissertation 2nd ed Via a ‘Further and recommended readings’ section in your dissertation Referring to course / module readings from the past Following good library dissertation structure and appearance advice Showing evidence of Library use is popular with supervisors and markers. Poor use of information and using dated / sloppy references will mark you down… as will any unsupported statements you make
    • 9. Using the Library in finding out‘things’ Facts, statistics, dates, people, events explanations, definitions, advantages and disadvantages, case studies, examples views / opinions of others on an issue the arguments for / against your issue or topic providing a briefing on the subject for the reader
    • 10. Dissertation topic description or title– exercise to do now On the small sheet you have been given 1) Print your name – for attendance 2) Write a title for a dissertation* using a minimum of 20 words on the back – make sense and use good grammar please! 3) Hand in at the end of the session please * Why? - Challenge for you / Purchase ideas / Warning! / Gets me on side
    • 11. Some ‘sexy’ dissertation title word to consider using….. ‘Report on’, ‘investigation into’, ‘survey of’ ‘Overview’, ‘review’, ‘implications’ Trends, future prospects, practice of, way ‘Analysis of’, ‘background to’ ’effects of’ 2009-2012, next decade, future, vision Global, World , European, UK, regional Case study, comparison, strategy, action (s), Market, industry, sector, ‘next generation’ ‘E’, enterprise, business, economy, corporate Retail, manufacturing service, economics, explanation Review, Why? What? When? How? Who? Recommendations for, description of What words would make someone want to pick up and read your dissertation and that would inform them what it is about without having to read it first?
    • 12. Stuart’s example dissertationworking title/draft/w.i.p.‘ Transports of Delight? A report on the marketing, promotion anddelivery of local bus services in the UK between 1985-2010 with a critical review of how the current major market players (eg First, Arriva, Stagecoach) are seeking to meet the national, local and general societal aims of future sustainable transport strategies, whilst at the same time making a profit for themselves through meeting and delivering the varied travel needs of the different segments of the current and future bus passenger / consumer market . Illustrated by a case study of First bus operations in the UK and Leeds 2009-2011.
    • 13. Dissertation research shouldchallenge your….ideas - test the value of your thoughtsbeliefs - are you in touch with the reality of the situation? Reality check!prejudices - awareness of these in yourself and othersYour knowledge level of the issues your humility - ‘If have seen further than other men it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants’ Isaac Newton …..and
    • 14. ‘masterpiece’ demonstration of yourskills and knowledge in…. time management skills research and information handling skills analysis and selection skills presentational skills debating skills – present both sides of an argument. Sees the whole picture. Balance An informed and entertaining writer? A widely read professional? Able to researcher of other things?
    • 15. Learning from using the Library integral part of your course to demonstrate your ability to use complex information and complete a complex task on time Library as an organisation - handling people (eg me, your supervisor) processes and systems. learn from what you do during the research process . The actual topic of your research is (almost) immaterial to the research process (?)
    • 16. You might even enjoy the research!Your dissertation should be….. the hardest thing you’ve done but also the most enjoyable / challenging piece of work you do Plus - Think about its ‘shelf-life’ and as your personal USP in your future career Dissertation may ‘define’ you as a person
    • 17. LOGINS USERNAMES ANDPASSWORDS Username and Password Library catalogue personal use- Library number- Library PINFor reservations (holds)
    • 18. Selected services and logins – nonstandard loginsThomson 1 Banker + john(finance, company data)NB there are a few other non-standard services you may come across
    • 19. Search Strategy Tips Start simple – get the background filled in first, set the scene, explain and describe the problem or issue first – ie earlier exercise Refine and re-focus as you go along Record your steps eg keep a research diary or research log (refer to it in your dissertation) Retrace your steps every now – things change Key words – use and abuse eg email vs e- mail, CRM, Call centres vs Contact centers, PR vs public relations
    • 20. Collections you can access and use What is physically there that I can access ? Where are they and what are the access arrangements? What things can I get my hands on? – for ‘free’ and easily (always the main limiters imposed by students – and many staff - on their research!)
    • 21. Information formats to use in yourresearch……Books - old books, new books, chaptersJournals - journal articlesNewspapers and news articlesReports - Market? Business? Government? Company? Research body reports eg CIPR?
