March 5th Leo Tuesday meeting


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March 5th Leo Tuesday meeting

  1. 1. Leo Club MeetingTuesday, March 5th 2013 By: Angela Fu & Leon Wu
  2. 2. Meeting Courtesies Please use table cloths before eating! Please listen attentively and DO NOT talk during the meeting!!! Throw away your garbage and clean up after yourself!
  3. 3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Event Reminder  If you have signed up for an event and cannot come, email or talk to and Leo exec member to let us know!!!  Check your emails for information about upcoming events that you’ve signed up for!
  4. 4. Remember to purchase a $10.00 Leo club T-shirt from Ms.Fujiki (B102) and completethe membership application
  5. 5. Overhead Rolls Cleaning With Sustainability ClubGrade 7 Orientation
  6. 6. Dates: • Monday, March 4th 2013 • Tuesday, March 5th 2013 • Wednesday, March 6th, 2013Time: Two shift • 3:00pm – 7:00pm • 5:00pm – 9:00pmLocation: TBATo help out with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation for Jeans Day TM.
  7. 7. Raphaella RoblesTwinkle PerfectoYoung Joo Lee
  8. 8. Parent Teacher InterviewsDate: March 7thTime: 2:00pm (early dismissal) – 7:30pmHelp set-up/takedown, direct parents to teachers
  9. 9. Date: Friday, April 19th 2013Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pmLocation: AtriumWear Leo Shirt!!!Need people to bring food!Need waiters and waitressesNeed performances!Tickets are $10.00 each (Free for volunteers)
  10. 10.  Jinny Ku Young Joo Lee Karen Liang Grace Choi Joanna Chung Mariel Pasana Bonnie Ng Elina Ghimire Michelle Ly
  11. 11. Multicultural Spring Festival Poster Meeting  Date: Wednesday, March 6th 2013  Time: Right after school  Location: Ms.Fujiki’s Room (B102)  Drop-in event. Come help out!
  12. 12. Lists of Volunteers▪ Twinkle Perfecto▪ Angela Fu▪ Betty Zhong
  13. 13. Do it Green Conference Set-UpDate: Thursday, April 18th 2013.Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pmLocation: Burnaby North SecondaryHelp set up the stage and workshops.Need 10 volunteers
  14. 14. Do it Green ConferenceDate: Friday, April 19th 2013.Time: 8-00am – 4-30pmLocation: Burnaby North SecondaryTo help with the entire event.Food providedNeed 30 volunteers
  15. 15. VolunteersRaphaella RoblesTwinkle PerfectoStevens QiuAngela FuBrandon Mah
  16. 16.  Date: Saturday, April 27th 2013  Time: 9:00am – 2:00pmLeo/NC Lions  Location: Empire Landmark Hotel Conference  Dress Code: Semi-Formal (bring Leo shirt as well)  To meat Leos and Lions around the district an learning more about helping out after graduation.  Cost is $10.00 (includes lunch) - Due by Friday, April 5th 2013  As many participants are welcome
  17. 17.  Mamta Sharma Stevens Qiu Angela Fu Raphaella Robles Werd Khader Ariana Lee Aiken Lao Bonnie Ng Twinkle Perfecto DoBin Yang Brandon Mah Aisle Neral Karen Liang Esther Shin Bowaine Ma Joanna Chung Jenny Peng Clarissa Chiang Lizette Calangian Leon Wu Dani Swannie Maegan Poblacion Michaela Morelli Mariel Pasana Michelle Ly Ikjot Bhogal May Ubungen Rachel Robles Jinny Ku Melissa Pascual Vincent Fitton Matthew Luu Priya Sharma
  18. 18. District 19A Conference  Date: Saturday, April 27th 2013  Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm  Location: Empire Landmark Hotel  Dress code: Leo Shirt  To compete against other Leo and Lions for awards.  As many participants welcome
  19. 19. District 19A Conference Anyone want to go for any awards? Our Goal: WIN ALL OF THEM ! CATERGORIES: • Five Minute Achievement • Musical Comedy • Musical Performance • Tall Tales • What Being A Leo Means To Me • Uniform Delegation (aka. Uniform Parade)
  20. 20. Participants Mamta Sharma  Stevens Qiu  Joy Zhu Eric Zheng  Werd Khader  Ke Huang Raphaella Robles  Aiken Lao  Leon Wu Twinkle Perfecto  Barry Qiu  Michaela Morelli Angela Qi  DoBin Yang  Michelle LyAisle Neral  Eunice Choi  Priya LienBowaine Ma  Jessie Park  Rachel RoblesClarissa Chiang  Maegan Poblacion  Shindee LauDani Swannie  May Ubungen  Vincent FittonIkjot Bhogal  Melissa PascualJinny Ku  Ariana LeeKelly Lee  Betty ZhongJonathan Tang  Bonnie NgMatthew Luu  Brandon MahPriya Sharma  Esther ShinRebbeca Yet  Jenny Peng
  21. 21. Vancouver Sun Run  Date: Sunday, April 27th 2013  Time: 9:00am - Meet 8:15am @ Edmonds station  To participate in the Sun Run and help raise money.  Early bird special now over, cost is now $25.00 • Due by Friday, March 15th 2013
  22. 22. Participants Manisha Sharma Stevens Qiu Jenny Peng Eric Zheng Alyzza Alindogan Joy Zhu Angel Ha Ke Huang Angela Qi Nhi Nguyen Leon Wu Aisle Neral Betty Zhong Young Joo Lee Jinny Ku Brandon Mah Shannon Bianca Piollo Priya Sharma Darren Gill Stephanie Yu
  23. 23. Vancouver International Children’s Festival• Help out with different activities at the 36th anniversary: • Tent Activities • Face Painting • Ushers/Box Office Assistants • Special Areas/Events • Floaters • Traffic Control• Date: May 27th – June 2nd, 2013 (Pick your own shifts)• Time: Depends on the activity• Location Granville Island• If you are interested, please pick up a form at the front table after the meeting.