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Get Well Stay Well Program

  1. 1. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! GET WELL STAY WELL Health Care Ministry International There is never an excuse for illness, only a lack of understanding how to create new, healthy cells rather than old, diseased duplicates. Be your own doctor, heal at home Introduction to the Get Well, Stay Well program By Dr. Reuben T. DeHaan The 5-step Get Well, Stay Well Program was we eat, the things we drink, our environment, designed to help the body regain its natural ability to medications, vaccinations, other people and even heal and produce healthy cells that self-heal rather dental work, not to mention what we inherit from than reproduce the same diseased ones. our parents. Toxins accumulate in the tissues of the We all know that diet plays an important role in body and eventually inhibit normal function of cells. health, but real life is too hectic, busy or emotional This allows for symptoms, disease, aging, hormone to eat nutritious foods all the time. Besides, people problems, lack of energy and anything else you can who eat really healthy diets get sick and develop think. As you might guess, these toxins also inhibit disease too, it just takes longer. Depletion of the soil the body from making the new, healthy cells we and genetic manipulation make it very hard to find seek. Cells can only reproduce a copy of what they honest-to-goodness healthy foods even if you have on hand, and most of us have a large amount wanted them. Don’t misunderstand, diet and of toxic poisons accumulated in our body. exercise are important, but diet is no longer the Thousands of successful cases have demonstrated primary factor in disease. Nutritional balance & that removal of accumulated toxins works even removal of toxins is. Since the key factors in health when other programs have failed. When you remove are nutritional support and toxin elimination, the the toxins and supply fundamental nutrients, the GWSW Program was created to fill the gaps that body is put in a position where it can heal itself, just may be missing in your Diet & Lifestyle. as God intended. The miracle was created is in each Notice that I didn’t say toxin avoidance. That is of us but it must be activated. Are you willing to do impossible. We are exposed to toxins in the foods what it takes to activate your miracle? Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  2. 2. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! THE GET WELL, STAY WELL PROGRAM The body is a living organism with a specific use for bidder. Part of the problem is that most companies make each of its many parts. Medicating and/or removing body “a” particular product for “a” particular symptom rather parts just do not seem like the best answers to the ques- than trying to resolve the cause of the symptom. In tion of how to improve health. Many people aren’t will- addition, the sale of supplements is such a big money ing to risk the side effects, complications and possible maker that companies with little integrity or desire to death that medication and surgery produce. produce quality are selling them just to cash in on the Do you know that more money is spent out of pocket market demand. Natural symptom relief is certainly better on alternative therapies and supplements every year than than relying on most drugs and surgery, but why chase is spent on medical insurance? More people have turned symptoms if the cause can be corrected? If you correct to alternatives in an effort to remain healthy and counter- the cause, the symptoms will disappear, right? When you act today’s many symptoms and diseases. People are eliminate the causative factors, the body is once again looking for alternatives that will not only prevent disease able to heal itself. This means that the body, on its own, and relieve symptoms, but also reverse diseases that have is able to eliminate disease, increase energy, boost the already taken hold in the body. immune system and even live longer. Doctors don’t heal Unfortunately, keeping up with the latest nutritional you; the body heals itself. Each person is born with that research is time consuming and confusing, and the healing potential. But how do you activate it? research and data are often manipulated by the highest According to medical science, the human body completely renews itself every seven years! Three hundred-million cells die in the body every minute. This is how the cornea replaces itself every 24 hours, the skin every 14 days, the blood cells every 90 days, the soft tissue every six months, and the dense tissue every two to seven years. If the entire body is continually creating new cells, why do we still have symptoms? Why are we aging, and why don’t we have more energy? Why doesn’t the body just make new, healthy cells (instead of diseased ones) every time cells reproduce? The regenerative properties of our cells indicate there is properly for nutrition to be utilized, and they must function never an excuse for illness, only a lack of understanding how properly for toxin elimination to occur. The miracle of to achieve wellness. The Get Well, Stay Well Program was healing is not restricted to a religious experience or the next designed to help the body regain the ability to heal and hyped supplement. It is achieved by following the basic produce healthy cells that self-heal rather than the same principles of wellness. diseased ones. We know that diet plays an important role in health, but real life is too hectic, busy or emotional to eat SUMMARIZED REQUIREMENTS FOR nutritious foods all the time. Besides, people who eat healthy GETTING WELL AND STAYING WELL: diets get sick and develop disease too. Don’t misunderstand. Diet and lifestyle are foundational to health and wellness,  BASIC REQUIREMENTS: Nutrition, Digestion, particularly in prevention. But depletion of the soil and Elimination, Cleansing, Detoxification genetic manipulation make it very hard to find genuinely  THE FOUNDATION: A healthy diet and lifestyle, healthy foods. Add pesticides, herbicides, chemical including plenty of pure water and exercise fertilizers, radiation and the many other toxins that have  PREVENTION: Monitor your pH levels. The body become part of the modern world, and you may conclude that must remain alkaline to heal and to remain well. food is no longer the primary factor in health.  