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Public Relations firm in Indonesia, since 2001, specializing in tourism, hospitality, education, lifestyle, etc.

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bw communications profile

  1. 1. bw communications
  2. 2. ~ we are public relations, we take it personally, we do it professionally ~
  3. 3. sense of purpose bw communications was established in Jakarta, on 19 June 2001, as an independent PR consultancy firm, whose clienteles have been organizations both international and national for the Indonesia market bw communications comprised of a solid team of six, has a sense of purpose to: •position their clients, through enhancing their visibility (identity, image, and reputation), increasing recognition, and respect by their stakeholders •develop effective communication strategies, PR programmes that are cost efficient/value for money, to meet the goals and objectives •wrap around the clients’ marketing activities, to create greater impact, and improve effectiveness
  4. 4. the team the team possesses skills and expertise in Public Relations field, with strategies, persuasive communication skills, along with their strong media relations rapport; they are focused and yet have flexible approaches to the clients’ issues or problems their mission is to help the clients have good corporate responsibilities: by being responsive, responsible, and aware of importance of the power of public opinion bw communications members are creative and experienced who can act as the bridge between the clients the stakeholders the team presents themselves as strategic partners of their clients in helping to accommodate and accomplish achieving their communications goals
  5. 5. strengths among the strengths possessed by bw communications members: • experienced in lifestyle, hospitality (tourism, airlines, hotelier, travel), corporate affairs, non-government • excellent understanding in local culture, current trend, contemporary social behavior/attitude of the publics • relatively young solid team, energetic, hardworking, able to prioritize and yet cheerful under any circumstances • full service, result oriented for service excellence, and strong in execution in the field • personal and professional service to serve the clients, media, third-party contacts, and love the media • efficient in budgeting, hence ensuring everything is based on value for money
  6. 6. areas of expertise the team has the experiences in handling numerous accounts and clients from various industries, their expertise and skills are: •PR strategy and message development to suit the local angle/s •expanding the clients’ messages for credibility and believability •media management and relationship building/media cultivation •corporate communications & corporate event planning •competitor analysis & environmental scanning, through media monitoring and media analysis •more personalized approach when communicating on behalf of the clients to stakeholders, especially the media •measurable return on investment (ROI) – efficient with budget, for value for money
  7. 7. deliverables what the team delivers, among others are: • strategic Issues management • crisis communications management • corporate communications programmes (e.g. special corporate events, launching products/services, CSR, community devevelopment) • media relations with key media (cultivating and strengthening) • media conferences/briefings • media one-on-one interviews • profiling of the client/spokespersons in the target media • media events, e.g. product launches • media talk-shows, seminar, workshops • Media kit (press release, backgrounder)
  8. 8. deliverables / cont. • speech writing/development (backed up with pointers, cue cards) • media handling training • public speaking training (including impromptu speech skills) • image building – for effective leaders or leaders to be • environmental scanning • media monitoring and analysis • third party management • training specific communications skills e.g. crisis communication, handling difficult media, to be a good interviewee
  9. 9. steps in developing a PR programme designing a PR programme will be based on: •stating the problem, challenge, opportunity •analyzing the current situation •agreeing on communication goal/objectives •identifying the key audiences & key media •identifying the most effective strategies •agreeing on the core/key messages •agreeing on the PR activities •designing a time frame •allocating adequate and effective resources •evaluating each objective’s effectiveness and the result
