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W3C DAP APIs Overview for HTML5 KIG
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W3C DAP APIs Overview for HTML5 KIG


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Quick overview about W3C Device APIs. …

Quick overview about W3C Device APIs.
Presented in HTML5 Korea Interest Group 7th.

Published in: Technology
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  • 20110712 W3C DAP Introduction
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  • 1. W3C DAP Introduction
    for HTML5 KIG
    BJ Kim , 2011/07/11
  • 2. Contents
    Code example
  • 3. List of APIs
    Network Information
    Battery status event
    Generic sensors
    Audio volume level
    Web Introducer
    Discovery devices and services
    Feature permission
    Privacy mechanism
  • 4. Calendar - Requirement
    High-level interfaces required to obtain read access to a user’s calendaring service.
    W3C Working Draft 19 April 2011
    Use cases
    A web application would like to access the device calendar
    A user would like to create/modify/delete a Calendar appointment
    A user would like to enter a birthday of his friend with a recurrence event
    A user would like to set a reminder for upcoming events
  • 5. Calendar - Interface
  • 6. Calendar – Code Example
  • 7. Contact - Requirement
    High-level interfaces required to obtain read access to a user’s unified address book.
    W3C Working Draft 16 June 2011
    Use cases
    A website requests access to a user's address book
  • 8. Contact - Interface
  • 9. Contact – Code Example
  • 10. Capture - Requirement
    HTML form enhancements that provide access to the audio, image and video capture capabilities of the device.
    W3C Working Draft 14 April 2011
    Use cases
    A media capture file picker might render
  • 11. Capture - Interface
  • 12. Capture – Code Example
  • 13. Messaging - Requirement
    Provides access to messaging functionality in the device, including SMS, MMS and e-mail.
    W3C Working Draft 14 April 2011
    W3C Editor's Draft 04 July 2011
    Use cases
    User can send sms, mms and email.
  • 14. Messaging - Interface
  • 15. Messaging – Code Example
  • 16. Network Information - Requirement
    An interface for Web Applications to access the underlying network information (connection info) of the device.
    W3C Working Draft 07 June 2011
    W3C Editor's Draft 07 June 2011
    Use cases
    Canget information about network
    Can decide whether network is free or not (Wifi or 3G/4G?)
  • 17. Network Information - Interface
  • 18. Network Information – Code Example
  • 19. Battery Status Event - Requirement
    A new DOM event type that provides information about the battery status of the hosting device and associated auxiliary devices.
    W3C Working Draft 02 June 2011
    W3C Editor's Draft 01 July 2011
    Use cases
    Using battery now?
    Is charging now?
    Batter remaining percentage
    Time for batter life
  • 20. Battery Status Event - Interface
  • 21. Battery Status Event – Code Example
  • 22. Generic Sensors - Requirement
    General interface for sensor values.
    W3C Editor’s Draft 16 March 2011
    For now, part of System information API rather than separate spec
    Use cases
    Automatically adjust the UI colors if the ambient light gets too bright
  • 23. Generic Sensors - Interface
  • 24. Generic Sensors – Code Example
  • 25. Audio Volume Level - Requirement
    The volume level of a speaker, on a 0 to 100 scale.
    W3C Editor’s Draft 16 March 2011
    For now, part of System information API rather than separate spec
    Use cases
    Count audio devices.
    Get the volume of speaker on the device.
  • 26. Audio Volume Level - Interface
  • 27. Audio Volume Level – Code Example
  • 28. Web Introducer - Requirement
    Enables Web content to discover a user’s personal resources, no matter where they are hosted, and gain permission to interact with them via a one-click user interaction.
    Editor's Draft 4 May 2011
    Use cases
    Link sharing
    SMS events
    File chooser
  • 29. Web Introducer - Interface
  • 30. Web Introducer – Code Example
  • 31. Gallery - Requirement
    API that provides access to media gallery located on the device.
    W3C Editor’s Draft 04 November 2010
    Use cases
    Web application can select local image when uploading a photo to a web site.
    User would like to sort local image (+external and online) by the specific metadata property like title, created date, location, etc
  • 32. Gallery - Interface
  • 33. Gallery – Code Example
  • 34. Discovery devices and services - Requirement
    APIs for the web page scripts to discover devices and services on local networks, Bluetooth, USB and so on.
    No W3C spec yet
    Early demo level in WebInOS project
    Use cases
    Search USB, Bluetooth, Printer connectable with device
  • 35. Discovery devices and services - Interface
  • 36. Discovery devices and services – Code Example
  • 37. Feature Permission - Requirement
    APIs for web pages to request permission to use privileged user agent features.
    Latest published version
    W3C Editor's Draft 31 May 2011
    Use cases
    When access to contact information is ‘Default_Denied’, can request a permission to ‘User_Allowed’.
  • 38. Feature Permission - Interface
  • 39. Feature Permission – Code Example
  • 40. Privacy mechanism - Requirement
    Provides definitions, use cases, and requirements for making device APIs more privacy-friendly.
    W3C Editor’s Draft 23 June 2010
    W3C Working Group Note 29 June 2010
    Use cases
    Privacy Considerations for API Usage
    Privacy Considerations for Device Property Access
  • 41. Privacy mechanism – Code Example
  • 42. Milestones
    • 2011Q3
    • 43. Working Group starts work under new charter and calls for proposals for new deliverables
    • 44. 2011Q4
    • 45. Contacts API becomes a Candidate Recommendation
    • 46. All deliverables have assigned editors
    • 47. 2012Q1
    • 48. HTML Media Capture, Battery and Network APIs becomes Candidate Recommendations
    • 49. 2012Q2
    • 50. All deliverables have reached First Public Working Draft status
    • 51. 2012Q4
    • 52. All deliverables have reached Last Call status
    • 53. 2013Q2
    • 54. All deliverables have reached Proposed Recommendation.
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