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Attached is a Communique, developed and endorsed by the Ontario Disability Employment Network, with respect to our recommendations to move ODSP/OW to Employment Ontario. Please feel free to share this with your agency representatives and your network connections.


Executive Director
Ontario Disability Employment Network

A professional body of employment service providers united to increase employment opportunities for people who have a disability

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  • 1. CommuniquéOntario Disability Employment Network reassessesitsposition on the best way to manage employmentservices for people who have a disability.London, Ontario, June 1, 2012The Ontario Disability Employment Network (the Network) has reassessed its position withrespect to which level and department of government is best positioned to manage employmentservices for people who have a disability.Over the past few months, Employment Ontario has demonstrated a deeper understanding thatpeople who have a disability require a substantially different type of service basket than other jobseekers to be successful. At the same time, there is an apparent willingness to be flexible and tocompromise on the one-stop model when it comes to meeting the employment needs of thisaudience. The Network now concludes that Employment Ontario is best positioned to manageemployment services for people who have a disability.This does not alter the fundamental underpinnings of the Network’s position. Those being:1. The need to maintain specialized services.2. The need to retain a separate service delivery stream for people who have a disability. This will be within the context of a ‘no wrong door’ approach, giving people who have a disability ultimate choice of service delivery agent.3. The disability stream will capture all eligibility status, e.g. EI, ODSP, CPPD, etc.4. Government should not directly deliver services and supports. Rather, its role should be to fund and manage systems and accountability.5. The Network rejects any notion of ‘Capacity Assessments’ that may be used to determine employability. All persons who are motivated to work must have access to the services and supports they need in order to be successful.6. Benefit entitlement (income support) should be separate from employment supports.7. Ontario needs a clear Employment First Policy Framework for people who have a disability.8. There must be a clear and transparent selection process for Transfer Payment Agencies that takes into account their area of specialty and track record of successful service delivery, not just their administrative capacity.9. Capacity to ensure innovation, creativity and flexibility must be built into the new system. Ontario Disability Employment Network 379 Dundas Street W, Suite 120, LondonOntarioN6B 1V5 1
  • 2. At the same time, the Network believes that an employment system managed by EmploymentOntario will lead to a more efficient single funding stream for all employment services, givegreater consistency to the way services are applied across the province, and give people whohave a disability access to the same range of services and supports that other job seekers have.That said, there is an important role for municipalities when it comes to local planning, servicecoordination and community collaboration.The Network has not changed its recommendations with respect to the necessary changes andimprovements for the delivery of income support and benefits.To read the Ontario Disability Employment Network’s full report and recommendations go to: more information, contact:Joe Dalejdale.odenetwork@gmail.com905-706-4348 - 30 - Ontario Disability Employment Network 379 Dundas Street W, Suite 120, LondonOntarioN6B 1V5 2