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geography final project for carn

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Geo final project

  2. 2. MUSIC(HUMAN GEOGRAPHY)The United States has a variety ofMusic. There is over 26 differentkinds of music in the U.S. Musicplays an important part ofAmerican every day life. Peoplelisten to music several times a dayand enjoy it enormously. Sometypes of music in the U.S. are: rap,country, R&b, metal, electronic,rock, pop,ect.
  3. 3. PHYSICALGEOGRAPHYWhile in the United States I saw the GrandCanyon and Mount Rushmore. MountRushmore is a very popular tourist site andis important to the American people. TheGrand Canyon was breath taking and is sobeautiful, it is a natural phenomenon. BothMount Rushmore and the Grand Canyonwere amazing to see and I thoroughlyenjoyed getting to visit the U.S.
  4. 4. MOUNT RUSHMORE Mount Rushmore is found in the Black Hills of SouthDakota. Mount Rushmore includes the faces of GeorgeWashington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln andTheodore Roosevelt Mount Rushmore tookyears to complete andWas sculpted by GutzonBorglum.
  5. 5. THE GRAND CANYON The Grand Canyon is over 270 miles longOver 5 millionpeople visit theGrand Canyona year.The GrandCanyonIs located inNorthern Arizona
  6. 6. ISSUES IN THE U.S. War on Drugs is an important issue inthe U.S. today. Some people consider theworld on Drugs insignificant but this isuntrue. Drugs effect so many people on adaily basis, even more so then terroristattacks. Drugs have caused many issuesin the U.S. including increase in crimerates. Drugs have been a major issueSince the 80’s because of the drug lord Pablo Escobar. As aresult of the drug lord’s work the U.S. has taken many stepsTo prevent drugs from coming into the U.S.In recent weeks people have been veryTroubled Because the President has reducedthe Money going to the war on drugs.Countless individuals and well as I see thisHaving bad results.
  7. 7. DPC While I was in The United States I founded theDPC or Drug Prevention Campaign . It consistsof 20 or so millionaires and rich individuals,these individuals will not be named as a safetyprecaution. These individuals have signedvarious documents and legal papers thatproves they are part of the DPC.the members of DPC give a monthlydonation that goes towards the waron drugs. I am very proud to be thefounder of DCP and I think it willBe very helpful in the war on drugs.
  8. 8. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYWhen I went to Canada I saw TheParliament of Canada building.This building is very important toCanadian government. TheParliament of Canada building isone of the number one touristattractions in Canada. In theHouse of Commons bills and lawsare passed so it is a very importantbuilding.
  9. 9. HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT Canadian governmentconsists of the Queen,Senate, and House ofcommons. House of parliament wasbuilt between 1859 and1865 House of Parliamentconsists of :House ofCommons, the Hall ofHonour, the Library ofParliament, the Senate,and the Peace Tower.
  10. 10. CANADIAN FOOD(HUMANGEOGRAPHY) Canada has two very popular foods: bacon and maplesyrup. Both of these foods are eaten often. Canadians lovefood and are known for coming up with interestingcombinations such as sushi pizza. It has also been saidthat,” Canadians like to eat healthier and ethnic foods,while trying to balance their love for baked goods andother comfort foods at thesametime.”(
  11. 11. HEALTH CARE ISSUES IN CANADA The Conference Board of Canada hasannounced in recent in recentmonths that they are unhappy withtheir health care. The board saidthat” the functioning of the healthcare system is not configured oroperated in a way that helps itachieve maximum effectiveness orefficiency”. Also all of the health caremachines are from the 1960’s. Thepeople of Canada think that theirhealth care is not where it needs to befor health care today. The Boardagreed and has said that ” thecurrent system that was built in the60s is ill-equipped to efficiently supportthis new delivery of health care.”(Daniel Muzyka, Glen Hodgson, andGabrielaPrada
  12. 12. CANADIAN HEALTH CAREIn order for the health care in Canadato get better the government needs to getfunding to purchase new equipment. Thepeople of Canada in a recent pole havesaid that they want health care to be putin front of everything else for theproblem to be solved. The governmentneeds to step up and get money for thenewer equipment in order for theirhealth care to improve and be where it issupposed to be. Canada’s health careequipment will and cannot take care ofthe people of Canada in the way thatthey need to be taken care of.
