Digitopia kin 5 summary


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Digitopia kin 5 summary

  1. 1. By Kin Group 5
  2. 2. In Utopia, there aremany things that weneed. Not just tosurvive, but to live inharmony witheveryone andeverything.
  3. 3. First of all, basicrequirements likefood, water, air andshelter areessential for life in‘Utopia.’
  4. 4. Food is not producedand distributed equallyamong countries. Forcountries like Australiaand America, we easilyproduce enough foodto last for a long time,and feed ourpopulations.
  5. 5. But for countries likeAfghanistan and Africa,they do not have enoughto feed the whole country.Starvation andmalnutrition are bigproblems. But, if everyperson in the morewealthy countriessacrificed one meal a day,there would be enough tofeed the whole world!
  6. 6. As the world’spopulation is increasingvery quickly, more foodis needed. To feed theworld for the next 5years, we will need asmuch food as we haveused in the last 500years!
  7. 7. Water and sanitation isjust as important. Ittakes 3 weeks to starve,but it only takes 3 daysto dehydrate. People inthird world countriesare dying from diseaseand other complicationsresulting from lack ofreliable, clean watersupplies.
  8. 8. Shelter is also veryimportant. In extremeconditions, we coulddie from exposureafter 3 hours withoutshelter. These are justsome of therequirements that areabsolutely essential aswe strive for ‘Utopia.’
  9. 9. To achieve ‘Utopia’ we needloyalty and order betweenpeople and countries.Without peopleunderstanding andrespecting each other’sspirituality and beliefs, wecannot live safely in Utopia.A lot of the conflicts thathave happened in the worldso far have been the resultof differences in spiritualor religious beliefs
  10. 10. Obeying laws isextremely important. Ifeverybody just did whatthey wanted without aset of laws, this worldwould be chaos! A goodway that we can keepsafe is to respect andfollow the laws.
  11. 11. Every day, many people putthemselves and others indanger by breaking the law.This can be due to peerpressure, alcohol anddrugs. But, in poorcountries, it can be just tosurvive their circumstances.We need to ensure equalrights and responsibilities,no matter what theeconomic background, tomaintain harmony.
  12. 12. International Relationsbetween countries arevery important. If we donot have goodcommunication andinternational relationswith other countries,conflict may occur.
  13. 13. Take North and South Koreafor example. After theSecond World War, Northand South Korea weredivided and they could notagree on a form ofgovernment. South Koreaadopted a democraticgovernment from the USAand North Korea acommunist one from Russia.North Korea declared waron South Korea.
  14. 14. While both countriessuffered because the war,good internationalrelations with, and supportfrom, the allied countriesensured that South Korearecovered well.Unfortunately, North Koreasuffered badly, botheconomically andpolitically.
  15. 15. This shows us thatinternational relationscould help everybody – ifthe two countriescould’ve agreed on agovernment, none ofthese things would havehappened. It also showsthat war doesn’t helpanyone.
  16. 16. Cultural Identity maynot be an aspect weneed to stay alive, but itis a very important tohelp increaseunderstanding andtolerance of others.
  17. 17. Many countries havestrong culturalidentities – not justtheir languages andtraditions, but theircustoms and beliefsalso. It is important totry to understand othercultures in order toavoidmisunderstandings andpromote harmony.
  18. 18. If Cultural Identity iskept, and citizens incounties can respectother countriestraditions and the needto protect and maintainthem, this will be agiant leap forward toUnity.
  19. 19. Lastly, is Mindfulness.This basically coverseverything. To stay safeand live happilytogether, people need tobe mindful of others.
  20. 20. A key aspect of Utopiawould be our willingnessto help each other. Tohelp countries likeAfghanistan and Korea,who are battling in war,to resolve theirdifferences and supportthem in their recovery.
  21. 21. To help countries likeAfrica that are poor andbattling famine, to geton their feet bydonating money andresources to help thembecome self-sufficient.We can help change thelives of these people inso many different ways.
  22. 22. In conclusion, toachieve Utopia, we allneed to be less selfish.To create Utopia, allpeople need to beequal, with equal rightsand equalresponsibilities. If wesacrificed one smalltiny thing from ourluxurious lives, it wouldbe the world to another.