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  • 1. Thank  you.   Social  Media  Buzz   For  the  IIAR     Wednesday,  25th  January  2012   www.buzzmethod.com     ©  2011  Buzz  Method   1  
  • 2. Background  Buzz  was  founded  in  2009  by  Dominic  Pannell.    EducaKon:  •  BA  Hons  in  Modern  Languages  and  PoliKcs,  Northumbria  University,  UK  •  Trained  with  the  EU  as  a  Conference  Interpreter  (Swedish/French  into  English)  •  MBA  in  InternaKonal  Business,  Cass  Business  School,  UK    Career:  •  Eight  years  working  as  a  management  trainer  •  Two  years  as  a  conference  interpreter    •  Twelve  years  in  Analyst  RelaKons  /  Influencer  Engagement  at  Fleishman-­‐Hillard,   Serendipp,  Sunesis  Analyst  RelaKons,  Hill  &  Knowlton  and  Buzz  Method.  •  Designed  and  delivered  programmes  for  small,  medium  and  large  ICT  vendors    Social  Media:  •  First  joined  an  ‘online  community’  in  1996  (www.shortcut.nu  -­‐  Swedish  language   career  network)  •  Launched  first  online  venture  in  2000  (sKll  going  as  www.languagearmy.com)  •  Launching  www.engager.it  in  2012   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   011   2    
  • 3. AR  is  Only  a  ParKal  SoluKon  •  Analyst  versus  Stakeholder  versus  Influencer  •  RelaKons  versus  relaKonships  versus   engagement  •  The  need  to  shib  to  Influencer  Engagement   (IE)   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   3  
  • 4. DefiniKons  •  An  industry  analyst  performs  primary  and  secondary   market  research  within  an  industry  such  as  informaKon   technology,  consulKng  or  insurance     -­‐  Wikipedia  •  Stakeholder  (corporate),  a  person,  group,  organizaKon,  or   system  who  affects  or  can  be  affected  by  an  organizaKons   acKon     -­‐  Wikipedia  •  So-­‐called  value-­‐added  influencers  (such  as  journalists,   academics,  industry  analysts,  professional  advisers,  and  so   on)     -­‐  Brown,  Duncan  and  Hayes,  Nick.  Influencer  MarkeKng:  Who   really  influences  your  customers?   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   4  
  • 5. Sector  Influencers  •  Different  stakeholders  have   different  ‘spheres  of  influence’  •  The  most  influenKal  of  these   reaches  across  mulKple  networks  •  Lower  ranking  stakeholders  also   influence,  but  their  reach  is   smaller  •  Each  stakeholder  group  is  affected   by  others  •  Influencers  with  smaller  reach   tend  to  communicate  at  higher   volume  •  Each  channel  requires  an  approach   that  is  tailored  to  their  interests  •  They  are  not  necessarily  interested   in  a  company’s  objecKves,  so   messages  require  alignment  if  they   are  to  be  carried  onwards   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   5  
  • 6. Example:  Global  Sourcing   Phase  One   Phase  Two   Phase  Three   Phase  Four   Academics   Lawyers   Sourcing  Advisors   Management  Consultants  /  Services  integrators   Industry  Analysts   Property  Consultants   Event  Organizers   Government  Agencies  (UKTI,  etc)   Media  engagement  (desKnaKon  markeKng,  noise  and  momentum)   Long  list   Shortlist   RFP   Deal   ImplementaKon   Outsourcing  decision  process   ©  2011  Buzz  Method   6  
  • 7. Influencer  Programme  Types  Degree  of  Social  Media  in  the  Programme   CEO  /  Ambassador  Programme   Awareness-­‐raising/  trend-­‐selng   Directors   DirecKon-­‐selng   Consultants/  Advisors   High  impact  on  buying  decision   Research  Analysts/   Awareness-­‐raising/   Academics   long-­‐/  shortlisKng   Awareness-­‐raising/   Media   trend-­‐selng   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   7  
