Social Media is Cool...Now What?


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Presentation slides for the DFW AMA Ft. Worth Executive Luncheon - 8-27-09
Ben Smithee
Twitter - @SpychResearch

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Social Media is Cool...Now What?

  1. 1. We know Social media is cool...
  2. 2. now what?
  3. 3. Ben Smithee
  4. 4. This kills your latest press release The result of true engagement ask questions share thoughts personalize examples photo credit: flickr - theparadigmshifter
  5. 5. Breaking it Down Revolutionary Evolutionary Synergistic channel Talking “about” SM is no longer an advantage You can’t control the never have!
  6. 6. what does it do for you? Provides a means of digital intimacy Connects your brand with customers and shares it through their voice Real-time search and crowd-sourced commentary
  7. 7. ra nd ing ersonal B P
  8. 8. Personal Branding Create a presence Monitor your “brand” Create content or direct traffic Intelligent Transparency “Never eat alone”
  9. 9. Personal Branding Nobody cares about how many Twitter followers you a certain extent More valuable - RT @ChrisBrogan or @SpychResearch??? - Depends on who you are targeting
  10. 10. SMB Location-Based Engagement Competitive Monitoring Magnified Image Building Personalization
  11. 11. who do I get to do this? You Someone that knows SM but brings more to the table Look down, not up
  12. 12. Corporations Customer Engagement Brand Monitoring “Customer service is an investment not an Product Development expense....and is really marketing” - Tony Hsieh Customer Service Personalized Marketing
  13. 13. Merging Traditional and New Media video credit:
  14. 14. Social experiment? Or, brilliant WOM marketing?
  15. 15. the other side of branding Transparency Living your message, culture and brand essence 2 things controllable - internal company culture and external brand
  16. 16. A thought..or two on ROI Social Media is not free! - But, there are a lot of free tools! It’s not always about ROI....directly Sometimes, it just is not possible - measuring conversations
  17. 17. ROI @DellOutlet - $3 Million in Sales Blendtec - Youtube - “Will it blend? - 500% Sales increase
  18. 18. the office
  19. 19. LinkedIn Company profiles Personal and Corporate branding Digital resume - Managing your digital footprint is increasingly more important Groups
  20. 20. the backyard bbq
  21. 21. Facebook Get passed the preconceived notions Game changing Facebook search - Crowd-sourced search
  22. 22. the conversation
  23. 23. Twitter Game Changer Real-time search Info-sharing “Just a Fad?”
  24. 24. digital handshake
  25. 25. the takeaway
  26. 26. lifelines...things that allow me to sleep
  27. 27. Monitor and Engage
  28. 28. syndicate
  29. 29. Analytics, Internal Utilization
  30. 30. how do I stay ahead, once I’ve caught up?
  31. 31. What should I look for? Video TV is next!!! Location-based apps If you don’t create...Direct Traffic! Aggregation, analytics and incorporation
  32. 32. Listen and Watch Listen to and watch those who are changing the game and doing it well SWA Comcast SXSW Many more
  33. 33. 215.501.2341 @SpychResearch .com/in/Benjamin Smithee /ben.smithee