    • 22. Information formats….continuedDissertations - at Leeds Met and elsewhereStatistical sources – official and non-officialWeb sites – Leeds Met selected services + ‘others’Broadcast – TV and radioBlogs, Wikipedia, YouTube more formats that you demonstrate you’ve used in the dissertation the better - it shows evidence of wide reading, resourcefulness and imagination
    • 23. Collection 1 – Leeds MetCC + HY Libraries Ensure you know about every relevant thing that is near to hand Use sessions such as this to get some ideas Include this session as part of your Research Methodology section, gain credit for work and attendance BUT…. We can’t (shouldn’t) supply everything for everyone’s dissertation from what we have at Leeds Met!
    • 24. Collection 2SCONUL Access Scheme members eg• Leeds• Sheffield University• Bradford University• York UniversityNB Reference use only scheme for FT students*Borrowing scheme for PT students and postgraduate students –*Apply at Information desk for ‘SCONUL Access Reference Card’ (UG) Borrower Card (PG)
    • 25. Collection 3 SCONUL VACATION ONLY SCHEME • vacation access scheme only • Ie Christmas, Easter and Summer • no loans allowed • Restricted access to IT facilities and databases • Just need your Leeds Met card to gain entry
    • 26. Online Library catalogues – somegeneric access 1) COPAC 2) ‘Wolverhamption map’ 3) Public libraries on the web All library catalogues are different in detail but the same in purpose and function. Think driving a car analogy!
    • 27. Collection 4 BLDSC - British Library Document Supply Centre – BLDSC • 17 miles north-east of Leeds • Very large REFERENCE only collection of books and journals and conference papers • BLDSC Reading Room for researchers
    • 28. BLDSC checklist Open 9.00 - 4.30 Monday - Friday Reading Room request forms and stickers 8 items on the day of the visit + 16 items if ordered in advance - 5 working days notice required catalogue + links to the main BL web site eg……
    • 29. Collection 5Public librariesLeeds Public Library local library at home (UK) at vacationsAlways worth a check, just in case? Why not?
    • 30. Collection 6Professional bodies you can access? Chartered Management Institute (CMI) student membership CIPD CIPR Others you know of?
    • 31. Collection 7Bookshops + buying books - Waterstones – high street bookshop in Leeds etc - Blackwells – academic bookshop opposite Parkinson Building in Leeds - Amazon – – online bookshopBook order form – hand out available today (If there is a book we do not have, you can suggest that I buy it for Library stock – ensure you include your name and contact email so as to be notified by me as and when it arrives)
    • 32. Research tools for books Library catalogues – covered earlier + netLibrary – c100 e-books mostly business, HRM, PR or marketing titles + Academic Library – political economy, media + SAFARI Tech c800 titles Oxford Reference Online –includes several business related dictionaries See Library Online for e-books Publishers’ catalogue lists – but too many and disorganised to be used much or in a structured way ? References found in other publications – depends if they are accurate and the material readily available to you
    • 33. Journals and journals research toolsPhysical browsing – A-Z physical arrangement in Library (1st floor City Campus Library) + serendipity factor + ‘neck top’ or ‘eyeball computing’. Browsing – values of doingUseful for generating ideas and finding links by ‘just looking’ at stuffA-Z list of e-journal titles on Library Online, see - journal indexes – ‘tertiary sources’Some are generic + some subject specific indexes
    • 34. Multi-journal research indexes ZETOC searching. Article title words, journaltitle words, author names, journal names. NoAbstracts provided. Alerts service is useful.Link to BLDSC holdings. ISI Web of Knowledge – Web of Science - Social Science Citation Index - Arts and Humanities Citation Index - Science Citation Index - Citation searching* for the clever, others just use keywords etc• Search for who has cited who or what after original publication•
    • 35. Multi-journal research indexes IBSS – International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (web only) British Humanities Index – print and e versions. Politics, law, economics, business, society journals indexed International Abstracts of Human Resources (1995-2007) (also some print version only)Any others? – see Library Online for more ideas these are indexes only and NOT fulltext linked iesort of electronic reading list creators. Find the full articles from ‘somewhere else’ (unspecified)NB need to be able to ‘interpret’ the references as well eg tell a bookreference from a journal article reference.Think about the past quality of your module reading list information and your skills in interpreting the references given you. Not that great sometimes! A researcher’s skill.