  • 8. “ReputaKon,  reputaKon,  reputaKon…”    •  For  industry  analysts,  reputaKon  comes  from   the  quality  of  their  analysts   o Always  ask  an  analyst  how  they  are  remunerated  •  For  advisors/consultants,  reputaKon  comes   from  successful  deals/repeat  business  •  For  IE  pracKKoners,  reputaKon  comes  from   success  in  boosKng  sales   o Demonstrate  this  internally/to  the  client   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   8  
  • 9. Culng  through  the  Noise   Thanks  to  Adverblog   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   9  
  • 10. The  Tools  We  Mainly  Use  •  LinkedIn   •  This  is  a  parKal  soluKon  for  •  Twiqer   idenKfying  who  is  influenKal  •  Commetric   •  Rela6onships  are  king  –  these  cannot  •  Cymfony   truly  be  measured  online,  as  many   conversaKons  take  place  face-­‐to-­‐face  •  Analyst  Source   and  on  the  telephone  •  Klout   •  Pick  up  the  phone  to  team  leaders/•  Kred   managers  •  PeerIndex    •  FourSquare   •  #socmed  tools  are  beqer  for  listening  •  TweetLevel   than  for  broadcasKng  –  idenKfying  •  BlogLevel   new  trends,  opinions,  tracking  who’s   aqending  what  conference,  etc.  •  Analyst  Firm  websites  •  RSS  •  Google  /  Yahoo  Alerts  •  Buzz  Method’s  own  database   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   10  
  • 11. Don’t  Believe…   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   11  
  • 12. …  the  Hype…   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   12  
  • 13. Agency  Side  War  Stories  •  Bespoke  CEO  Influencer  Dinner  Programme   1.  IdenKficaKon  of  top  11  influencers   Ø  InvitaKon  to  private  dinners  for  a  business  update   Ø  Open  exchange  of  informaKon/insight   2.  Results:   Ø  Improved  relaKonships  between  the  client  and  the   influencer  organisaKons   Ø  Beqer  analyst  coverage   Ø  ConsulKng  assignments  for  several  parKcipants   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   13  
  • 14. Agency  Side  War  Stories  •  PromoKng  EgypKan  Outsourcing,  2008-­‐11   1.  IdenKfied  major  analysts  and  academics   Ø  Briefed  them  on  the  opportunity/  capabiliKes   Ø  Coverage  in  15  reports  in  Year  1  (up  from  one  in  2007)   2.  IdenKfied  main  sourcing  advisors   Ø  Invited  them  to  visit  Cairo’s  business  parks   Ø  ConKnued  analyst  outreach  via  newsleqers/briefings   Ø  Face-­‐to-­‐face  meeKngs   Ø  Significant  increase  in  amount  of  BPO/ITO  investment   3.  IdenKfied  other  influencers   Ø  ConKnued  programme,  resulKng  in  more  investment  and   very  favourable  coverage  in  media  and  analysis   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   14  
  • 15. Agency  Side  War  Stories  •  PromoKng  Egypt  post-­‐25th  Jan  2011   1.  AcKvated  Crisis  CommunicaKons  Plan   Ø  Internal  communicaKon  via  email  and  telephone   Ø  Cascaded  messaging  from  CEO  down   2.  Monitored  online  commentary   Ø  Immediate  response  to  journalists/analysts   Ø  Interview  with  ITIDA’s  CEO   3.  Business  as  Usual   Ø  Resumed  visits  to  Cairo’s  business  parks   Ø  ConKnued  analyst  outreach  via  newsleqers/briefings   Ø  Face-­‐to-­‐face  meeKngs   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   15  
  • 16. Shortcomings  of  AR  Products  •  Inaccurate/  out-­‐of-­‐date  informaKon  •  Oben  based  on  CRM  systems  (misses  the   point)  •  Open  to  manipulaKon  •  No  automaKc  referencing  against  external   data  sources/  social  media  •  Cannot  be  meshed  with  internal  corporate   data  stores  that  are  built  up  over  Kme   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   16  
  • 17. Coming  soon…    engager.it  by  Buzz  Tools.    If  you  are  interested  in  beta-­‐tesKng  engager.it,  please  drop  me  a  line.   ©  2012  Buzz  Method   17  
  • 18. Thank  you.  Dominic  Pannell   Buzz  Method  Ltd     dpannell@buzzmethod.com   info@buzzmethod.com   +44  7740624849   www.buzzmethod.com     www.buzzmethod.com     ©  2011  Buzz  Method   18