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Andalusian Health Repository
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Andalusian Health Repository


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Comunicación presentada a la 7th International Conference of Open Repositories (OR). Edinburgh. 9-13 july. 2012 …

Comunicación presentada a la 7th International Conference of Open Repositories (OR). Edinburgh. 9-13 july. 2012
Pilar Toro, Teresa Matamoros y Verónica Juan

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  • 1. Andalusian Health Repository Promoting the scientific health output among professionals and providing citizens with quality health information Toro-Sánchez-Blanco, Pilar, Matamoros-Casas, Teresa, Juan-Quilis, Verónica Biblioteca Virtual del Sistema Sanitario Público de Andalucía. Consejería de Salud de la Junta de Andalucía, Seville, Spain
  • 2. Index • Andalusian Public Health System • Andalusian Health repository • Special features • Customization of DSpace • Metadata Dublin Core Scheme • Advanced Search • Integration MeSH Thesaurus • Submission Form • Batch Ingest
  • 3. Andalusian Public Health System Andalusia: - More than 8 million inhabitants - 87,268 km2 (17.2% of Spain) - 8 provincesHealth System:- Health Regional Government and other management centres- 45 hospitals- 1520 primary healthcare centres- More than 20 research and teaching centres- 102.500 professionals
  • 4. Andalusian Health System Scientific OutputMedical care, research, health promotion and administrative activities Monographs Health System entities Evaluated by: Journals editorial committee or Articles Scientific journals a peer review system Materials for patients and citizens Plans and health programs Produced in electronic format Guides and healthcare protocols Research projects…
  • 5. Andalusian Health RepositoryUnique open and interoperable environmentto collect and manage all the scientific outputgenerated by the Health System professionals
  • 6. Goals• To collect and manage in one, open and interoperable, place research outcomes, scientific output and quality health information for patients and citizens.• To guarantee the long-term preservation and access to all the information generated by the health system professionals.• To facilitate the knowledge transfer among the health system professionals and turn scientific discoveries into clinical practice.• To provide quality health information for patients and citizens.
  • 7. Andalusian Health RepositoryDSpace 1.6.2 (jspui): - open source software- complies with the Andalusia Government standards and policies - large community of users and developers - covers our main specifications
  • 8. Andalusian Health Repository Institutional Subject Specific qualifiers: Structure: Contents: Collections: MeSH (Medical SubjectType of centres Strict quality criteria kinds of Headings) as subjectsand their activities prior to submitting documents headings
  • 9. CollectionsSub-communities: provinces and centers
  • 10. Customization of DSpaceAdvanced Search MeSH Thesaurus Submission form
  • 11. Advanced Search
  • 12. advanced.jsp input_forms.xml
  • 13. dspace.cfg
  • 14.
  • 15. MeSH Thesaurus
  • 16. navbar_default.jsp Input_forms.xml mesh.xml
  • 17.
  • 18. MeSH Subject HeadingsBody Regions; A01Anatomic Landmarks; A01.1 MeSHBreast; A01.2Mammary Glands, Human;A01.2.1 Anatomy OrganismsNipples; A01.2.2 A BHead; A01.3Digestive System; A02 Digestive System Body RegionsBiliary Tract; A02.1 A01 A02 Anatomic Landmarks Breast Head Biliary Tract A01.1 A01.2 A01.3 A02.1 Mammary Glands Nipples A01.2.1 A01.2.2
  • 19. DSpace Controlled Vocabulary<node label =«Medical Subject Headings» id=«MeSH»> <isComposedBy> <node label=«Anatomy» id=«A»> <isComposedBy> <node label=«Body Regions» id=«A01»> …. </isComposedBy> </node> label <node label=«Organisms» id = «B»> id … </node> …. </isComposedBy> isComposedBy</node>
  • 20. XML usedby DSpace
  • 21. Anual Update: Batch Metadata Editing [dspace]/bin/dspace metadata-export –f name_of_file.csvField MeSH of the documentMedical Subject Headings::Health Care::Environment and Public Health::PublicHealth::Epidemiologic Measurements::Biometry::Anthropometry::Body Mass Index||Medical Subject Headings::Health Care::Environment and Public Health::PublicHealth::Epidemiologic Measurements::Demography::Health Status::Health StatusDisparities||Medical Subject Headings::Health Care::Environment and Public Health::PublicHealth::Epidemiologic Methods::Epidemiologic Study Characteristics asTopic::Epidemiologic Studies::Cohort Studies::Prospective Studies||MedicalSubject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Physiological Phenomena::BodyConstitution::Body Weights and Measures::Body Size::Waist Circumference
  • 22. [dspace]/bin/dspace metadata-import –f name_of_file_csv
  • 23. Submission Form
