Additive inverse zero pairs absolute value
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Additive inverse zero pairs absolute value






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  • Key points: positive/negative, positive to right – negative to left, numbers get bigger to the right, smaller to the left, can be vertical or horizontal, part of a coordinate plane,
  • Football… gained 3 yards, then lost 3 yards.Money – earned $10, bought something for $10.Verticals – 32 inch vertical, then comes down 32 inches

Additive inverse zero pairs absolute value Additive inverse zero pairs absolute value Presentation Transcript

  •  Read each statement about the topic “Combining Opposites.”  Write down who you agree with and why. Alex – “Combining opposites is just doubling the number.” Bryan – “Combining opposites would give you 0.” Carrie – “I don’t know how to combine opposites.”  You should start your sentence like this…  I agree with Alex/Bryan/Carrie because…
  •  Equations and Expressions  Variables  Equality and the equal sign  Balance
  •  Unit Plan  Look at the first Learning Target  Rank yourself – put a mark and the date underneath  Students will learn to…  Describe situations in which opposite quantities combine to make 0.  Describe the connection between opposites, zero pairs and additive inverse.  Define absolute value.
  •  What do you know about a number line?  1 volunteer to write on the board  Use the number line above to define the word opposite.  Opposite numbers are…  Share your definition with the group behind you.  Class definition?
  •  Two numbers that are the same distance from 0 on a number line, but in opposite directions, are opposites.  Practice…  Find the opposite of each number a. -8 b. 13 c. -22 a. 8 b. -13 c. 22
  •  This is a definition from  What is absolute value?  Create a human number line.  Absolute Value is the distance from 0. Can’t be negative. ( How many hops to get to 0?)
  •  What is their score?  How can you represent this on a number line?  How can you represent this mathematically?
  •  What is the expression (math sentence) to solve this problems?  5 + -5 or -5 + 5  In either case, the answer is 0.  When you combine opposites, is it always equal to zero? (think about the scale, does it balance??
  •  You have discovered Additive Inverse  The sum of a number and its additive inverse is 0.  In other words, when you add a number and it’s opposite, you get 0. (Remember the Balance?)  Sort of like canceling each other out.
  •  These are also called Zero Pairs, because they combine to equal 0.  1 and -1  -10 and 10  -1000 and 1000
  • Opposites – Zero pairs – Additive Inverse -
  •  If you agree with someone new, write your reasoning in your notebook.
  •  Money  Football
  •  Can you…  Describe situations in which opposite quantities combine to make 0?  Can you…  Define opposites, zero pairs, and additive inverse and give examples of each?