NATURAL SYMPTOM RELIEF: see attachment. One of the primary keys to achieving health in the  ALKALINITY: Keeping the mouth alkaline will modern world is toxin elimination. Notice that I didn’t say prevent tooth and gum related issues; rinse the mouth toxin avoidance. That is impossible. We are exposed to toxins with soapy water or baking soda mixed in water after in the foods we eat, the things we drink, our air/environment, brushing teeth to keep the mouth alkaline. medications, vaccinations, other people and even dental work, not to mention what we inherit from our parents! It is  VACCINATIONS: Immunizations and flu shots add impossible to avoid all sources of toxins. These toxins extreme amounts of toxins to the body. gradually accumulate in the tissues of the body and "WHY?" SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE QUESTION eventually inhibit the normal function of cells. This dysfunction eventually causes disease, aging, hormone If a nail in your driveway keeps giving your car a flat problems, lack of energy and every health complaint. As you tire, do you keep buying new tires or remove the nail? might guess, these toxins also inhibit the body from making The nail is "why" you were getting the flat tire. The the new, healthy cells we seek. Cells can only reproduce a GWSW Program helps your body eliminate the “why” copy of what they have on hand, and most of us have a large of your symptom or disease. If you deal with "why" amount of toxic poisons accumulated in our body. you have symptoms, you won't have to keep patching Thousand of successful cases have shown that nutritional the problem with medication, surgery or supplement support and removal of accumulated toxins work even when programs. The following pages include all the other programs have failed. But this is impossible if we don’t information you will need to overcome your health have good intestinal health. The intestines must function challenges and become living proof that THERE IS NO INCURABLE ILLNESS! Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  3. 3. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! SPECIALTY PRODUCTS FOR THE GET WELL, STAY WELL PROGRAM Each of the following products has specific properties which your body will need to achieve your miracle. Because most of us don’t eat a truly healthy diet, we produced the following supplements to fill the gaps. Read the description of each and use the products that fill the lack you may have in your diet or lifestyle. 1 STEP SUPPLY NUTRITION Nutrients are the tools needed to create healthy cells and strong DNA. Science tells us that a pregnant woman needs nutrition to form a healthy baby, so it is only logical that nutritional balance would be required to maintain health. Nutrition is the most basic element of health, yet most diets are either lacking in balanced nutrition or many of the essential nutrients are destroyed in cooking/ preparation. Super Nutrient is created from whole plants, which contain all the nutritional ingredients needed to maintain or build health. Super Nutrient used at least one time every day will provide the body with every nutritional element needed to maintain health or achieve wellness. If you are using Super Nutrient and still feel you are nutritionally deficient in some way, be sure to use the other steps of the program as the cause is not deficiency alone, but an inability to use the nutrition you are taking in. • Super Nutrient produces energy by supplying every supplemental nutrient needed to build healthy cells. • Provides great amounts of B vitamins to keep the nerves happy and help the body deal with everyday stresses. • Supports the immune system by providing plant-based protein needed to create natural antibodies. • Super Nutrient is beneficial for those who need energy, don’t eat healthy diets or generally lack a sense of well being. • If you feel the need to over eat, or eat too often, it is a sign that your body still lacks nutrition and is asking for more. • A good nutritional program will keep the body from developing genetic pre-dispositions. Genetics don’t cause disease. Inadequate nutrition and accumulated toxins cause disease. Suggested Use: Use one scoop of Super Nutrient in four ounces of water or natural, unsweetened juice (apple or cherry is good.) Chase it with eight ounces of water. Take it at the time of day that initiates the best results (morning, afternoon, evening). DIGEST YOUR NUTRITION 2 STEP Enzymes are required to convert food into chemical compounds that give the body energy. Enzymes used every day will provide the body with the ability to utilize the nutrition attained from any food and/or supplement being ingested. Enzymes are also a key component in fighting free radicals that cause wrinkles and aging. Carry Digestive Aid with you throughout the day in your purse or pocket because enzymes work best when supplied with your meal. If you forget to take them with you, take them when you get home. Enzymes are especially needed with your largest meal and with meals that contain foods deficient in enzymes. This includes any food that is cooked, particularly meats, dairy, fried foods and processed foods. You may want to take extra DA with meals that include these foods. • Digestive Aid promotes health in all of the digestive organs (stomach, small intestine, pancreas, gallbladder and liver). • Is especially beneficial for those who are too busy to eat daily portions of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits. • The body uses enzymes to break down cysts, growths and tumors that can become serious threats if left unattended. • Signs of enzyme weakness: Crow’s feet, longitudinal lines on the fingernails, teeth imprints around edge of tongue, brain fog. • If you do not have a well-defined line where your lips meet your face, you have a history of enzyme (raw food) deficiency. Suggested Use: Take one or two capsules of Digestive Aid with your food. You may take more as needed with meals that include meat, fried foods, processed foods or foods which do not agree with you (cause indigestion, mucus build-up, throat clearing, etc). STIMULATE ELIMINATION 3 STEP This is probably the most important product in the GWSW program. Bowel Stimulant will keep the body’s primary elimination channels open by stimulating natural movement of the large intestine and bile excretion from the liver/gallbladder. The body should eliminate at least one time for each meal eaten. That is normal elimination. Anything less is constipation. The more bowel movements you have, the better, as long as you do not have diarrhea. Most people should take at least one Bowel Stimulant (BS) with their evening meal, even if they think they are “regular,” to keep toxins and poisons from accumulating. Do not use Bowel Stimulant if the bowels are already loose; use Super Nutrient. Bowel Stimulant is an all natural, herbal formula that does not create dependency. • Medical studies have shown that by age 50, the average person has accumulated 50 pounds of sludge in the intestine. The more waste you accumulate in the intestine, the larger your belly and waistline will become, which makes you lose your figure. • If poisons and toxins are not eliminated “regularly” (about once per meal) the body becomes a host for all of today’s diseases. • Signs that elimination is deficient: skin problems, belly larger than chest, heart burn/acid reflux, memory problems. Suggested Use: Start by taking one Bowel Stimulant with your evening meal. Increase by one capsule each evening until the bowels are moving as many times as possible without causing diarrhea. Regulate the amount you take each evening to maintain regularity the next day without producing diarrhea. If your bowels get too runny, reduce the amount you take or add IC-2. NOTE: BS may cause intestinal cramping when you first start taking it because it stimulates the movement of internal muscles that may be out of shape. Cramping is no more harmful than doing push-ups and feeling sore the next day because you are not used to using the muscles. As your internal muscles develop tone, you will no longer cramp. Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  4. 4. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! 4 STEP CLEANSE THE BODY Fiber is the body’s natural cleanser. It cleans and scrubs the intestines and also absorbs or deactivates bad fats such as cholesterol. A truly healthy body would require 95 percent of the diet to be plant-based fiber (attained from raw vegetables, fruits and some whole grains). Most of us don’t come anywhere near this ratio, so IC-1 was created to supply the body with the fiber and properties needed to cleanse waste material naturally. Typically, we’ve accumulated so much waste during the years that it becomes hardened in the intestines. IC-2 was created to help remove that old accumulation—called linings. It has been said that if the intestines never accumulated excessive waste material, we would never become sick or diseased. IC-2 gets the old stuff out; IC-1 keeps it out! • If your belly is larger than your chest, you have an excess of accumulated waste in your intestines (use with BS, Step 3). • Motion sickness indicates you need more fiber (IC-1); nausea and stomach problems generally indicate the need for IC-2. • If you have trouble with cholesterol, triglycerides, fat, or any kind of artery or heart disease, you need to alternate IC-1 and IC-2. Suggested Use of IC-1: Use one scoop daily in water or four ounces of unsweetened juice (apple or cherry is good). Chase it with eight ounces of water. If you experience cramping, it indicates that the internal muscles are now starting to exercise. This is a good thing. Suggested Use of IC-2: To keep the body free of compacted waste, use eight capsules daily for seven days, then stop for one or two weeks. Consider using the additional cleansing options listed in the following pages to enhance the action of your program. NOTE: These products may cause intestinal cramping when you first start because they stimulate the movement of internal muscles that may be out of shape. Cramping is no more harmful than doing push-ups and feeling sore the next day because you are not used to using those particular muscles. IC-2 is much more effective when combined with Bowel Stimulant and Super Nutrient. 5 STEP DETOXIFY THE BODY While the previous steps of the GWSW Program set the stage for wellness, the human body is currently exposed to a variety of toxins with which it was not designed to deal. These toxin categories accumulate in the body and eventually reach levels that cause all of today’s pain, sickness and disease. Toxin categories include: chemical toxins, food origin toxins, environmental toxins, cosmetic toxins, medication/narcotic toxins, metal toxins, injected toxins, pathogens, arthropod toxins, structural/surgical toxins, electromagnetic toxins, emotional toxins, and inherited toxins. If you have any health challenges, or desire to maintain health, the toxin accumulation must be identified and eliminated. This is one of the most important facets to overcoming disease. Unfortunately, each of us has a unique combination of toxin accumulation, so it is very difficult to create over-the-counter formulas that can achieve true detoxification. Some toxins are simply too deep in the tissues, or originate from a source that requires a stronger approach than a supplement program can provide. When pre-made formulas did not produce the intended results, an evaluation system called Total Body Analysis (TBA) was created. The TBA system allows the practitioner to identify the exact toxins accumulated in the body, or those toxins inhibiting cellular regeneration. Your TBA practitioner is trained to find the toxins that have accumulated in your body and make a custom detoxification remedy to begin the correction process. Elimination of these toxins is what allows the body to achieve its God-given miracle to heal. When the toxins are removed, the body is able to make new healthy cells rather than the same diseased duplicates. Think of it in terms of a wound with a splinter. You can take pain pills, antibiotics or even natural supplements every day, but if you don’t remove the splinter from the wound, the body will not be able to heal. Because of their ability to address the cause rather than the symptom alone, TBA Programs have a track record of working where other programs have failed. The evaluation process is non-invasive, yet ex- tremely accurate. Contact your local Certified TBA Practitioner and complete the final step of your Get Well, Stay Well Program at: BRING “CLINIC” THERAPIES TO THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME The human body is exposed to more than 100,000 toxins, and three new toxins are being “approved” every day! The IC-1, IC-2 and Bowel Stimulant each work to encourage healthy elimination, but the body’s elimi- nation channels were not designed to process that kind of assault. There simply isn’t any magic pill or easy supplement that can match the effectiveness of good old-fashioned cleansing techniques. A specific cleansing If you are not able to see regimen has been created that you can do in the privacy of your home, at your convenience. Be your own a TBA Practitioner, begin therapist and maximize your health program today by incorporating these cleansing therapies. cleansing at home. Please review these steps @ LIQUID DETOX This special liquid dissolves chemicals of all kinds by breaking the chemical bonds into non-harmful molecules. Two or three drops in any beverage, hot or cold, will neutralize chemicals, microbes or harmful agents which might be in it. You don’t have to buy water or purchase expensive filtering units; five drops will purify up to one gallon of water*. Therapeutically, 10 drops placed directly in the mouth at least once each day will help the body detoxify chemicals, especially if they are in the blood or lymphatic system. Chemicals are in everything. It is impossible to avoid them all. We suggest therapeutic doses to help eliminate any accumulations coming from toothpaste, additives, preservatives, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and many other daily exposures. It also works wonders when used topically on insect bites, cuts and bruises, or any skin blemish. If you’re not sure what to do, use Liquid Detox! *Well or spring water is the best water to use for drinking; just add a few drops of Liquid Detox to purify it. Bought water isn’t pure. There is no incurable disease, just a lack of understanding how to initiate the body’s true healing potential. Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  5. 5. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! SUMMARY POINTS OF A HEALTHY DIET & LIFESTYLE What you eat today will dictate the amount of health you have tomorrow. No matter which of the many diets you choose to follow, the suggested points listed on this page apply. Success of your health program is in part linked to the investment you make each day in your diet and lifestyle habits. Listed in order of importance .... BEVERAGES SNACKS • Make water your primary beverage (drink half your body • Snacks and desserts tend to be our unhealthiest foods, weight in ounces.) Well or spring water with two to five drops primarily out of habit. Find healthy snacks at your local of Liquid Detox/gal provides the best cellular charge of H20. health food store and keep them around so you don't eat junk. • Place two to five drops of Liquid Detox in every beverage Yes, get your chocolate without the chemicals and additives. you drink and allow it to breath for three minutes. This will Organic yogurt, raw nuts and seeds, organic baked chips assure there are no harmful toxins in your drink. Treat all (non-GMO), fresh fruits, carrot sticks, etc. Try these snacks: beverages to neutralize toxins. • Rice milk, almond milk, and cashew milk are the best, but • If you eat nuts and seeds, try to find them raw, unsalted and raw (fresh) goat milk and soy milk are acceptable to put in unroasted and chew them thoroughly! hot beverages, cooked food or in your cereal. • Avoid carbonated beverages, cow’s milk, alcoholic beverages COOKING & BAKING and drinks with caffeine or sugar added to them. These all • The best ways to cook healthy are to bake, roast, steam, boil, disrupt the normal pH of the intestines, which results in oven-broil, poach, stew and simmer. disease. • Do not microwave—ever! Avoid frying and don’t grill with charcoal. Propane (gas) or real wood is best for grilling. SWEETENERS • If eating meat, cook “well-done.” At least “medium-well.” • White sugar is as harmful to the body as most drugs. White • Use whole grains (preferably milled at the time of use) and sugar (often listed as high fructose corn syrup) is in just about the suggested sweeteners to make your breads and pastries— every food there is! Check labels and try to avoid it. NOTE: not refined flours and white sugar. Certain sugar replacements may be lower in fat, carbs, or • Use unsalted, real butter and uncooked, extra-virgin olive oil glycemic content, but they generally have more chemicals for spreads and salad dressings. Organic eggs are good. than regular sugar. Artificial sweeteners of all kinds feed • Season with herbs, spices, lemon, garlic, onions (nature’s disease in one way or another. Check those labels! Use herbs and foods). Try Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. molasses, dark maple syrup, local honey or real cane sugar • Table salt is very harmful to the body unless you use a for sweeteners. Use Stevia with caution. natural, mineral-rich salt. I recommend Celtic Sea Salt, in which case you can eat all you want with no negative FOOD consequences. It should be grey in color and comes in • Fresh vegetables (organic if possible) should make up at least crystals, which are generally wet and need drying. You can 50 percent of your diet; the more varieties you use, the better. grind fresh over your plate with a small salt or pepper grinder. Eat your vegetables raw or lightly steamed, but don’t steam them longer than three minutes. EXERCISE, FUN & REST • Dark green vegetables, beans, legumes, non-GMO tofu, • Increase your heart rate and sweat in some type of aerobic whey, kefir and yogurt should be the primary source of exercise for at least 20 minutes, three to four times each protein in your diet—not meat and certainly not dairy week. products. A few raw nuts are good too. • If you cannot exercise because of injury or disability, use the • If you are going to eat meat, eat Biblically “clean” meats (a Chi Machine or a mini-trampoline at least 10 to 20 minutes list can be found in Book #1). As a rule, try to eat no more each day. than four ounces of meat per meal, three to four times/week. • Fun is essential to health. Have fun at least one day each Try to find range-fed animals for your meat to avoid the week. Make sure you are enjoying the outdoors as much as harmful hormones and steroids. possible. Don’t stay in airtight buildings all the time. • It is better to eat many small meals during the day rather than • The body needs one day of rest starting each Friday p.m. one or two large meals. Your largest meal should not be • The body regenerates when asleep. Every minute of sleep dinner so that you don’t go to bed on a full stomach. before midnight is worth four minutes of sleep after midnight. • Avoid processed or manufactured foods filled with chemicals, additives or preservatives (junk food). As a rule of thumb, if MISC you can’t pronounce something in the ingredient list or it has • Purify the indoor air you breathe with an Eco Quest ozone numbers or hyphens in it, the item is a toxic additive or unit or an equivalent unit that re-ionizes the air and increases preservative. oxygen content. • Be sure to eat slowly, concentrate on your food and chew • Consider using natural cleaning products around the house each bite 20 to40 times, especially meats and proteins. and for your laundry (Botanical Gold is our favorite.) • Don’t eat unless you are hungry and never overeat. Don’t stuff. Eating should be fun; don’t eat if you are upset. • Use natural deodorant, toothpaste, make-up and other • Look for organic. The words “All Natural” mean good cosmetics to reduce your exposure to toxins—the skin marketing skills, not healthy. If an item is not certified absorbs everything it comes into contact with. organic, assume it has chemicals and poisons in it. • Get an evaluation with your local TBA Practitioner found at: • Pray for your food while it’s in front of you. Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  6. 6. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! USING pH AS A HEALTH MONITOR Are blood tests, yearly medical exams and physicals really the best health monitors? Be Your Own Doctor! What is pH? the morning -- before using the bathroom, brushing teeth, PH is the abbreviation for potential hydrogen. The pH of any drinking water, smoking or even thinking about food. Optimal solution is the measure of its hydrogen-ion concentration. A salivary pH is 6.4 to 6.8 first thing in the morning. If your higher concentration (pH reading) means the fluid is more morning pH is not in range, begin testing your salivary pH alkaline and oxygen rich. A lower concentration of hydrogen two hours after each meal. This will give you an idea of the ions means the fluid is more acidic and oxygen deprived. acidity or alkalinity of your last meal. Use this information to Complete healing of chronic illness can only take place when assist you in finding foods and diets that are healthy (alka- tissue is restored to a slightly alkaline pH. Tissue pH is re- line). Optimal pH for saliva immediately after eating can be as flected externally through urine and saliva. The pH range is high as 8.5, but should drop down to 7.0 – 7.2 two hours after from 0 to 14, with 7.0 being neutral. Anything above 7.0 is the meal. alkaline; anything below 7.0 is acidic. Urine pH = ability to remove waste; detoxification potential Importance of pH Urine can provide a fairly accurate picture of body chemistry. Scientists have discovered that the body fluids of healthy peo- If the body is able to keep a healthy balance of chemistry, all ple are alkaline (high pH), whereas the body fluids of sick building, detoxification and regeneration functions will be in people are acidic (low pH). If you have a symptom, disease order, allowing the body to do its job in an efficient manner. or health concern on any level, you are probably too acidic. If The most effective urine is the second morning’s urine be- the cause of the acidity is not identified and corrected, the cause the first contains a concentration of acids from sitting in health condition will continue to escalate until it reaches a the bladder for an extended period of time. Ideal range of sec- chronic level. If cells are maintained in a severely acid envi- ond morning urine is 5.8 to 6.8. ronment, organ failure and death will eventually result. No matter what type of modality you use to take care of your Keeping pH in a healthy range health problem, it won’t be effective if it does not change the If you begin to study pH, you find that most health writers speak pH level to slightly alkaline. Remaining acidic will decrease in terms of mineral reserves. If the pH numbers are not in range, the body's ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutri- some form of supplement is recommended, generally calcium or ents, decrease the energy production in the cells, decrease the magnesium. Before you invest money in supplements that may body’s ability to repair damaged cells, decrease its ability to not correct the cause, consider this: There is a general guideline detoxify and increase tumor cell production. You can pay a lot of what foods produce alkalinity and what foods produce acidity. of money for a good alternative health panel of blood, urine, That list can be found at: saliva and hair analysis. Or you can be your own doctor and get a very good idea of whether your body is moving toward If you have a moderately healthy diet and the intestines are kept health or disease with pH testing. in working order (digestion and elimination), the body will easily extract the ions needed to keep all mineral levels in balance. How to test pH Even if you don’t have a diet rich in calcium, per se, the body Testing the pH of the urine or the saliva is done in the same uses something called transmutation to convert other elements in way. You can purchase a roll of pH paper, also known as lit- the body into calcium if that is what the body needs. The key is a mus paper (found at most health food stores). You can also healthy digestive/intestinal system. This is one of the main purchase pH stix, which are easier to use and read. To test pH, reasons that our supplement line is focused on health of the you will need a pH stix or about an inch of pH paper from intestine rather than products for every health complaint. your roll. To test saliva, pool a little saliva on or under your In addition to alkaline food intake and intestinal health, tongue and dip half of your pH paper (or stix) in it. Wet thor- dehydration is an important factor in keeping pH balanced. Make oughly and compare the color immediately with the color sure you are drinking plenty of clean, fresh water each day. chart that came with your stix or pH paper. To test urine, cap- (Liquid Detox assures it is clean and pure.) ture some urine in a clean container. A paper cup generally works well. Dip your pH stix or half of the piece you tore Warning signs of acidity from the pH roll into the urine and compare immediately with Common signs of being too acidic are receding gums and the color chart. gingivitis. These signs evidence that the body is losing bone mass. Yes, the mouth reflects the health of the bones. The body Salivary pH = healing/regeneration potential will “borrow” calcium from the bones to buffer acids from the Salivary pH is most useful for monitoring how well the body diet and to fight hidden infections. When enough bone mass has is breaking down the foods being eaten. If the intestines are been lost in the jaw, the gums will recede and the teeth become not able to digest and absorb food, they will not extract nutri- loose. It is at this point that bacteria can get under the gums tion from the food. If your intestines cannot process nutrition, causing what’s known as gingivitis. Unfortunately, dentists do how well you eat or how many supplements you take will not not understand this downward progression and are unable to matter. You will be unable to rebuild healthy tissue. To check offer their patients real answers. But you know better. You can the overall health of the intestine, test the saliva first thing in do something about it! Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  7. 7. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! WHY DON’T WE OFFER A WIDER VARITY OF PRODUCTS? Reason #1: Supplement requirements are overrated Reason #3: The body doesn’t need all those supplements Most alternative-minded practitioners and patients think of The second principle at work is something called illness and disease in terms of deficiency. If there is a problem transmutation. This is the conversion of one element into in the body, there must be a deficiency of some chemical another. As an example, every cell in the body must retain a element commonly known as a nutrient. Those who think in specific sodium/potassium ratio. Sodium must enter the cell terms of nutrition are continually trying to find the “key” and potassium must exit the cell. This is called the sodium/ potassium pump. Sodium is physically incapable of entering the nutrient that will supply the needed element and allow the body cell, yet it is continually being excreted from the cell. Where to heal. The leading authorities promote this kind of thinking, does it come from? The body converts the sodium that enters so articles, magazines, media and general educational material the cell into potassium in the process called transmutation. The is written along that concept. There is nothing wrong with the process of transmutation shows that you do not need to