  13. 13. ITALY PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYWhile visiting Europe I went to Italy.I saw many places in Italy but thegreatest of them was the Eiffel Tower.The Eiffel tower was built by a mannamed Eiffel for a world fair contest.This fair was in honor of the of the 100thyear after the French Revolution. It took2 years and a lot of people to build thismonument out of iron. The tower is 1060Feet high and weighs 7000 tons! The EiffelTower is truly amazing.
  14. 14. ITALIAN CULTURE Cultural Values:Italian people arevery close to theirfamily and friends.Family plays animportant role intheir lives andItalians tend to stayclose to home. Every day lifeMost Italians taketheir jobs, religion,and food veryseriously. MostItalians are RomanCatholic. MostItalians also takebusiness veryserious. Italian dietusually consists ofdifferent types ofpasta and bread.
  15. 15. ISSUES IN EUROPE: BERLIN WALL The Berlin Wall was made during a cold war inGermany. The Berlin wall is in Berlin and stillstands today. The Germans or GDR started tomake the wall in 1961. The wall was builtbetween east and west Germany. It was built, "tokeep Western "fascists" from entering EastGermany and undermining the socialist state,but it primarily served the objective of stemmingmass defections from East to West.” Anyone whotried to cross the wall with out permission wereshot down by guards who patrolled the wall .Thewall remained in use till 1989 when the Germanygovernment decided that the wall was no longerneeded.
  16. 16.  While in Russia I visited the RedSquare. The Red Square was anawesome experience. There aremany things to do and see in theRed Square. I chose to go therebecause I wanted to see some of themost well know sights in Russia. The Red Square was built east of the Kremlin Red Square was built around 15th centaury under order of PrinceIvan III. The Red Square contains: The Kremlin, GUM, Lobnoe Mesto,Resurrection gate, Lenin Mausoleum, Kazan Cathedral, and St.Basil’s Cathedral.
  17. 17. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE(HUMAN GEOGRAPHY)The Russian language is spoken all overEurope. The Russian language isconsidered a major world language.Russian is a very unique language. Mostpeople find Russian a very had languageto learn. Russian is based off the Greeklanguage and was made by two brothers.The two brothers were named Cyril andMethodius.
  18. 18. CHERNOBYL Chernobyl was a was a city in the Ukraine. In 1986 theirnuclear power plant failed releasing radiation andcreating fires. The result was hundreds of deaths. Alsobecause of radiation over 2,000 people got cancer andother diseases most resulting in death. The nuclear powerplant was incased in concrete and completely closed off.Chernobyl was considered to be unsafe for people for along time. The government in recent years have finallyagreed to allow tourism to Chernobyl.
  19. 19. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYWhen I visited East Asia on my trip around theworld I went to see the Great Wall of China. Iwanted to see the Great Wall because I have herda lot about it and have always wanted to see itin person. If I ever went there I told myself Iwould have a picnic on the wall and look outover China. I finally got to do it when visitingEast Asia.
  20. 20. GREAT WALL OF CHINA 2145 miles long , which is thelongest man made structure inthe world. Was built under the control ofEmperor Qin Shi Huang Built in 600 B.C. Was built to keep out possibleinvaders.
  21. 21. RELIGION(HUMAN GEOGRAPHY) East Asia has many religions. Religion isvery important to the people. Most of thereligions deal with peace and harmony.Some of the major religions are:Confucian, Taoism, Buddhism, andShinto. Most of these religions deal withspiritual enlightenment.
