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  • 1. Headphones: small loudspeaker (earphone) held over the ear by a band or wire worn on the head. A presentation by: S. Sikora
  • 2. How they work:
    • Made of three parts:
        • a voice coil
        • a permanent magnet
        • a cone-like diaphragm
    • The diaphragm is connected to the voice coil and this is what makes the sound by vibrations.
    • These come through the wires that change the electricity into sound waves
  • 3. Types:
    • Sound canceling:
      • They let out a sound wave that is opposite of the sound that is trying to be canceled
    • Open back:
      • They have a hard back to not allow any sound to come through
    • Closed back:
      • They have holes in the back to allow the exterior noise to filter through
  • 4. Scientific Principles:
    • Electrical currents run through the wires to be converted to sound waves in the headphone piece
    • Sound canceling – use the principles of opposite sound waves running against each other
  • 5. Impact:
    • Headphones were first used with radio work in 1919
    • Contributed to invention of handheld telephones
    • Serve many purposes:
      • Airplane pilots
      • Telephones
      • Recreational uses: iPod’s and MP3’s
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