  10. 10. list of clients / accounts handled Malaysia My 2nd Home, Summarecon Agung Tbk., Laureate Hospitality Education, SAA-GE, Banyan Tree Ungasan Resort Bali, IKPII, Munchies Restaurant & Bar, Singapore Tourism Board, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, Specialist Dental Group (SDG), KBC for Royal Thai Embassy/Trade Division, KBC for Japan Bank International Cooperation/Green Financial, BOSCH Jakarta, Design Network, Flame for Dräger Medical Indonesia, Aragos for Sujiwo Tejo, IAG Health Service, Singapore International Foundation, Tiger Airways, NewBoy Indonesia, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Bintang Musik Daerah, Indonesia Business Links, Unilever Indonesia, JetStar/Valuair, Melia Sol Asia Pacific, Movenpick International, BiNus Business School, Eastern Pearl Flour Mills, The Embassy of Chocolate - Tulip, dkt Indonesia, Emway Mulia, Beyond DDB for Sari Husada, Business Software Alliance, Family Health Indonesia (FHI) & dkt Indonesia, Patra Bali Resorts & Villas, Beyond DDB for Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, Microsoft Indonesia’s Corporate Affairs, Hero Supermarket, Davids Logistics Services, Pacto Indonesia, SriLankan Airlines, ASEAN Tourism Forum, Masyarakat Telematika Indonesia (MASTEL), DDB Beyond for Discovery Channel & TPI, The Ascott Group, SD & SLTP DKI Jakarta
  11. 11. the team bw communications members have experiences in public relations industry, with strong knowledge of the local culture and ethics media relations is one of the firm’s assets, which can be proven from the results produced in marketing communications and public relations programmes that had been managed – list of accounts/programmes previously stated bw communications members have put their personal touch with professionalism when delivering their tasks, i.e. when executing PR programmes on behalf of the clients bw communications members are committed to be result as well as customer- service oriented bw communications members are people persons and have the ability to work under pressure when managing issues and crises
  12. 12. the membersIda Bayuni, as the head in the firm has passion in PR, now has over 22 years ofexperience in the field, ensures and commits to deliver her expertise for the clientsto meet their communications objectives. As owner, she has a vested interest andpersonally gets involved when serving the clients; she oversees and supervises herteam when they perform their tasks. The variousorganizations/accounts/programmes that she has been exposed to: Cathay PacificAirways Indonesia, Coca-Cola Indonesia, The Ascott Group, Microsoft Indonesia,Singapore Tourism Board, ASEAN Tourism Forum, and more. During her 22 yearsexperience as PR practitioner she has been cultivating strong rapport with thenational, regional and local media.Ramayanti, as Public Relations Coordinator, with her six-year experience in the PRfield, she now possesses leadership quality/skills and is a result oriented, and yet apeople person. Among her other strengths is liaising with the third party contacts.She is an expert in handling PR administration as well as managing ad-hoc PRprogrammes/accounts. Some of her success stories are in handling accounts/clientslike: Specialist Dental Group Singapore, NewBoy Indonesia for the launching ofFulla, Mövenpick Anwar Al-Madinah, and Dräger Medical Indonesia
  13. 13. the members / cont.Linda Riana, as Senior Account Services Coordinator, she has the skills to manage PRtasks, and possesses leadership qualities, a detailed and result oriented as well asthorough. With her five-year experience in PR field, she now has the ability andstrengths in serving the firm’s retainer clients. One of her competences is hercapability in media analysis, allowing her to help guarding the clients’ image andreputation. She develops and executes PR programmes, Among the accountshandled: Laureate Hospitality Education, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta,Unilever Indonesia products, Indonesia Business Links and Singapore Tourism BoardDian Gunanti, now has five-year experience in the firm, is the firm’s Senior AccountServices Coordinator. She possesses the expertise in handling and managing keymedia. Her competence being a personable and a people person where she has verygood persuasion skills, backed up with her experiences in executing PR programmesin the fields, in large cities in Indonesia. Adaptable to any situation and conditionswherever and whenever needed. Among the accounts under her responsibilities,among them: Energy Marketing Authority, Singapore Tourism Board, Bosch HouseAppliances, Aragos and the opening of Munchies Restaurant & Bar
  14. 14. the members / cont.Yanti Pasaribu, as Public Relations Coordinator, with her seven-year of workingexperience including in PR field, has the expertise among in environmental scanning,media tracking. Her strengths is also in the executing of PR programmes. She hasexcellent persuasion skills when liaising with third party contacts. Her other specialtyis in written and verbal communications. Among the accounts handled: SAA-GE(Singapore Accountant Academy), Singapore Tourism Board Indonesia, EnergyMarketing Authority Singapore, KCB/Japan Bank International CooperationMusyahro, as Office Management Coordinator, almost eight years with the firm. Hegives full support to the team. He is in charge of managing the media database,media measurement, office IT management. He is result oriented who ensuressmooth delivery and execution of PR programmes. The accounts supported: JakartaChocolate Expo, Mövenpick Anwar Al-Madinah, Business Software Alliance and allclients/accounts handled by the firm
  15. 15. bw communications contact Ida Bayuni Managing Director bw communications Jl. Tebet Dalam II/14, Lt.1 Jakarta 12810, INDONESIA T +62 21 2388 0780 T/F +62 21 8378 0525 E E
  16. 16.