  22. 22. ISSUE: DMZ The DMZ is the Demilitarized Zone. The DMZ is locatedalong the 38th Parallel which divided s up North andSouth Korea. The DMZ is 148 miles long and wasestablished in 1953. The government had guardspatrolling on each side to prevent people from crossingover. People were shot if they were caught trying to crossthe DMZ. The DMZ is a tough situation that will take along time to resolve, especially with the North Koreanthreats. Even though North and South Korea signed a“peace treaty” they are anything but peaceful.
  23. 23. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY While in Australia I went snorkeling in theGreat Barrier Reef. It was a greatopportunity and the reef was amazing.There were so many different species ofanimals and coral, it was beautiful. TheGreat Barrier Reef was an awesome place togo snorkeling for the first time!
  24. 24. THE GREAT BARRIER REEFThe Great Barrier Reef is1500 miles long.There are over 1800different species ofanimal and plant life.The Great barrierReef is The largestreef in the wholeWorld.
  25. 25. HISTORY( HUMAN GEOGRAPHY)Australia has a very harsh climate. Thepeople, animals, and plants had to adapt tothis severe weather. The first Australians werecalled Aborigines. The Aborigines livedhundreds of years before the arrival of theEuropeans. The Europeans arrived toestablish a penal colony. The British broughtover their prisoners and exiled them to theisland of Australia. Most Australians todayare descendants of British criminals.
  26. 26. ISSUES IN AUSTRALIA: WHALING whaling has become an issue in Australia today. In 1986whaling was banned all over the world. Since whaling hadbeen popular in Australia many people were furious aboutthe ban. The Japanese were also furious and some people gowhaling illegally. The job to stop the Japanese whaling hasfallen upon the Australian government. Because of this therehas been many problems with stopping the Japanese, somepeople have become rather violent. The Australiangovernment needs to step up and start patrolling the watersnear Japan. Without the Australian the Japanese will getaway with these illegal actions. The U.S. and othersurrounding countries need to give Australia funding tohelp stop the whaling and join forces with them. To help withthis issue I have arranged a schedule for patrolling thewaters and looking out for potential whalers. Tomorrow Iwill be boarding the Sea Shepard and helping the men fromthe popular American TV show “Whale Wars” patrol and lookfor illegal whalers.
  27. 27. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYAfter visiting Australia I went to theCaribbean. I traveled to several islandsincluding Puerto Rico, Grenada, andthe Virgin Islands. After touring themagnificent beaches of the Caribbean Iwent to Grenada to see anextraordinary site. In Grenada theyhave a life size underwater park. It wasa once in a lifetime opportunity to goto an underwater park and Ithoroughly enjoyed it.
  28. 28. MOLINERE UNDERWATER PARK Was built in 2006 by Jason DeCaires Taylor It is the first underwatersculpture park It is located off the coastof Grenada One of the 25 wonders ofthe world
  29. 29. CARIBBEAN FESTIVALS(HUMAN GEOGRAPHY) In the Caribbean there are many festivals thatcelebrate various heritages, activities, and historicalmoments. Perhaps the most wide spread and greatestfestival is that of Canival. Carnival is a festival andparade. The people dress up in lavish costumes for aparade or paint themselves. There is a lot of music,dancing, eating, singing, and various other activities.The festival take place two days before ash Wednesday.There are also many other festivals that each islandparticipates in. A few of the greatmany festivals are: Champion ofChampions Boat Race, JunkanooDominica World Creole MusicFestival, and Bermuda Big GameClassic.
  30. 30. EMBARGO ON CUBA Today there is an embargo on Cuba set on them by theU.S. An embargo is an complete prohibition ontrading with Cuba. The embargo was put into place in1962 by U.S. government officials and jurisdiction. TheU.S. has refused to raise the embargo until Cubabecomes a democracy. This is because Cuba is acommunist country. There is not many ways to fix thisembargo on Cuba. The only way is to convince Cuba tobecome a democracy. I have arranged a meetingbetween the president of the United States and theCuban president Raúl Castro. They will be discussingthe benefit s of becoming a democracy and how it is inthe best interest for the people of Cuba. I can only hopethat Cuba will agree and become at peace with theU.S.
