Building a Social Intranet Strategy


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How do you build an internal case for transforming to a social intranet? The absolute basics, right here!

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Building a Social Intranet Strategy

  2. 2. Expertise // We combine our expertise in front and back-end development, UI/1 UX, and system architecture to make the most powerful and influential experiences possible across mobile, social, web and live events.2 Clients // We count several global brands and prominent startups as our clients, and are trusted partners to awarded agencies within WPP, Omnicom & Publicis. People // We are structured to hire and collaborate with only the best talent.3 No resources shortage, no second grade teams. Either we have our A-teams ready to start, or we dont take on the project. We have no interest in failure!4 Partners // We enlist only the highest-quality technology platform providers & open-source software companies that can help us execute projects at-scale.5 Rates // We ensure that our rates are competitive among the best service providers out there, with operations run from our studio in Bangalore, India.6 Recognition // Our work is consistently recognised by major national and international publications for both creativity and effectiveness. Preferred Social Intranet Technology Partners HOW BUZZVALVE CAN HELP
  3. 3. • A holistic social view of the organisation that meets business needs.• Software that puts people and their relationships at the core of its function.• “User profiles” that list all of the connections you have with others.• “Activity streams” that display an ongoing set of events and messages taking place.• Other social applications that make most user-activity public by default. Social Intranet Peer Social Common Enterprise Generated Network Social Apps Apps Content Platform Rich User Profile User User Activity Common Identity Contacts Stream Social Apps Intranet User Experience Email Browser Mobile Mashups Integration KEY ELEMENTS OF A SOCIAL INTRANET
  4. 4. TransUnion - 50x ROI in high value scenarios.IBM - 29% reduction in email volume.Siemens - Eliminating email entirely.GE - Entire company has transformed to enterprise social intranet & user communities.SIGNIFICANT RECENT EXAMPLES
  5. 5. IT Customer Operations Support Sales Legal Corporate MarketingCommunications Product Development Finance BEST APPLICATIONS OF A SOCIAL INTRANET
  6. 6. ✓ Faster information discovery. ✓ Workplace modernity. Key Data Points ✓ Higher levels of collaboration. Between a third and a half of ✓ Better cross-pollination of ideas. all businesses use Enterprise 2.0 tools today. ✓ Higher employee productivity. As of 2009, tens of millions of ✓ More top-line revenues. employees around the world ✓ Greater work transparency. regularly use blogs, wikis, forums, social networks & ✓ Lower employee attrition. microblogging in a business context. ✓ Faster reaction to critical situations. Unsanctioned, grassroots adoption is a leading source of Documentation Website Replace Email Enterprise 2.0 use in business today.Use Cases Reports on Social Intranet ROI are occasionally 40% or higher. Collaboration Shared Storage Reporting Employee activities like managing emails, creating/ sharing documents and searching for information cost Knowledge companies an average of Intranet Extranet Management $83,500 each year BUSINESS ADVANTAGES OF A SOCIAL INTRANET
  7. 7. Enterprise VisionCorporate Initiative Business Needs & Requirements Exploring Demo & Trial OpportunitiesReactive Response Cost Cutting Project Management Tools & Infrastructure Access, Search & Discoverability Top Down Security & Identity Delivery Models Communication Plan Content Management Knowledge Management Business Intelligence Bottom Up Community Management and Support Processes Social Intranet Strategy, Architecture, Policy and Governance Viral Adoption Cultural Change Problem Solving Social Intranet Best Practices Risk Management & Change Management Collaborative Consumption ANATOMY OF A SOCIAL INTRANET INITIATIVE
  8. 8. Step 1: Select a social intranet technology partner.Step 2: Explore a ‘limited user’ trial opportunity - 30 days. Trial LaunchStep 3: Customise the look-&-feel of the intranet to the brand.Step 4: Provide administrator team training & best practices.Step 5: Plan for launch & internal communication. Full LaunchStep 6: Define an intranet governance & engagement structure.Step 7: Perform an audit of content inventory and create a content management strategy.Step 8: Migrate content & repurpose it to the required format. OptionalStep 9: Conduct usability testing & analytics reporting.Step 10: Design new information architecture, theme and skin. OptionalStep 11: Build custom plugins using the intranet’s REST-ful API.Step 12: Integrate custom functionality with 3rd-party systems.Step 13: Re-conduct usability testing & analytics reporting. OptionalStep 14: Organise user training sessions & workshops for intranet adoption/growth. Optional ESTIMATED SCOPE OF WORK
  9. 9. C-301, Terrace Garden2nd Main, Banashankari-3rd StageBangalore 560085,