  • 24. CollectionsMarc21 Metadato Label Artículos Publicaciones Informes Guías y Presentaciones Material de SSPA tcos protocolos a congresos divulgación Artículo Libro internos Guía/ Conferencia Metadata Carta Corrección Parte de libro Informe Protocolo Presentación Campaña Folleto Imagen Type of documents Revista Póster Editorial Revisión de libro? Ponencia Vídeo Meeting abstract Revisión100,110,111 Autor X X X X X X X700,711710 dc.contributor.authoraffiliation Afiliación X X X X X ¿ Grupo X X X X245 dc.title Título X X X X X X X dc.title.alternative Otros títulos Fecha de Publicación X X X X X X X260 dc.publisher Editor X X X X X X dc.identifier.citation Cita Bibliográfica X X X440,490,800,8 8 dc.relation.ispartof Publicación X X X10,811,830760,733 Fields dc.relation.ispartofseries Series X X X X dc.relation.conferencename Congreso X dc.relation.conferencedate Fecha del congreso X dc.relation.conferenceplace Lugar del congreso X019,020,080 dc.identifier Identificadores X X X X X X X856 dc.relation.publisherversion Versión del editor X X X X X X XLeader06 dc.type Tipo X X X X X X X dc.language.iso Idioma X X X X X X X650,651 dc.subject Palabras clave X X X X X X X650 dc.subject.mesh Términos MeSH X X X X X X X dc.subject.cip CIP/IPC520 dc.description.abstract Abstract X X X X X X X520 dc.description.otherabstracts Other Abstracts X X X X X X X dc.description.sponsorship Patrocinadores X X X X X500 dc.description Descripción X X X X X X X505 dc.description.tableofcontents Contenido X X dc.description.version Revisión por pares X X X X X dc type version dc.type.version Versión X X X X X*506 dc.rights.accessRights Derechos X X X X X X X300 dc.format.extent Nº Páginas** X X X X X X
  • 25. Submission Form: dc_type, dc_type_subtype input-forms.xml item_submission.xml Messages.propertiesWeb UI doc.jsp edit-metadata.jsp review-doc.jsp DCInputSet.jsp
  • 26. dc.type.subtype dc.type (DRIVER)ArtículoCartaCorrecciónEditorial info:eu-repo/semantics/articleMeeting AbstractRevisiónRevisión de libroLibro info:eu-repo/semantics/bookParte de libro info:eu-repo/semantics/bookPartInforme técnico info:eu-repo/semantics/reportGuías y protocolosConferencia info:eu-repo/semantics/conferenceObjectPósterPresentaciónCampaña publicitariaFolleto info:eu-repo/semantics/otherImagenVídeo
  • 27. item_submission.xml doc.jsp DocStep.javaUser interface. Processes the form. Contains auxiliaryShows the form in functions used bythe Web Browser
  • 28. JSPDocStep.javaStore changes in the database
  • 29. Submission Form: dc_type, dc_type_subtype input-forms.xml item_submission.xml Messages.propertiesWeb UI doc.jsp
  • 30. edit-metadata.jsp Can’t be modified by the user
  • 31. Fields not shown in the form where the document is described
  • 32. Submission Form: dc_type, dc_type_subtype input-forms.xml item_submission.xml Messages.propertiesWeb UI doc.jsp edit-metadata.jsp DCInputSet.jsp
  • 33. review-doc.jsp
  • 34. Submission Form: dc_type, dc_type_subtype input-forms.xml item_submission.xml Messages.propertiesWeb UI doc.jsp edit-metadata.jsp review-doc.jsp
  • 35. Batch Ingest
  • 36. Articles Monographs Bibliographic dabatases Impactia Excel text file script
  • 37. Equivalences WoS and DC Qualified Id WoS (Impactia) Dublin Core Qualified AU authors C1 auth-affi dc.contributor.authoraffiliation TI title dc.title* PY year PU publishers dc.publisher SO abbreviated_source_title VL volume dc.identifier.citation IS issue BP page_start EP page_end dc.relation.publisherversion SC Source-title dc.relation.ispartof SN journal dc.identifier.issn DI doi dc.identifier.doi dc.identifier.pmid dc.identifier.other (PMC) dc.type (info:eu- repo/semantics/Article)
  • 38. Marc21 Metadato LabelEquivalences Marc21 FEPU Fecha de Publicaciónand DC Qualified LENG dc.language.iso Idioma T019 dc.identifier.dl DL T020 dc.identifier.isbn ISBN T022 dc.identifier.issn ISSN T080 dc.identifier.other Otro T245 dc.title Título T250 dc.citation Cita bibliográfica T260 dc.publisher Editor T300 dc.format.extent Nº Páginas T500 dc.description Descripción T501 dc.description Descripción T505 dc.description.tableofc Contenido ontents T520 dc.description.other Resumen abstracts T525 dc.description Descripción T650 dc.subject Palabras Clave T651 dc.subject Palabras Clave T700 Autor T710 dc.publisher Editor T711 dc.relation.conferencen ame T856 dc.relation.publisherversion Versión del editor
  • 39. /usr/local/dspace/bin/import -a -c 10668/10 -s/home/dspace/Escritorio/archive_directory -m mapfile -w -a: Add Items to DSpace -c: Destination Collection by their Handle or database ID -s: source of the items (directory) -w: Send the submission through collection’s workflowWorkflow: • Complete metadata • Assign MeSH terms • Check contents • Upload files
  • 40. Conclusions
  • 41. Health System Health System: professionals:• Visibility of scientific • Access to publisehd and output and relationships unpublished materials between centres • Less duplication of work Andalusian Health Repository Patients and citizens: • Easier access to quality health information
  • 42. Thank you Esta obra está bajo una licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-Sin obras derivadas 3.0 España