  31. 31. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYAfter I visited the Caribbean I went to Africa.While in Africa I went on a safari in thesavannah. I went on a tour with the VentureSafari Tours and Travel. The company is basedout of Nairobi, Kenya. I wanted to go on asafari to see all of the different species ofanimals living in the safari. I am an animallover and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. TheSavannah is home to a variety andabundance of animals and plants. TheSavannah takes up about 5 million squaremiles and takes up about half of the continent.There is a wet and dry season in theSavannah.
  33. 33. ISSUE: AIDS There are many issues in Africa but one of thegreatest is AIDS. Africa has the majority of AIDSinfected people in the world. Millions of people getinfected and die of AIDS every year. AIDS havebecome an uncontrollable disease in Africa. One ofthe reasons for this is poor health care equipment;with poor funding they are forced to reuse needles.As a result of this most people who are tested forAIDS become infected by other people who takeblood test and are infected. When traveling toAfrica I gave a huge donation of needles andsyringes and volunteered at local hospitals. Therewere so many sick people, it was devastating.
  34. 34. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYWhen I went to Latin America Ivisited the Coast of Venezuela. LatinAmerica and Venezuela are knownfor their excellent chocolate and theraw ingredients they use. There area ton of producers of chocolate inLatin America. Most people makemoney by growing and producingcacao. Since I am a chocolate loverI decided to go to El Ray’s chocolatefactory.
  35. 35. CHOCOLATE cacao used to be a main product before oilwas discovered in Latin AmericaVenezuela is know for its fantastic rawingredients in their chocolate.Chocolate in Venezuela is not an export
  36. 36. ISSUE: RAIN FORESTS The rain forests in Latin America have been severelydamaged. This is due to deforestation and slash andburning. The Rain Forests have been cut down andburned. This is because of the growing populationand the attempt to make more room. Cutting downthe rain forest is very harmful and bad. This isbecause rain forests make up less than six percent ofthe earth. All though rain forests only make up a verysmall portion of the earth they are home to morethan half of the species of animals on earth. To help with this issue there has been a “debt-for-nature-swap.” This is where environmentalist groupspay off some of their governments debt and in returnthey agree to save some of the rain forest. I enlistedmy services and was able to produce a lot of moneythrough a fundraising banquet I held. I am veryproud of the success of the banquet and hope that themoney will go to good use.
  37. 37. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYWhen I was in the Middle East I went toAbu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Iwent there for several reasons. I wentbecause it is the most modern andsuccessful place in the Middle East. Alsothere are man made islands off the coastof Dhabi. I went and stayed in the Palmisland. I stayed at a luxury hotel on oneof the small islands within the palm. Istayed in a Panorama Deira Hotel.
  38. 38. PALM ISLANDPalm Island is theworld’s largest manmade island.Palm island wasconstructed by NakheelPropertiesPalm Island was builtto increase tourism inthe Middle East
  39. 39. CLOTHING(HUMAN GEOGRAPHY) Clothes play an important part of Middle Easter cultureand religion. Most people in the Middle East are Muslim.As a result of this women cover them selves from head totoe. There are many different types and names ofclothing. Most women wear a dress, cloak, head covering,and sometimes veil while in public. Most men wear aGalabiyya and turban. Men and women dress verymodestly and don’t show much skin. This is because oftheir religious and ethnic beliefs.
  40. 40. ISSUE: POPULATION RELOCATIONIn the Middle East there is a bigpopulation; most people are Muslim. As aresult of this there are a bunch of“stateless nations.” Stateless Nations arepeople who do not have a place of theirown to live. Two Stateless Nations are:Kurds and Palestinians. The Palestinianare stateless because they used to live inIsrael which now belongs to the Jews. TheKurds are the largest group of peoplewithout a place to live. The MiddleEastern government needs to find a placefor these stateless nations. The people needa place they can call their own like theJews.