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  • Username - This will become your Twitter “handle”. It’s possible to change it, but not something you want to do often
    Email will be kept private, but you will receive notes of new followers and also of Direct Messages

  • Tweet - When you post or write your 140 characters on twitter and hit send it’s
    called a tweet or tweeting
    Handle – that’s your twitter name @ducttape – balance short with descriptive
    and no matter what your business handle is get your personal name if you can
    even if you don’t plan to use it right now. – it’s like your URL and will have value
    some day.
    Follow – this is simply the act of adding someone to your list of people you are
    following – this makes their tweets show up on your homepage.
    Replies – this is what it is called when someone writes a tweet directly at
    your handle - @ducttape cool post today blah blah – this is often an invite
    to engage with a follower.
    Retweet – this is a tactic of republishing someone else’s tweet – the
    original tweet along with author stays in tact, but you are basically
    showing someone’s tweet to your followers – many people find this a
    great way to add content and acknowledge good stuff from the folks
    they follow
    DM – this is a message that is sent directly to another user. They must be
    following you for you to DM them, but this is a very useful tool for private
    messages and generally a good choice when you start going back and forth with
    someone on something your entire base of followers might not find interesting.
    Hashtag – this is a way people categorize tweets so that others might use the
    same tag and effectively create a way for people to view related tweets – it will
    something like #marketing – more on this in search.

  • Advanced Twitter Search - This allows you to do a local search, search for tweets
    to or from a particular person or exclude certain words or phrases.

    Twellow - is like a twitter phone directory that sorts
    people by industry. This can be a great way to find people in your industry. The
    profiles also tell you a little about each person, including how many followers
    they have. Sometime following people with large followings can lead to people
    following you, but if your goal is networking, be realistic and find people who may
    also just be getting started.

    1) What are your interests?
    2) What are people you want to talk to tweeting about?
    3) What will interest people about you? (both corporate and personal)
    4) Wht geographic areas are you targeting?

  • BMPR - 3rd Thursday
    SMC SA - 2nd Thursday
    SMBCSA - 3rd Wednesday

  • Twitter101

    1. 1. TWITTER TWAINING Barbara McNeely
    2. 2. Go to
    3. 3. Enter your name, Username, Password, Email & Click “Create my account”
    4. 4. Check your email and confirm your account
    5. 5. Check your email and confirm your account
    6. 6. Upload you picture, enter you location, website and bio.
    7. 7. Installing your custom background
    8. 8. Definitions Tweet Handle Follow Replies ReTweet DM Hashtag
    9. 9. Symbol Logic @ DM RT PRT Hashtags #FF or #FollowFriday
    10. 10. Grammar / Etiquette Include a space after DM, RT or PRT For @ replies, include a space before the @ but no space between @ and the Twitter handle On RTs, make sure the whole msg will post - shorten words if you need to Auto DMs - not really recommended Follow people that follow you - unless they’re spammers Block people sparingly
    11. 11. Fail Whale
    12. 12. Twitter Apps Online - PC - Mac -, Tweetie for Mac Phones iPhone - Twitterific, Osfoora, Twitterfon, TweetDeck, HootSuite Blackberry - UberTwitter, Twitterberry, Tweetcaster iPad - Osfoora HD
    13. 13. How To Tweet Posting pictures Posting Links URL Shorteners Scheduling Tweets - HootSuite Twitter Lists
    14. 14. Followers & Followees Keep the ratio (followers:followees) “close” to equal Find new followers slowly, maybe 15-20 per day Finding People to Follow Twellow - Twitterfall - Lists of Tweeps you follow
    15. 15. Followers & Followees Getting People to Follow you Follow Them RT Them @ Them Managing your Followers/followees Twitter Karma - Friend or Follow - Quality Over Quantity
    16. 16. Twitter Strategy Don’ts: Don’t make it all about you Don’t auto-DM people Don’t spam people
    17. 17. Twitter Strategy Dos: Find Time everyday - 15-30 mins 2x/day Be yourself, Be Real Join conversations “Listen” and observe Engage others, don’t push Add value - through Tweets or information Ask questions Retweet others
    18. 18. Monitoring Your Brand Check your @ replies Google Alerts Twitter Search - monitor via TweetDeck
    19. 19. Twitter Social Events Chats twitter-chats/ Tweetups
    20. 20. Additional Resources - twitter BMPR - Social Media Club SA - http://smc- Social Media Breakfast Club SA - http:// san-antonio/
    21. 21. HAPPY TWEETING! Barbara McNeely 210 383 5842