7 wonders of the world


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information on new seven wonders of the world. Please download the file and run for best viewing.

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7 wonders of the world

  1. 1. WONDERSOf the world
  2. 2. Seven Wonders of the world refers to remarkable constructionsmade by human or nature.These wonders are listed by the popular guide books and sight- 7seers.7 is thought to be a number for representation of perfection andplenty.7 wonders resembles ancient civilizations in that time.New 7 wonders has defined from time to time:- 7 Wonders of Ancient World (484 – 305 BCE)- 7 Wonders of Medieval World (19th – 20th Centuries)- 7 Wonders of Modern World (21st Century)
  3. 3. Wonders of Modern WorldWonders of the New World was announced in July 7 2007 71. Great Wall of China (China)2. Petra (Jordan)3. Christ the Redeemer (Brazil)4. Machu Picchu (Peru)5. Chichen Itza (Mexico)6. Colosseum (Italy)7. Taj Mahal (India) This list of wonders were announced by “New7Wonders Foundation” in Switzerland.
  4. 4. Taj Mahal 7
  5. 5. Taj Mahal (Agra, India) Built by Muslim Mughal Empeire “Shah Jahan” 7 Memorial for his beloved late wife, “Mumtaz” It took 15 years to build this beautiful spectacular tomb. Considered as a finest example of Mughal art and architecture.Shah Jahan was arrested by one of his sons after the completion of Taj Mahal. It said that he spent the rest of the days gazing at Taj Mahal from a window.
  6. 6. Colosseum 6
  7. 7. Colosseum (Italy) Constructions began under Empire Vespasian 6 Kind of a sports stadium Stadium can hold up to 50,000 spectatorsGory games involving gladiators, wild animals and prisoners were held there in ancient time Famous design of the colosseum still resembles in modern stadium
  8. 8. Chichen Itza 5
  9. 9. Chichen Itza (Mexico) This is the most famous temple city of “Maya’s” 5It was the political and religious centre of Maya civilization during 750-1200 AD This is the temple of “Kukulken” where the city’s heart lies. Rises to a height of 79 feet. There are 91 steps in each of its four sides, one step for one day of the year. 365th Day of the year represents the top platform.
  10. 10. Machu Picchu 4
  11. 11. Machu Picchu (Peru)It is a 15th Century mountain settlement in the Amazon region of Peru 4 Ruined city belongs to the Inca civilization. It was hourished in the ancles region of west south America
  12. 12. Christ the Redeemer 3
  13. 13. Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) It is in the Rio-De Janerio, Brazil 3 Christ the Redeemer is 130 Feet tall Second highest art décor statue in the world It is a symbol of christinity Statue has become an icon of Rio & BrazilIt has made of re enforced concrete and sompstone
  14. 14. Petra 2
  15. 15. Petra (Jordan) Perched on the age of the Arabian dessert 2 Petra was the capital of Nabatocan kingdom Petra is famous for many of its stone structuresSuch as a temple carved with classical facades into rose colored rock.
  16. 16. Great Wall of China 1
  17. 17. Great Wall of China (China)Was built along China’s northern border over many centuries 1 It was to keep out involving Mongol tribes Constructed between 5th century – 16th century BC Great wall is the world’s largest human made structure. It is stretching some 4000 miles
  18. 18. 7WONDERSOf the world THE END