take general idea of “deficiency,” but that concept is not entirely every supplement to remain balanced—just the basics. The accurate. If it were, specific nutrients would be able to body will do the rest. consistently treat and reverse specific ailments. The fact that one nutritional supplement or program will work for one person Reason #4: All you need are the true fundamentals with a disease and not for the second person with the same It all really boils down to the intestines. Researchers disease indicates that there is a variable beyond basic deficiency. frequently seem to imply that achieving health requires an Because people don’t understand this inconsistency, they understanding of complex cellular activity. But that’s just continue to look for the next magical nutrient. science trying to complicate something that was created to be simple. When you take anything in, be it food or a supplement, Reason #2: Most supplements lack an effective molecule the body must first digest it, then absorb it, then metabolize it. Our research has found that the body’s DNA is hard-wired Digestion begins with lots of chewing and mixing with saliva. with all the nutritional information needed. The body does not When you swallow, it drops into a pool of digestive juices in the become depleted in a specific nutrient as much as it reaches a stomach. These juices break the particles of food down into status where it is no longer able to access certain nutrients. Each pieces small enough to differentiate required nutrition from nutrient consists of two parts: a physical molecule and a micro waste material that will be passed on through. When the juices (1)current that makes that molecule effective in the body. have finished acting on the food particles, it is all passed on to Molecules without current are about as effective as a light bulb the small intestine. Almost 30 feet in length, the small intestine without electricity. The bulb is there, but it is not going to be of absorbs those nutritional particles (along with chemicals and any use without current. The effective component of any toxins if you chose your meal poorly) into the bloodstream. The nutrient, food or supplement is the micro current. If the current blood stream delivers the nutrients extracted from the food to is missing, you are essentially just taking fillers. This principle cells that will further absorb them and burn them for energy. does not apply to supplements alone. If the healthy foods you This is called metabolism. On a technical level it can be eat don’t have current, you aren’t getting anything out of them. explained in a more complex way, but that is basically all there Cooking and processing destroy the currents in food, reducing is to it. With a healthy meal, the body will use only 5 percent of or totally destroying the nutritional value. In addition, foods are the food. The rest is converted to waste material that requires picked green, they are sprayed with chemicals and fertilizers, elimination. Similarly, you can take the best quality, high dollar and enzyme blockers are placed in them so they won’t rot so supplements from the most remote virgin soil around the world, quickly. This makes the majority of today's food of little or no but if your body can’t process them in one of the levels value to the body. Now you may be asking why bother eating mentioned, you have achieved nothing. For that reason, we healthy at all! Healthy food may not supply all the nutrition you have created a basic nutritional supplement made from the previously thought, but the healthier it is (particularly organic), world’s most nutrient-rich foods. In addition, we have found the safer it is in terms of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and that products designed to keep the intestines cleansed and other added toxins. You may also be thinking that the healthy are the most important, the fundaments. Keep in mind deficiency in food is exactly why supplements are so important. that GWSW product ingredients include combinations of But supplements available in today's market also consist of whole herbs, which are loaded with every nutrient known to molecules without current. Neither the label nor the claims man. If you supply the fundamentals, the body will use make a product effective---only the current in the molecules. transmutation to cover the rest. Keep it simple sweetie – KISS. (1)Each nutrient consists of two parts: a physical molecule and a micro current that makes that molecule effective in the body. Most foods and supplements available in today’s market consist of molecules without current. The label says the item is in there, but the substance is of little use to the body. HCMI imprints the contents of each product with a series of very specific electromagnetic signatures. This assures that you get not only the listed ingredients, but also the essential part of each nutrient—the micro current. This causes a certain percentage of each product to be absorbed because current does not require digestion or assimilation. Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  8. 8. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT YOUR GWSW PROGRAM Is there a starting program or do I need all the products Will I feel worse before I get better? at one time to achieve results? Feeling bad is generally caused by toxin overload in the Each product has its specific purpose. If you incorporate the channels of elimination. This is called a “healing crisis.” It standards of alternative care and consider that bowel means you are successfully moving the toxins out of the body cleansing is the first element required to achieve health, Super although it feels like something is wrong. It means the body Nutrient, Bowel Stimulant and IC-2 become the three most was asked to do something for which it was not prepared. If it important products to start with. But you can take them all if occurs and you keep up the program, it should pass as the you need. Read the description for each product and see if it toxins slowly move out. Remember that toxins are better out sounds like something you need. Keep in mind that a than in. The best thing to do is help the toxins get out. healthier diet/lifestyle requires fewer products be-cause you Because elimination of toxins is critical to wellness and the will be supplying nutrition and fiber in your diet. key to the Program, consider use of the home therapies. How strict do I really have to be with my Diet? Is there any other supplement I should take? There is no pressure. You can be as strict or as relaxed as you The cause of your health concerns has undoubtedly been desire. We understand that most people can’t “eat healthy” all accumulating or festering for some time, so it may take a little the time. We call that real life. GWSW was designed to help time for it to be corrected. How well you do with your diet people in real life. However, that does not