Kin 3 DigiTopia: Explanation of Our World


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Kin 3 DigiTopia: Explanation of Our World

  1. 1. A utopia is a perfectworld, our job at q’ed isto create our ownutopia. This is a difficulttask because everyone’sperfect is different.
  2. 2. Some Problems are:• Poverty• Obesity• Global Warming• Prejudice• War
  3. 3. After doing some research intothe causes of these problemswe discovered that many ofthe issues in our world arecaused by people trying tocreate their own utopias. Forexample war is caused bygreed, really it is just someone trying to improve theircountry by making it biggerand better. Everyone’s view on
  4. 4. Its 2050. Our world is overpopulated and still growing. Adevice has been invented that can send people and itemsback in time. Our government has decided to sendcarefully selected people and resources back in time to thedinosaur era to start civilization afresh in a worlduntouched by humans.
  5. 5. Pictures of our possibleutopiaBusinesscentreResidentialareaWindfarmWatertreatmentplant
  6. 6. click on the symbolsfor more info. Pressnext once you’veclicked on all of them.
  7. 7. Thanks forwatching!
  8. 8. THEEND
  9. 9. • Healthy food can be deliveredto homes to prevent peopleeating unhealthy foods• All produce must be fresh andlocal for home cooking• All fast food outlets arehealthy fast food• Much more healthy food onthe market than fatty foods• Healthier alternatives areused instead of unhealthythings e.g. Natural sweetenerinstead of sugar• Unhealthy foods are eatenand sold in moderationClick “home” to go back toselection page
  10. 10. • The communities and towns in our Utopia will all bebuilt near natural water sources e.g. rivers, lakes,underground springs• Houses will have water tanks and most water will befiltered and cleaned to use again
  11. 11. Road Safety:• Most places are within walkingdistance to avoid heavy traffic• Strict on general road safety rulese.g. speeding, drink driving etc.• Pedestrian lights• Safe and efficient public transportCriminal safety:• Strong police security• Gun/weapon ban• Families looked after so there is noneed to steal
  12. 12. • Any unwanted jobs(e.g. cleaning toilets)will go to people thathave committedsmaller crimes (e.g.stealing). The jobs willbe done under closesupervision for thesafety of others.• People will work in jobssuited to their talentsand hobbies, everyoneshould have a job thatthey enjoy
  13. 13. • Houses will be madefrom recycled materials• All electricity is producedfrom renewable sourcessuch as wind farms andsolar panels• Small tree farms forwood supplies, very littledeforestation• Use biodegradableproducts
  14. 14. To help reduce prejudice in our utopia we willeducate people on how to behave and respectothers from the start.Here are some examples of things that help ourutopia have equality:• Strong laws against bullying• No racism• Gender equality• People accept religions and customs• No matter who you are and your beliefs you havethe right to be accepted
  15. 15. In any community it is not onlyimportant to provide people withphysical needs but psychological needsas well . People need to feel happyabout themselves and have good selfesteem, they need to feel acceptedand like they belong. No one shouldever feel worthless. Ideas should beaccepted and creativity encouraged.