210 BSB FRSA FLASH                              30 March 2012Many have likely heard the word resilience within the last ye...
AFTB Level I                                                                     April 2012         S                   M ...
Assistance Resources on Fort Drum                           How can they help?Chaplains are here to help Families with the...
Happening This Weekend in the ThousandIslands!BLUEGRASS!Friday, March 30, 2012 - Thursday, March 31, 2011Alexandria Bay, N...
For information on how you can win the prize package below, visit   https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Country-Childrens...
FACEBOOK PAGES210 BSB                            https://www.facebook.com/pages/210-Brigade-Support-Battalion/169796079719...
29 march
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29 march


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210 BSB FRSA Flash 29 March

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29 march

  1. 1. 210 BSB FRSA FLASH 30 March 2012Many have likely heard the word resilience within the last year.Being a military family member is a challenge and resilience is key Month of the Military Child National Volunteerto meeting the challenges of life as a member of the Army Family. Appreciation Week April 15-21Numerous deployments take a toll on relationships and put great agreat amount of stress on our Families, and resilience is that skill(yes, I said skill) that enables us to bounce back from adversities weencounter as we face these challenges. Resilience is somethingthat is not only encountered as a member of the military Family, itis something that is useful in every aspect of our lives. Resilience iswhat has ensured humans have lived and prospered. Our ability toadapt to harsh environments, overcome illness, and make lifemore livable and enjoyable.Resilience doesn’t mean being a stoic and not asking for help.Understanding when we need help and who to go to for it isimportant. In order to build resilience we need to be self-awareand ensure our minds and bodies are in the best shape possible tomeet the challenges of being a military Family and for that mattereveryday life.This week’s Flash will feature some resilience trainingopportunities, as well as information on resources for finding help. FLASH ContentsCalendars 1-2 Off Post Events 10-11Resilience and Help 3 ACS Calendar 12Fort Drum Flyers 4-7 Contact/Facebook Info 13Information Papers 8-9 Common TerminologyACS=Army Community Service 772-6566 AFTB=Army Family Team Building 772-6710ERP=Employment Readiness Program 77VCCUS=Volunteer Childcare in a Unit Setting FRMP=Financial /Readiness/Management Program 772-5196 FRG=Family Readiness GroupCLIF=Community Leader’s Information Forum VMIS-Volunteer Management Information System 1DONSA=Day of No Scheduled Activities-Fort Drum agencies may have an adjusted operating schedule
  2. 2. AFTB Level I April 2012 S M T W TH F S1 APRIL 2 3 4 5 6 7Maple Days DONSA In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence Area Schools’ Spring Break (check with your school district for possible changes)8 9 10 11 12 13 14Easter DONSA AFTB Spanish Level I Steering Committee Meeting Key Caller Training Formals Made Easy15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Holocaust Days of Volunteer of the Month International Festival of Month of the Remembrance Ceremony Food Military Child Bravo FRG Meeting Autism Spt Group Carnival AFTB Spring Marathon Fort Drum Volunteer Appreciation Week22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Key Caller Advanced Spring Clothing Giveaway Month of the Military Child In Her Shoes: Living with Ice Cream Social Domestic ViolenceInformation and DisclaimerThis document is a compilation of agency information or emails that have been sent to the FRSA over the past week. If you would like any of the flyers in their original formatplease email your request to bridget.n.velasquez@us.army.milCall ahead and verify the time, date and location of the event you plan to attend. This email is for information purposes only, and you agree to not hold the unit representativeresponsible for any misprints or inaccuracy of information.If you have any questions, please call 772-4120 2Check out the unit’s Virtual Family Readiness Group Website at www.armyfrg.org. Look for NY, Fort Drum, 2BCT, 210 BSB
  3. 3. Assistance Resources on Fort Drum How can they help?Chaplains are here to help Families with their spiritual needs andthey can help with locating other resources in the community.Chaplains are available at the battalion level and throughinstallation Contact: 210th BSB Chaplain 772-5917 Staff Duty Chaplain 772-5647Military Family Life Consultants are civilians with no reportingobligations to commanders who are available free of charge toSoldiers and their Families. The Military Family Life Consultants(MFLCs) are licensed professionals who listen to your issues anddirect you to agencies who can help. Sometimes all it takes istalking out the issue in order to find a resolution. Contact: 955-4823 (2 BCT MFLC) 212-6919 Walk In/Appointments at ACS Mon - Fri . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 am - 8 pmPersonal Financial Counselors (PFCs) are another resource availablefree to charge to military Soldiers and Families. As a response tothe economic downturn in 2008, these licensed professionals werecontracted to assist military Families with financial issues from thecreation of a budget to savings for retirement. Contact: Financial Readiness 772-0050 or the Military Family Life Consultants at any of the two numbers above 3
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  9. 9. Happening This Weekend in the ThousandIslands!BLUEGRASS!Friday, March 30, 2012 - Thursday, March 31, 2011Alexandria Bay, NY - Bonnie Castle Resort, Holland St.The Thousand Islands Bluegrass Preservation Societys Eleventh AnnualWinter Getaway Weekend. Friday, 7 - 10 pm: Delaney Brothers (firstGetaway appearance) $10 per person Saturday, 7 - 10 pm: DarrenBeachley & Heart Town $10 per person Dave Nichols and Spare Changewill open both Frida...Full Description AvailablePhone:DICK BARTLETT - 315-658-2679BONNIE CASTLE RESERVATION - 800-955-4511EASTER EGG HUNTSaturday, March 31, 2012 - Saturday, March 31, 2012Cape Vincent, NY - From South: Take Route 81 North to exit 46. Turn leftonto Route 12F and follow to Route 12E at Paddy Hill. Turn right ontoRoute 12E into Brownville. Turn left in Brownville and follow Route 12Estraight into Cape Vincent approximately 20 miles. From Canada: Take TIBridge at Collins Landing. Get off at the Clayton exit and take Route 12 intoCape Vincent approximately 22 miles.The Cape Vincent Lions Club and the Cape Vincent Chamber ofCommerce will be having the annual Easter Egg Hunt. This will take placeat 10:00 am and will be located at the Elementary School grounds andRecreation Park Playground. The age categories will be 1 to 4 yrs., 5 to 9yrs., and 10 to 12...Full Description AvailablePhone:315/654-2481 - SHELLEY HIGGINS 10
  10. 10. For information on how you can win the prize package below, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Country-Childrens-Clinic/80441123398For fun events happening on Fort Drum check out the April PreviewFort Drum April Previewhttp://www.drummwr.com/ClassesandEvents_files/Small%20April%202012%20Preview_FMWR_Preview.pdf 11
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  12. 12. FACEBOOK PAGES210 BSB https://www.facebook.com/pages/210-Brigade-Support-Battalion/169796079719106Alpha 210 BSB https://www.facebook.com/Alpha210Bravo 210 BSB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bravo-Bandits-210-BSB/234100366652929?ref=tsCharlie 210 BSB https://www.facebook.com/pages/210th-BSB-C-Co-2BCT-10th-Mountain-Division/159034577460896 Family Readiness Group Email Addresses and Assistance Phone Numbers For FRG Times and Locations, please email the FRG Leaders below. HHC Stephanie Utter frghhc210bsb@hotmail.com Alpha Noi Jackson alpha210bsb@gmail.com Alpha Tamia Campfield ladycamp2003@yahoo.com Bravo Gail Crabtree bravo210_bandits@yahoo.com Charlie Janine McPhie 210charliefrg@gmail.com Battalion FRSA Bridget Velasquez bridget.n.velasquez@us.army.mil 315-772-4120 210BSB Staff Duty Phone Number 772-5097 13