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小花害羞低下了头,我也小声的说了一句:讨厌. …


Published in: Business

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  • 1. Venue Managers Meeting Sue Marriage Director, Sport and Recreation Services 07/06/07
  • 2. Level 4 restrictions
    • Means no outside watering with potable water
    • Recognition that the sporting industry is valuable and that sport must continue in some form
    • Therefore a small number of exemptions for outside watering will be given by ACTEW
  • 3. Territory Sportsground Strategy
    • Industry needs to offer its own solutions
    • Must balance a diminished demand made by sports with the reduced pool of supplied sports venues
    • Diversity of sport must be maintained
    • Use of alternative solutions to maintain facilities needs to be identified to ACTEW as well ie bores, water from lakes etc
  • 4. Task for Venue Managers
    • Need to help us understand the asset pool available in ACT and region
    • Need to inform us of your asset commitments (usage) and outlays (improvement costs)
    • Need to consider the capacity of your facility to take on other activities
    • Need to advise of your interest in seeking an exemption or undertaking alternative means of water sourcing
  • 5. Timeline
    • Final report with ACTEW on 20 July
    • If not completed, all outside watering must be ceased as no exemptions have been offered.
    • Pro forma from venue managers feeds the whole process of consultation with sports
    • If delayed, the process becomes delayed and the risk for all of us increases.
  • 6. Impact for venue managers
    • Indoor facilities – limited but may be utilised for greater capacity
    • Pools – restrictions are the same as Level 3 except for watering of grassed areas
    • Golf courses – relationship with ACTEW
    • Schools – school use v community use
    • Sports ovals – highest impact if potable water used
    • Bowls greens – highest impact if natural surface and potable water used
  • 7. Priority facilities
    • Will be determined by :
    • Quality of facility and usage capacity and type (national, international vs community use)
    • Most water efficient; maintenance plan
    • Geographical base to consider
    • Diversity of facilities needed
    • If identified and exemption given, ACTEW will monitor water usage through water accounts
  • 8. Support mechanisms
    • Issues forum today
    • FAQ’s on website – your questions answered
    • Research project – sustainable practices in sportsground development – completed by September 2007
    • Second ‘Sport in a Drought’ seminar in August 2007 with a focus on venue issues
    • Professional audits of priority facilities to be completed
    • Pilot projects in partnership with ‘non prioritised’ venue managers to be identified – funding opportunities then sought
    • Option of project officer to support groups apply for grants to National Water Fund
  • 9. Difficulty
    • Cost of our combined asset base is large
    • The number of exemptions will impact heavily
    • Need to understand the individuality of your circumstances
    • Imperative that you fill in the pro forma and provide solid information about opportunities at your facility
  • 10. Funding support
    • Option of diverting capital funds / grant program funds where possible to development of sustainable practices
    • Need to seek out funding opportunities and support your submissions
    • Alternative sources of support may need to be considered and will be canvassed today
  • 11. Today’s meeting
    • Opportunity to gain further information, ask specific questions and understand information gathering process to be undertaken
    • Learn about Commonwealth funding opportunity – Community Water Grants
    • Make a commitment to the timeframes that are presented
    • Tell us what support mechanisms you need
  • 12. Contact
    • Website
    • (FAQ’s; presentations; issues forum)
    • Project Manager [email_address]
    • Director [email_address]
    • Hotline 6207 0022 for any information