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Published in: Business
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  • 1. UAW Classification Audit Committee Report Committee Members: Sherry Saarinen, Cathy Banfield, Barb Ruotsala, Mike Abbott, Paula Zenner, Sharron Paris Becky Christianson, Facilitator
  • 2. Charge to the committee
    • Make form more user friendly
    • Make sure categories are weighted correctly
    • Dealing with anomalies where it perceived the tool doesn’t fit
    • Address changing technology
    • Coming up with better ways to define what positions do
    • What value does the tool/process bring to MTU?
  • 3. How we got to where we are now
    • Decided that it would be important to ask office professionals and supervisors what they wanted/needed in an audit tool
    • Offered 5 focus group times to supervisors and 7 times to office professionals
    • Conducted focus groups during December
    • Compiled results and took back to the committee
  • 4. What we learned from OP
    • Current tool was frustrating to complete (what do they want to know???)
    • Concerns about not being upgraded
    • People had lost faith in the process
    • Hard to write down what people do
    • There must be ‘magic words’ to get an upgrade
    • Lists of duties vary from department to department
  • 5. What we learned from supervisors
    • Current tool is intimidating
    • What are the “right words” needed to complete an audit form?
    • Need to reduce the “fear factor” around the process
    • Person and position are difficult to separate
    • Want fairness in the process
    • Budget issues around upgrades
  • 6. Proceeding from focus groups
    • Needed to re-examine categories and weight of each
    • Improve tool to make more user-friendly
    • Discussed creating guide for Office Professionals and what to include
    • Added list of Action Verbs to guide
    • Have audit tool and guide available on the web
  • 7. Next Steps
    • Decided to integrate check boxes into the form
    • Examined current form for appropriateness
    • How have positions changed since the current form was created?
    • What categories have changed since the current form was created?
    • Original plan was to roll out the ‘new form’ in mid February…
  • 8. Benchmarking
    • Web search resulted in at least 15 forms to benchmark
    • Forms ranged from 2 to 17 pages
    • Good ideas/wording to incorporate into our form (obtained permission from schools)
    • Pre-audit information
    • Office Professional guide
    • Stuff available on the web
  • 9. Energizer ® bunnies…
    • Almost finished with the OP guide when it was decided to add a supervisor guide
    • Examined and changed distribution of categories to reflect current positions
    • Developed FAQ sections for each guide from focus group questions/comments
    • Finalized form check boxes
    • Tested new audit form with recent auditees
    • Took tool and guides back to focus group participants for comments and suggestions
  • 10. Issues still out there…
    • Position not upgraded after audit – position was correctly classified; is not a reflection on the person in the position
    • Is not a ‘template’ for a level 4 or level 5 – positions vary too much across campus
    • Difficult to separate person from the position
    • Need to use tool to evaluate postings to ensure consistency
  • 11. Final Products
    • Pre-audit information
    • Office Professional Audit Form (Microsoft Word ® document with check and text boxes – can be saved)
    • Office Professional Audit Form Guide
    • Supervisor Guide
    • All will be available on web