Oct 16th Leo Meeting


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Oct 16th Leo Meeting

  1. 1. Leo Club Meeting Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
  2. 2. |sPlease remember to sign up on ByrneCreek.info!
  3. 3. Meeting Etiquette • Please be quiet during the meeting. Not only is it rude and irritating to everyone else at the meeting, but the quieter you are, the faster the meeting will go! • Please use the table cloths provided at the back, put them away at the end of the meeting, and throw away your trash. We are required to keep the room clean if we wish to use it, and do you really want to put your lunch on a table in the science lab? Ew. • If you move a chair, please move it back after the meeting.• Please wait until the very last slide (the one designating the sign-up tables) until you begin to pack up/leave/chat. Thank you for your cooperation!
  4. 4. Leo T-ShirtsPlease remember to wear a Leo T-shirt to every event, unless otherwise specified!If you do not have one, they cost $10 each, and may be purchased from Ms. Fujiki in B102.
  5. 5. Thank You!Thank you to everyone who helped out at the Parent-Teacher Interviews last week!
  6. 6. Global Dignity Conference Tuesday, October 16th (Today!) Block C&D*Not volunteering, but taking a part in the conference* Raise awareness for global issues, and improve your leadership skills!Please get a field trip form after the meeting, fill it in, getit signed by your teachers, and return it to Ms. Farquhar (in the community room) A.S.A.P.
  7. 7. Byrne Idol Thursday, October 18th 5pm-9pm Dress Code: Leo Shirt, black pants, and black shoes*Volunteers are not guaranteed to be able to watch the show* No more volunteers needed.
  8. 8. Byrne Idol Volunteers• Rebecca Yet • Amy Bok• Priya Sharma • Ehsaan E• Dani Swannie • Angel Ha• Rebecca Kim • Alyzza Alindogan• Maggie Lee • Ena Krdzalic• Laura Kim • Sarah Abood• Michelle Kurtagich • Molly Yang
  9. 9. Bonsor Big Boo Friday, October 26th 6:00pm – 8:30pm MANDATORY Orientation Friday, October 19th (This Friday) 7:15pm – 9:00pmBoth are at Bonsor Recreation Complex. No more volunteers needed.
  10. 10. Bonsor Big Boo Volunteers • Fitton, Vincent • Robles, Raphaella• Lee, Seongchan • Ly, Michelle• Lao, Aiken • Ng, Bonnie• Qi, Angela • Cao, Stevens• Fu, Angela • Deng, Willy• Choi, Eunice • Ng, Andy• Chiang, Clarissa • Perfecto, Twinkle• Qiu, Stevens • Ku, Jinny Hyunjin• Ghimire, Elina • Mah, Brandon• Swannie, Dani • Robles, Rachel
  11. 11. Haunted Village Friday, October 26th, Saturday, October 27th , & Sunday, October 28th 5:30pm – 9:15pm Orientation Friday, October 19th (Pro-D-Day) 10:30am Both are at Burnaby Village Museum Only one more volunteer needed.Volunteers are required to attend all 3 days of the event, as well as the orientation.When you sign up, please remember to fill in all of the mandatory slots on the form, as well as pick up release forms, which are due at the orientation. Also, please pick a role: witch (includes dancing, etc) or clown, and fill it in in the respective slot on the form.
  12. 12. Haunted Village Volunteers*If you have signed up previously, but have not filled in the new required information, please sign up again. Sorry for the inconvenience!*Michelle Kurtagich* Rangeena Hakimzada* Ke HuangCharmaine Shi* Rowena Lau* Matthew LuuRicki Limin* Priya Sharma Stevens QiuCony Yau* Mamta Sharma Angela QiMaggie Fang* Manisha Sharma Leon WuJessica Lusuegro* Young Lee Kelly LeeTijana Radovic* *missing information
  13. 13. Dunbar Haunted House Field Trip Unfortunately, the field trip to the Dunbar Haunted House has been cancelled until further notice. In the meantime, please volunteer for our other Halloween events!
  14. 14. Remembrance Day Set Up/Take Down No more volunteers needed. Set Up Thursday, November 8th 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Take Down Friday, November 9th 12pm – 1pm
  15. 15. Remembrance DaySet Up/Take Down Volunteers• Seungmin Lee • Elaheh Irankhah• Beheshta Yousefi • Chiu Yi Ho• Amela Causevic • Jinny Hyunjin Ku• Zulema Bavera • Grace Choi • Ihsan H.• Raphaella Robles • Mariel Pasana• Twinkle Perfecto • Joyce Kam• Ashley Cayabyab • Karen Liang• Frances Abibayani • Melissa Pascual• Raven Nyirongo • Lizette Calangian • May Ubungen• Justin Lin• Jason Lin
  16. 16. Remembrance Day Guest Hosting *IMPORTANT: Shift times have changed. , please see Leon after the meeting to confirm your availability for your shift.* November 9th Shift A: 10:20am – 10:50am Shift B: 11:00am – 11:30am
  17. 17. Remembrance Day Guest Hosting Volunteers• Seungmin Lee • Grace Choi• Amela Causevic • Jinny Hyunjin Ku• Behestha Yousefi • In Young Chung• Zulema Bavera • Rachel Jung• Sarah Abood • Rangeena Hakimizada• Ena Krdzalic • Sharon Lam• Iana Salen • Jeffrey Lam• Erika Tajiri
  18. 18. Senior’s Tea Monday, November 19th (Pro-D-Day) 12:00pm – 3:00pm At Byrne Creek If you would like to help bake, please come at 9:00am. *If you would like to bake, please talk to Priya after the meeting. If you have recipe ideas, please show them toPriya (must be nut-free, as well as lower in sugar and fat)* No more volunteers needed.
  19. 19. Senior’s Tea Volunteers• Dani Swannie • Leo Lin • Iana Salen • Mandy Shen• Ikjot Bhogal • Bonnie Ng • Ena Krdzalic • Manisha Sharma• Angela Fu • Jinny Hyunjin Ku • Sarah Abood • Jason Meno• Leon Wu • Twinkle Perfecto • Jacky Chen • Brandon World• Vincent Fitton • Ashley Cayabyab • Betty Zhong • Michaela Morelli• Angela Qi • Chiu Yi • Werd Khader • Ariana Lee• Stevens Qiu • Raphaella Robles • Jennifer Lusuegro • Mamta Sharma• Rachel Robles • Andy Ng • Erika Tajiri • Reece Avila• Richard Robles • Eric Zheng • Katrina Cabuso • Zahraa Hawili• Ke Huang • Maggie Fang • Yasemin Sabir • Alaa Al-Shaer• Rebecca Yet • Jessica Lusuegro • Joyce Kam • Noor Hawili• Matthew Luu • May Ubungen • Seungmin Lee • Elina Ghimire• Jenny Peng • Lizette Calangian • Zulema Bavera • Michelle Ly• Young Lee • Janara Almazbekova • Beheshta Yousefi • Edward Chanro• Maegan Poblacion • Janata Almazbekova • Amela Causevic • Maggie Fang• Brandon Mah • Nicole Jingco • Raven Nyinongo • Mariecris Crisologo• Priya Sharma • Rangeena • Rachel Ng • Anessa dela Cruz Hakimzada • Milena Carrasco • Martin Macaraeg
  20. 20. Sponsor Teacher’s CommentsShh… the meeting is almost over, just hold on for a few more minutes!
  21. 21. Sign-Up TablesThank you for sticking through with us for this meeting, we know it was long!  PRO JECTOR  Senior’s Tea (Baking-Related Only) Remembrance Day Guest  Hosting  Haunted Village @ Burnaby Village Museum