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Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
Chapter 1 Cond
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Chapter 1 Cond


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Male Metabolism Differences from females: 1)use of cholesterol- young women have > HDL and< LDLs than young men ( an estrogen effect)
  • 2. Male / Female MetabolicDifferences cont’d
    • Body fat is a risk to CVD, High BP,Diabetes, Colon Cancer
    • Especially upper body fat  a male entity
  • 3. Abdominal Fat Topics of Discussion( measure by a waist/hip ratio)…….
    • High lipoprotein lipase for storage efficiency in waist area.
    • Responsive to adrenaline  abdominal fat releases FFAs  Liver which impedes insulin breakdown
  • 4. More Ab. Fat stuff……..
    • As insulin increases, body becomes insulin unresponsive…….and Diabetes
    • Increased Insulin levels promotes certain cancers
    • FFAs  Liver triglycerides
  • 5. Same……
    • Upper body fat cells
    • Cortisol and BP and Diabetes
    • Males (young)-13-17% body fat
    • Females (young)- 20-27% body fat
    • More skeletal muscle in males!
  • 6. Skeletal Muscle
    • Muscle cells (fibers) are huge and have multi nuclei( not one like most cells)
    • Muscle cells increase size of fibers, not # of cells
    • Size and strength of skeletal muscle fibers with resistance exercise and androgen’s influence
  • 7. Other differences
    • Men have more calcium; stronger bones
    • The stimulus of muscle on bone and some continual T muscle strength
  • 8. Minds of Men
    • Much of what we can understand about men is related to psychosocial issues!
    • Multileveled attributes -
    • Genes
    • Hormones
    • Structure
    • Society/culture
    • Control
  • 9. At all strata, higher mortality
    • Violence, accidents, substance abuse, suicide, injury
    • The gap is widening by > 5 years
    • There may be a biological aging difference
    • The disparity in mortality holds at birth and at old age as well
  • 10. Factors in Mortality:effects of Testosterone
    • T  CVD, Stroke, Prostate Cancer
    • More LDL Less HDL
    • Abdominal fat predisposition
    • > Clotting
    • > # RBCs
    • Blood vessel spasm
    • Effects directly on cardiac muscle
  • 11. Multiple Causes for increased male mortality and morbidity Visits, prevention, opening up to medical helpers… Health care More in men  CVD Iron MEN!!!!!! Drinking Stress ,social isolation Obesity Diet, Exercise more men ..not for long Smoking Men> women.. Why? Genetic hormonal, societal Trauma and violence