    • 36. E-journals Collections of all, or selected, articles taken from a range of journals over longer or shorter periods. Never 100% complete Bibliographic vs full text - difference Abstracts – can be informative or indicative Different formats of text – html and pdf
    • 37. Major commercial E-Journalscollections EBSCO Academic Search Complete c8000 journals, not all in fulltext, some publisher embargoes EBSCO Business Source Premier c2800 journals, not all fulltext, some publisher embargoes. Best and biggest for business journals but T and Cs apply at times. Emerald Fulltext 145 titles but some good ones*. * eg ‘Corporate Communication: an International Journal’, ‘European Business Review’, ‘International Marketing Review’, ‘Personnel Review’, ‘Journal of Business Strategy’
    • 38. EBSCO BSP – SELECTED TITLESHarvard Business Review Academy of Management ExecutiveCalifornia Business Review Academy of Management JournalAccounting HorizonsAccounting and Business Research Academy of Management ReviewBusiness Horizons Management TodayEuromoney British Journal of ManagementGlobal finance Journal PR TacticsInstitutional Investor Accounting ReviewJournal of Accounting ResearchJournal of Accounting Operations ManagementManagement Accounting Quarterly Marketing ManagementInternational Journal of Marketing Marketing ResearchBritish Journal of Marketing Marketing ReviewEuropean Journal of Marketing California Management ReviewChartered Accountants JournalAsiamoney Asian Economic Journal
    • 39. Major E-journals collections Ingenta Connect c20 million articles cited from c 30000+ journal titles but not all available in fulltext. (NB use the ‘Subscribed titles’ limiter button with caution / scepticism !) Not all material listed is free to Leeds Met users) InformaWorld – bit like Ingenta – Routledge, T and F, Pyschology Press titles only Brand Republic (eg ‘PR Week’( some content? – see also – same logins as below?), eg ‘Campaign’, eg ‘Marketing’, eg ‘Revolution’) = pw = leedsmet PR week (single journal database)
    • 40. Major E-Journals collections Science Direct Eg ‘Futures’ , ‘Public Relations Review’, ‘Business Horizons’ ‘Journal of Retailing’Only some titles available and only some years available but useful as identification tool Useful as a research tool but NOT everything available to you to e-fulltext level ‘Directory of Open Access Journals’ –c7000 journal titles – 640,000 articles JSTOR – archival store of older articles from a variety of journals JournalTOCS – journal tables of contents.
    • 41. Major E-journals collections Sage Journals Online 390+ titles + varying free trial issues at times Oxford Journals Digital Archive (OJDA) 140 journals in full text Oxford Journals Online (includes OJDA) Full list of Oxford journals but not all articles available to fuletxt level ie finding tool PsycArticles database (access via EBSCO) Articles from journals on psychology – may be of some value to some? Access via EBSCO front end Wiley Online Library – c 400 Wiley journals eg HRD Quarterly + Journal of Consumer Behaviour
    • 42. ‘Reports’ – market research reportscollections Mintel Mintel Global Market Navigator – global market data Key Note (Includes ‘Business Ratios’ reports series collection from Oct 09) Snapshots – UK and overseas market reports Market Line (aka Datamonitor 360) – companies, countries and industries
    • 43. Reports – company annual reports orinformation taken from these FAME database – financial information mostly. c120,000 UK companies. Standardised data. Access Via Library Online FT annual reports service- see FT newspaper share prices page for details. FT selected companies, latest report only. Try also FT web site Northcote Internet – register for free. UK companies Eg Arriva (US companies) Eg Starbucks
    • 44. Reports – government reportsExample of one source I like….Competition CommissionEg current investigation into Local BusServices - good for my research!)Useful reading = Jellinek, D (2000) Official UK:the essential guide to government websites. 2nd ed
    • 45. Jellinek, D. Official UK: the essentialguide to government websites Office of Fair Trade Local Government Transport Parliament Intergovernmental Bodies
    • 46. Newspaper articlesRead dailies and weekends – as many as you can, more the better. Keep cuttings.Nexis (UK + foreign) – VIP cuttings service (also good source of company informatioPress Display – newspapers online – digitised images, UK, foreign, popular press
    • 47. Dissertations – Leeds Met onesUse the catalogue to search for, - Public relations dissertations - Business studies dissertations - MBA dissertations - Business management dissertations - Personnel management dissertations - Economics for Business dissertationsNot usually available for loanIf we don’t have it don’t ask for it!
