Leo club general meeting jan 22


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Leo club general meeting jan 22

  1. 1. Leo Club General MeetingTuesday, January 22 , nd 2013 By Maegan Poblacion & Shindee Lau
  2. 2. Please remain quiet during the meeting! We won’t take THAT long Remember to put tablecloths on the tables before you eat!Don’t dump food into the sinks!Clean up after yourselves!Seriously.
  3. 3. Sign-up on ByrneCreek.info if you have notalready and remember to get a Leo shirt for ONLY 10 dollars!
  4. 4. Valentines RoseFoldingNeed volunteers during semester break to fold ribbon roses!We will be selling these from Feb. 5- 13!Come by anytime from 10AM to 3PM during semester break in Ms. Fujiki’s room! They look like t his ->
  5. 5. Valentines Rose SaleNeed Volunteers to sell the rosesDate: Tuesday February 5 to Wednesday February 13Time: LunchLocation:AtriumSelling them for $1.75 each!
  6. 6. Poster MeetingMake banners for the Rose Sale, Black History Month and Vancouver Sun Run!!Date: This Wednesday the 23 rdTime: After School from 3:15-4:30Meet in Ms. Fujiki’s room!
  7. 7. District International Students OrientationThis event is hosted by the district, on two days during Semester breakMeet new students coming to study in school around the district!Monday January 28 (10:30-3:30)Tuesday January 29 (7:30-12:30)Location: At schoolNeed 4 volunteers for each day!Wear Leo Shirts!
  8. 8. International Students Orientation Show new International students coming to study at our school around and chat with them! Date: Wednesday January 30 Time:(9:30-3:30) Location: At school Need around 30 Volunteers!!! Wear Leo Shirts! Meet in Ms. Fujiki’s room (B201) Multilingual speakers also needed! Let us know if you can speak another language!
  9. 9. Winter Formal CoatCheckDate: February 7th (Thursday)Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pmLocation: At schoolHave enough volunteers!Black bottoms, white top.Meet in Ms. Fujiki’s room!
  10. 10. List of VolunteersWerd KhaderJinny KuDani SwannieClarissa ChiangPriya SharmaJonathan TangIkjot BhogalStevens QiuMatthew LuuTwinkle Perfecto
  11. 11. Parent Info SessionSome Leos will be assigned to look after Leo booth, and help out teachers/parentsDate: February 12 th , 2013Time: Set-up right after school (at school)Wear your Leo Shirts!
  12. 12. Volunteer listRaphaella Robles Ivan EndrinalMolly Yang Angela QiTwinkle Perfecto Carson LiuAshley Cayabyab Frances AybayaniJenny Peng Maegan PoblacionEric Zheng Rachel Robles
  13. 13. Edmonds Communit y Cent er Per f or mances•Perform at Edmonds CommunityCenter to celebrate the openingof their new center in the spring!•Date:Saturday February 16 th•Time:10:30am - 12:00pm•Need around 5 PERFORMERS, …not volunteers
  14. 14. Black History Month • Blackwith Set Month down, serving Help History up, take FOOD •Date: Thursday February 20 (HAS BEEN CHANGED!!!!) • Time: After school until 8PM • Location: At school! • Need 25 volunteers • Remember to wear your Leo shirts!
  15. 15. List of •Sharon Lam Joyce Kam •Jeffrey Lam Rebecca Yet •Aisle Neral •Ihsan Hage-Hassan
  16. 16. P D Day- Set Up ro-•Help with set up for thePro-D day the following day!•Date:Thursday, February 21Setup•Time: 3:00-5:00PM (afterschool)->Meet in Ms. Fujiki’s Room!
  17. 17. P D Day ro-•Help direct teachers to their workshops!•Date: Friday, February 22nd•Time: 7:30-3:30PM•Location: At school•Need around 30 volunteers•Need some volunteers to go to TaylorPark as well•Wear Leo Shirts!
  18. 18. List of Volunteers f or Friday February 22nd•J enny Peng •Raphaella Robles•Ar iana Lee •J essica Lusuegr o•Bonnie Ng •Rebecca Yet•Maegan Poblacion •Reece Avila•Angela Fudawg •Mandy Shen•Rachel Robles •Milena Car r asco•Twinkle Per f ect o* * Need Mor e Volunt eer s f or t he set up on Thur sday, Febr uar y 21st !!!* *
  19. 19. Sun Run•Date: Apr. 21•Time: 9:00AM•Location: Georgia St. between Thurlow andBurrard•Participate in the 10k run to raise money forcharity!•Early Bird (before Feb.15)- $20.60 ea.•Regular Price (by Mar.8th)- $25.80 ea.•You get a FREEEEE T-shirt! (hooray!)
  20. 20. Sponsor Teachers CommentsSponsor Teacher Comments
  21. 21. Sign-Up tables Thanks f or(yes, we’re done now) listening! Projector