How to Be the Best Answer: Lee Odden and Steve Rayson


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Content Marketing Webinar presented by Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo and Lee Odden of Top Rank Marketing, a thorough discussion of how to create high performing content marketing

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  • the benefits of answer posts
    how to identify customer questions
    what it takes to be the best answer
    the best answer formats
    10 elements of a good answer post

    Steve’s notes:

    Firstly, make sure you are answering the questions your audience is asking. Important to research the questions they are asking eg speak to your sales and support team, think about their challenges, what keeps them awake at night, search Quora for recent questions, search recent good answers eg in BuzzSumo search for your topic and common answer formats eg “how to”, “reasons why”, “need to know”, “what”, “why” etc.

    A good answer is credible and authoritative, it has facts and insights. It has a rationale which makes it helpful and useful.
    To be credible explain why you have expertise or first-hand experience in the subject.
    A good answer provides reliable sources or lists good examples
    Answers should either be:
    timeless ie evergreen or time contextualised eg why Obama won the election in 2012, or:
    regularly updated eg the current top content tools or how to use the latest version of Google analytics
    Use a headline that includes the keywords that people might be looking for when asking their question.
    A good answer is comprehensive and complete, it fully explains in detail and answers the question.
    Good answer content types include facts, images, guides, how to's (instructional/process)
    Given the above, short answers are generally less valuable but a comprehensive answer should contain a summary.
    A good answer is clear and easy to read. Good use of sub-headings, images and structured steps.
  • This is why optimizing for social shares and reach is important
    30k shares each post habits
  • How to Be the Best Answer: Lee Odden and Steve Rayson

    1. 1. How to Be the Best Answer for Your Customers @leeodden Photo: Shutterstock
    2. 2. @leeodden Content is Not a Field of Dreams Make great content! What does that even mean? Make MORE content! Has anyone seen my ball? Photo: Field of Dreams (Universal)
    3. 3. @leeodden Great Content Isn’t Really Great Until it is Found, Consumed and Shared. @leeodden
    4. 4. @leeodden The Funnel Has Become A Joke
    5. 5. @leeodden The Customer Journey is Non-Linear Source: Lori Wizdo, Forrester - Myth Busting 101: Insights IntoThe B2B Buyer Journey Search Social Social Search
    6. 6. @leeodden What is it? How does it work? How does it compare? How do I start? Customer Questions Drive Research Awareness Interest Consideration Action Photo: Shutterstock
    7. 7. @leeodden Think: What Questions Do Your Customers Need Answered From Awareness to Action? Photo: Shutterstock awareness interest consideration action
    8. 8. @leeodden “Be the Best Answer”
    9. 9. @leeodden Content Marketing Tactics Advertorial Blogging Case Studies Crowdsource Curate Digital Newsletters eBooks Email Interactive Games Images & Infographics Interactive Tools Microsites Mobile Applications Mobile Content News Release Online Magazines & Apps Podcasts Print Magazines Print Newsletters Real-World Events Research & Surveys Social Content Teleclass & Telecasts Traditional Media Videos Virtual Conferences Webinars Wikis White Papers Are You Creating Content or Answers? What Do Customers REALLY Want?
    10. 10. @leeodden Answer Content Leads Buyers to Convert Buying Cycle Keywords Social Topics Content Type Awareness broad trends blog, webinar, social Interest category investigative video, white paper Consideration comparison demos feature comparison, reviews, case study Action transactional referrals buyer guide Retention tips best practices FAQ, how to, support Advocacy supporting participation buyer community Buyer – “Stan” • Pain Points • Goals • Interests • Triggers to Buy Balance Topic Demand/Relevance with Buyer Stage to Inform Content Topics Photo: Shutterstock
    11. 11. @leeodden How to Identify Customer Questions Ask them! Ask sales/service Analyze aggregate of text content provided on web contact forms:
    12. 12. @leeodden Question Tools
    13. 13. @leeodden Google Questions
    14. 14. @leeodden Mine Questions with Buzzsumo
    15. 15. @leeodden What it Takes to Be the Best Answer  Useful and Informative  More valuable and useful than other sites  Credible  High quality  Engaging Photo: Shutterstock
    16. 16. @leeodden What is it? How does it work? How does it compare? How do I start? Best Answer Titles - Buzzsumo Awareness Interest Consideration Action 760,500 “what is” 200,000 “how to” 140,000 “compare or compared” 38,000 “how to start” 180,000 “need to know” 120,000 “reasons why” 30,000 “secrets of” Photo: Shutterstock
    17. 17. @leeodden Best Answer: Awareness
    18. 18. @leeodden Best Answer: Interest Definition Applications Pros Cons Expert Opinions Brand Examples Best Practices Related Tools, Resources
    19. 19. @leeodden Best Answer: Consideration
    20. 20. @leeodden Best Answer: Action
    21. 21. @leeodden Good Answers Are Great SEO  Leverage keywords/topics in titles to inspire clicks  Include page features that increase engagement (interactive, visual)  Provide comprehensive content on specific topics  Cover related topics as well
    22. 22. @leeodden 1. Elements of a Good Answer Post KISS: Keep it Simple Silly
    23. 23. @leeodden 2. Elements of a Good Answer Post Share the social flare
    24. 24. @leeodden 3. Elements of a Good Answer Post Get visual
    25. 25. @leeodden 4. Elements of a Good Answer Post Illustrated, step by step instructions
    26. 26. @leeodden 5. Elements of a Good Answer Post Showcase Examples
    27. 27. @leeodden 6. Elements of a Good Answer Post Tell a story: Information + Entertainment = “Infotainment” Details
    28. 28. @leeodden 7. Elements of a Good Answer Post Video + Charisma + Smart = WINNING The whiteboard diagram is icing on the cake.
    29. 29. @leeodden 8. Elements of a Good Answer Post Dr. Travis Bradberry Use images that reflect your target readers & interests. Find a format formula that works and then use it. 30k shares per post!
    30. 30. @leeodden 9. Elements of a Good Answer Post But offer something unique. Crowdsource answers from influencers Create timely, deep resources.
    31. 31. @leeodden 10. Elements of a Good Answer Post Make a big promise in the title and keep the promise by going deep on the topic.
    32. 32. @leeodden Feed the Buyer’s Need for Answers Graphic inspired by searchmetrics Text Images Video Interactive Questions Problems Pain Points
    33. 33. @leeodden Takeaways to Bring Home the Bacon Stop Creating Content: And start making answers that are relevant to your buyers at each stage of their journey.1 2 Optimize Your Q & A: Use tools and data to surface what’s already working – for others and you. Then optimize. 3 Go Deep & Relevant: Make and keep promises of great content with comprehensive and engaging answers. Image: Shutterstock
    34. 34. @leeodden Download! Lee Odden Thank You! Q/A Time + Infographic