    • 48. DISSERTATIONS – non Leeds MetonesOther Universities and their dissertations collections policies – use other university library catalogues to identify what they hold. May have to visit to consult them(Aslib) Index to Theses – web version + print only higher degrees eg PhD or MPhil level dissertations are listed. Usually available from BLDSC but in microfilm format – which can be a pain!
    • 49. DISSERTATIONS IN E-FULLTEXT‘ETHOS’ service from the British Library to register – free download service for some theses‘Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations’ mix of abstracts and some full-text (PhD level)Cranfield University’s Collection of E- Research (CERES) An example of an individual institution’s ‘repository’ which includes some dissertations. Met repository? See
    • 50. Dissertations in E-FULLTEXTDART – Europe E-Theses Portal209,000 theses from 338 universities in19 European countries OPEN“PQDT Open provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge. The authors of these dissertations and theses have opted to publish as open access and make their research available for free on the open Web. Part of ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing, the content is mostly North American”
    • 51. StatisticsSome popular titles of UK official sources - Annual Abstract of Statistics - Social Trends - Economic Trends - Cultural Trends - Census 2011 - OECD, IMF ( via or )Data and Statistics – Stats Collection shelves on first floor (CC) UK official statistics siteBooks, journal and newspaper articles, reports will also often contain ‘statistics’ in thebody of the text so try not to just look for a statistical publicationThink about ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ sources of statistics. Are they accurate? believable? updated? Understandable?
    • 52. Internet directoriesRefereed services:- My Subject pages + other staff’s subject pages and recommendations Information Gateways eg BizEd Eg Intute Internet search engines eg Lycos, Google …but use with caution. If anyone can do what you do via google then anyone can do what you do!
    • 53. Media as informationRadio and TV listings‘Radio Times’ is a sort of index – to TV and radio programmesBusiness programmes documentariesEg - my own favourite eg ‘In Business’ with Peter Day Met Off-air recording service
    • 54. Miscellaneous servicesXpert HR – tool for HR practitionersMix or articles, reports, summaries related to HRM researchersCIPD Case Studies LibraryWARC – World Advertising Research CentreMix of journal articles , reports and other advertising / marketing materialsMay be others specific to you- ask tutor(s)
    • 55. Inter Library Loans (ILLs) For final year students only Also offered by public libraries at a small charge to you eg libraries back home 20 for UGs / 50 for PGs requests in FINAL year – 5 in process only at any one time See example form today Don’t confuse with BLDSC request form! One page article requests NOT accepted Supply full bibliographic information please
    • 56. Harvard ReferencingStandard and academic way of referring accurately to the work of other people’s work in books, journal articles, newspaper articles, web sites, TV and radio programmes etc‘Quote, unquote: the Harvard Style of Referencing Published Material – including electronic information’ 4th ed.£3 from Library Information deskFree from Skills for Learning web site
    • 57. Some examples taken from ‘Quote,Unquote’ This is This is what II what read…… read……Book reference:- Mohr, L.B. (1996) Impact analysis for program evaluation. 2nd ed London , SageJournal article reference:- Bennett, H., Gunter, H and Reid, S (1996) Through a glass darkly: images of appraisal. Journal of Teacher Development. 5(3) October, pp 39-46
    • 58. Further Help? Can make appointment to see me if you need further helpUse these sources first – used by past and current studentsAll sources mentioned have been ‘quality checked’Cite them in your work whether they ‘work’ or not– you’ll get credit for research sources accessed forinformation whether you use information from them or not in your dissertation
    • 59. Dissertation binding? Worth 1% - 5% extra marks if ‘decently bound’ (?). Hard bound Black Gold lettering – front and spine. Name, course, year Try ‘Spink and Thackray’ Ltd? + ‘Bindery’ up the road oppositeBroadcasting House for cheaper bindings? Library spiral bound, do it yourself…..?
    • 60. Questions?......Thanks for comingStuart SmithAcademic