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Agenda: FAME European Creative Startup Training in Copenhagen
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Agenda: FAME European Creative Startup Training in Copenhagen

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Agenda of the FAME Coaching & Pitching Event in Copenhagen (12-14 November 2012)....

Agenda of the FAME Coaching & Pitching Event in Copenhagen (12-14 November 2012).

FAME (Facilitating Access & Mobilisation of European finance for Creative industry growth) is a European project co-financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) under the European Creative Industry Alliance. The main objective of FAME is to strengthen the fast-growing sector of Creative Industries (CIs) by helping channel financial resources to initiatives in this area.

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  • 1. FAME AGENDA COPENHAGEN 12-14 NOVEMBER 2012 12.11.2012 13.11.2012 14.11.2012 9:30 – 12:00 FAME+CBC Pitching CBC Live Pitches 3 Sessions of 15 Pitches Pitching Participants: −Winners of the National CBC Competitions −Selected FAME Companies 10:00 – 11:00 FAME Wrap-Up World Café15:30 – 18:00 13:30 – 17:00 13:30 – 17:00 Selection of Winners/Special FAME Session: FAME European CBC Case Studies Awarding Ceremony„Pitch Training“ Creative Startup Training 18:00: Official Opening CBC 19:00: Gala Dinner 18:00: After Party
  • 2. Monday, 12 November 201215:30 – 18:00Special FAME Session:„Pitch Training“ 15:30 Introduction Remarks: „Success Factors for Pitching“ (Allan Rasmussen, Investment Expert at CAT SCIENCE PARK) 15:50 Test Pitching: + 5 minutes Pitch by each FAME company + 5 minutes Feedback from the FAME experts (Kim Ove Olsen, CAT SCIENCE PARK / Allan Rasmussen, CAT SCIENCE PARK / Luigi Amati, Meta Group) = 10 minutes per company 17:50 Closing Remarks by Allan Rasmussen
  • 3. Tuesday, 13 November 201213:30 – 17:00FAME European 13:30 Welcome (Michela Michilli, Filas)Creative Startup 13:40 Keynote: Person-Centered Innovation: Dealing with resistance.Training Open to all (Klaus Haasis, bwcon) 14:00 Interactive Learning Session Business Model Generation (Jasper Bouwsma, Vujàdé Ltd.) Financing Instruments (Kim Ove Olsen, CAT Science) Team & Finance – Role of Business Angels (Luigi Amati, Meta Group) 15:00 1-to-1 Coaching: Check Your Business Model! Session special for FAME companies Check Your Financing! Business model table: Financing table By Klaus and Jasper By Luigi and Kim / Allan − Group A : 50 minutes − Group B: 50 minutes − Group B: 50 minutes − Group A: 50 minutes Coaches meet Start-Ups: Coaches will form 2 tables and will discuss/give feedback to companies in groups. [Each group with ca. 5 companies → each company has 10 minutes] 16:45 Conclusions & Recommendations (tbd.)
  • 4. Wednesday, 14 November 201210:00 – 11:00 FAME Wrap-Up World Café → Aim: analysis of the coaching & pitching and elaborate on recommendations for future coaching, training & pitching events  Limited Participants (around 10 – 12 people):  FAME project partner representatives  2-3 CI companies representatives  2-3 investors  1-2 coaches  Format: World Café  3 tables of 3-4 people  working on 1 special topic/question for 15 minutes  then change the table (one person stays as moderator of the table)  FAME companies can attend the CBC Award Show  to learn from their peers  to network with present investors, coaches, potential international partners