condone a lack of and lifestyle will greatly influence the amount of time it takes discipline. The fact remains that the worse your diet and to see or feel the wellness you seek. Most people have lifestyle, the more difficult it will be for your body to heal, supplements from a previous program, but the GWSW rejuvenate and achieve the healing miracle you seek. A Program contains everything your body requires. If another balance must be achieved, depending upon how severe or supplement you have is helping your symptoms in some chronic your problem is and how much you desire your notable way, then continue to take it. However, we hope that healing miracle. The more chronic you are, the stricter you with a little time, the GWSW Program will correct the cause should be in taking the products, following the recommended so you don’t have to keep patching up symptoms with a diet and lifestyle, and doing the cleansing therapies. If this variety of supplements. sounds like too much, remember that it isn’t forever. Be strict for a given time so your body can regenerate. You need to I thought vitamins and minerals were important? find moderation that incorporates as many health principles as Yes, your body needs a balanced, absorbable form of vitamins possible. Don’t add stress and guilt to bad dietary habits. and minerals. Super Nutrient and a moderate diet supply all Take one step at a time. That is real life. that your body requires. Fifty years ago, nutritional deficiency was a primary consideration. With the amount of toxic Should I expect any negative side effects? elements the body is now exposed to, nutrition is not deficient Any good intestinal cleanse promotes movement of the as much as it becomes unavailable because of the intestinal muscles, and this can cause gas and cramps. Cramps accumulated toxins in the body. (See Step 5) are generally caused by the Bowel Stimulant or Intestinal Cleanser #1. If you cramp, you are likely dehydrated. Bowel Does the GWSW Program work for any problem? Stimulant and IC-1 are designed to initiate natural muscle If you consider that all health concerns have a cause and that contractions in the intestine. If the muscles are not toned, they cause is related to one of the five steps mentioned, then it will feel sore when exercised, which is what the product is stands to reason that incorporating those steps into your doing. If you get cramps, place a hot pack on your belly and lifestyle should allow the body to regain its ability to heal and cramps should pass quickly. They may fade on their own. rejuvenate, no matter what the health challenge. Of course, Either way, you should adjust in a few days. the Program is designed to get all body parts working again— to activate your body’s God-given ability to heal itself. That Will any of the products give me diarrhea? miracle is built into each person, but it must be activated. (If Taking too many Bowel Stimulants can cause diarrhea. you have had surgeries performed and parts removed, healing Simply cut down on the amount you are taking. The goal is to may take longer because other parts of the body must work take as many as possible without getting diarrhea. If one pill overtime to take up the slack for the parts that are missing.) gets you no where and two gives you diarrhea, try one in the morning and one in the evening. What if the GWSW Program does not work for me? If the program is not working to your satisfaction and you are What if I am taking the products and my bowels still sure you are following all steps suggested, this may mean that aren’t moving once for each meal that I eat? you have toxins imbedded deep in your tissues and the Take more Bowel Stimulant or more Intestinal Cleanser! One product and diet alone are not enough to eliminate them. It is bowel movement at some point after each meal is best. If you essential that you contact your local Certified TBA get all your movements in the morning, take some of the Practitioner (Step 5). A TBA Practitioner is trained to non- Bowel Stimulant in the morning and use more of the invasively evaluate your body for the toxins that are causing Intestinal Cleanser so your movements are spread throughout the problem and are able to make custom detoxification the day. Everyone responds differently, so you may need to remedies to eliminate those causes. For more information visit: experiment to find the right combination for you. Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  9. 9. Health Care Ministry International There is no incurable illness! WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE GETTING SICK Many things can contribute to sickness: not eating a healthy diet, not getting enough exercise, not resting enough, not drinking enough water, not keeping up with normal bowel movements, spending too many hours at work, and participating in stressful relationships. Any combination of these will take the body to a point where it is no longer able to have normal immune response. When the immune system can't keep up, we feel run down, or get a cold or the flu. Most of us are not aware of this reduced immune function, so the illness becomes our wake-up call. Sickness is the body's way of telling you to pay attention, help it out, and that it can't keep up with the pace you are setting for it. Your lifestyle, dietary habits, emotional distress or exposure to toxic agents at your work place have left your body vulnerable and weak. Listen to your body and help it. Don’t stop the process by killing a fever or suppressing a runny nose. Summary Points To Get You Back Up And until you think you have it fixed. To deactivate the virus in Running Without Using Medications or Vaccines the throat, gargle with a tablespoon of 3 percent 1. NO GUILT: Don’t dwell on the mistakes you made that hydrogen peroxide several times each day. Although the allowed you to get sick. Take a moment to realize you peroxide is not toxic in small amounts, we still allowed your body to get too weak to fight off the common recommend that you spit it out after gargling, but don’t germs. Now take steps to get better. Adding guilt to the rinse your mouth with anything for a few minutes. If your equation will only make you sicker and prolong the throat hurts, suck on zinc lozenges throughout the day. illness. Take time to do something that makes you happy, They are available at health food stores. something that makes you laugh a bunch. 