Vitalist Getting Started - beta 2

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Vitalist Getting Started Tutorial

Vitalist Getting Started Tutorial

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  • 1. Welcome To Vitalist Getting started with Vitalist.
  • 2. Vitalist Menus and Navigation
  • 3. “ Getting Things Done” Lists
    • Inbox - This is your collection box. Most people treat the inbox as a “brain dump” to get what they need to get done out of their head and into the system.
    • Actions - This is where your Next Actions go, basically your main task list.
    • Waiting - Put all tasks that you have delegated to another person or company here.
    • Someday - Actions you want to remember for the future, but are not yet ready to take on.
    • Ticklers - Actions that you want to be brought to your attention on a specific date.
  • 4. Projects, Contexts, and Contacts
    • Projects - In GTD, project management is fairly simple. Projects are just a way to group actions that work toware a common goal.
    • Contexts - Contexts are a way of associating similar actions by the method or location that they are accomplished. Some examples: Phone calls > @Phone; Email, web, or computer tasks > @Computer; Home Improvements > @Home; (the @ symbol is not required)
    • Contacts - Contacts allow you to track the individuals or businesses that you have delegated actions to. You can even share and delegate items to another account if the contact is a Vitalist user.
  • 5. Adding and Editing Actions
  • 6. Working with your list of Actions Vitalist makes it easy to work with your actions through sorting, re-ordering, and batch editing.
  • 7. Editing Actions Click an action to edit it. Here you can change the action’s project, context, contact, priority, and due date.
  • 8. Projects and Sub-Projects In Vitalist, you can create projects with due dates and sub-projects.
  • 9. Creating Saved Searches
  • 10. Thanks for Signing Up! For more help, check out our other tutorials. Also, feel free to send us any questions at