5. HELP A FEVER: A fever is the body's natural 2. FAST: When you start to get sick, fast. Starve a fever, mechanism for killing what caused the fever. To stop the starve a cold, starve everything! The body uses energy to fever is to stop the body’s natural immune process. digest and eliminate waste and toxins. By not eating, you People fear fevers, but there is little to fear about the are allowing the body to direct all its energy to cleaning average fever. Unless a fever starts getting above 104 up the mess that made you sick in the first place. Pure degrees, there is really nothing to worry about. It takes a water with fresh lemon and dark maple syrup or fever of 106 degrees to do any damage, and even at that Grandma's molasses is excellent. If you must have temperature it is not harmful if you keep the head and something more, cook vegetables and drink the broth, or brain cool with cold cloths. During the fever process, the eat fresh, ripe fruits (not chicken soup). For heaven's body uses up its stores of iron. A teaspoon of Grandma's sake, don't eat junk food, meat or dairy. They cost the molasses in warm water at least three times each day body a lot of precious energy. Sugar feeds infection, and can restore the iron depletion and increase your energy. dairy creates more mucus. Because a fever is part of the cure, if you want to help the 3. REST or EXERCISE: Believe it or not, the body is sick body heal faster, you can create an artificial fever by because it is tired and waste has backed up. Give it a increasing the body's temperature to help it fight off the break if at all possible. *Although it may sound germs. Take a hot bath with a minimum of one contradictory, some people need to exercise when they tablespoon of Liquid Detox in the water. Sit in the water get sick. These are people with tendencies toward for 10 to 20 minutes. If you feel weak, have someone with lymphatic congestion. If your lymphatic system is you so you don't pass out and hurt yourself. You may congested (generally because you lack exercise on a want some cold towels handy for your head if you start regular basis, perhaps because of a sedentary job) and getting too hot or feel light headed. If you are feeling you sit or lie around when sick, your body will take longer weak, drink the molasses water. When you get out of the to process the toxins. Movement encourages the tub, stay nice and warm, dry off, and wrap up in lymphatic system to move and flush. You will know if you something that will keep you warm. Rest quietly or go to need exercise rather than rest if you can go for a walk sleep. Let your body finish the job. when sick and it does not wipe you out. If it does, rest. If it 6. SUPPLEMENTS: Keeping the intestines happy and makes you feel better, do it again as able. healthy is essential to getting well and staying well. Keep 4. KILL THE VIRUS: Most fevers come from viral activity taking Super Nutrient to ensure that your body is getting initiated by such toxins as staph, strep and pneumonia, the required nutrition to heal. Use IC-1 as directed to which is what your medical doctor will tend to find. Most keep the intestines moving happily and removing waste of these viruses reproduce in the ear or the throat. "The that might have accumulated in the intestine. Add a first thing to do is put about five drops of hydrogen couple of IC-2 capsules and a couple of Digestive Aid peroxide in one ear and lie with your head down, allowing capsules three times each day as well. the hydrogen peroxide to bubble in the ear for about four 7. SYMPTOM RELIEF: If you have the Symptom Kit, feel minutes. Then flip over and do the other ear. The 3% free to make a remedy and take it every 10 to 15 minutes hydrogen peroxide you find at the drug store is all you as needed. Symptom remedies or TBA remedies will help need. Repeat that one to three times each day if you start the body’s natural ability to fight off the cause of the to feel a cold or flu coming on, and continue each day illness. Live long enough to fulfill your destiny!
  10. 10. Self-Help Questionnaire Health is largely dependent on the diet/lifestyle investment you make each day. How you feel tomorrow is based on what you do today. Check the box that applies for each of the following questions and use the information to motivate self-change in areas of need. NAME: DATE: DIETARY HABITS Daily Often Never 1,2 I eat raw or steamed vegetables (including salads, but not iceberg lettuce). 5,2 I enjoy mayonnaise, salad dressing, margarine or other spreads. 1,2 I eat cooked, canned or frozen vegetables. 1 I eat raw, fresh, ripe fruit. 4 I use whole grains to eat/bake with. 4 I eat raw nuts and seeds (unsalted, unroasted). 6 I use organic, non-Genetically Modified foods. 2,5 I eat kosher meats only @ 4oz. or less per serving. 1,2 I tend to crave fried foods. 2,4 I eat refined carbohydrates (chips, breads, pasta, desserts). 1,2 I eat fast food (pizza, hamburgers, etc). 1,5 I use prepackaged meals, not home-made. 1,5 I add regular table salt to my food. 6 I use sugar, Equal or other artificial sugar substitutes. 2 I tend to eat my dinner (supper) later than 7 pm. 2,3 I eat quickly/on the run/under stress/while I drive. 2,3 I eat until I am stuffed. 2 I eat many small meals instead of large meals. 2 I love to snack late at night, before bed. BEVERAGES Daily Often Never - I drink 50 ounces of water for every 100 pounds that I weigh. - I love my coffee. - I must have my Lipton or black tea. 4 I drink carbonated beverages. 5,2 I use cow’s milk/cheese. 2 I drink beer or fermented beverages. 2 I relax with wine. 2,6 I drink hard liquors. 2,1 I enjoy the foods that I eat. COOKING Daily Often Never 6 I use a microwave to cook and heat food. - I use stainless or glass cookware. 1,5 I tend to grill with charcoal. 6,3 I use pre-made spices and seasonings (like Lawreys). 6 I use Pam or something similar in my cooking pans. LIFESTYLE Daily Often Never 5 I smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipe (other?). 6 I use pain killers; Other medications? 6 I am exposed to toxins at work or where I play. Past exposure? - I love to spend time with animals. 4 I do aerobic/cardio (or equivalent) exercise (or have a physically demanding job). 3 I have a bowel movement without strain. - I take time to play, to have fun, to de-stress. - I take time to pray, talk to God. - I enjoy the pursuit of spirituality. - I treat others as I would like to be treated (kindness, love, compassion, forgiveness). EMOTIONAL/STRESS Daily Often Never - I feel stress in/from my family. - I feel stress in/from my job/coworkers. - I feel financial stress. - I have other stresses? Explain: - I feel emotionally fulfilled in my current occupation. - Circle the emotion that best describes you when you’ve “had enough” (fear/introvert, anger/temper, grudge/revenge, I try to ignore it, I tell them off)? CHRONIC/DEGENERATIVE SUGGESTIONS YES Often NO - I am doing the home-therapies explained at - I see my local Certified TBA Practitioner for custom detoxification programs so my body has every potential to heal. 2-4 weeks 3-4 months KEY: Colored boxes indicate the correct answer; The numbers on the left correlate to the GWSW product/s needed to balance the deficiencies found in that area of your life. 1=Super Nutrient; 2=Digestive Aid; 3=Bowel Stimulant; 4=IC-1; 5=IC-2; 6=Liquid Detox Created and Produced by Health Care Ministry Intl. / Dr. Reuben T. DeHaan 704-730-9115