Taking Social Media Marketing To The Next Level


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Tips for improving your social media marketing tactics. Presented to Starwood Hotels Malaysia Feb 2011

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Taking Social Media Marketing To The Next Level

  1. 1. Takingsocial mediamarketing tothe next level
  2. 2. Organizational Concerns
  3. 3. • Management must buy-in to social media• Provide social media training and make social media part of the marketing teamʼs responsibility• Trust employees with social media, like with phones and email• Choose someone who knows social media to lead your social media efforts
  4. 4. • Set aside a budget for social media – comparable to public relations budget• Embed yourself in the community, but clearly identify yourself as a representative of the brand.• Set aside a budget for social media – comparable to public relations budget• Before everything else: Know Your Customer
  5. 5. Twitter &Facebook
  6. 6. Use Twitter search to pro-actively engage with customers
  7. 7. Do a search for related keywords on Twitter,respond to people who are checking in, visiting, etc.Example: Hi Iʼm Vivien from XYZ. I noticed youʼre a guestin our hotel. Tweet me if you need anything :)
  8. 8. Use manual ʻold styleʼ retweets to earn brownie points.Not the new style retweets. The old style notifies the userthat you have RT-ed them, the new style doesnʼt.
  9. 9. • Post to Twitter at least twice a day. Update Facebook at least once a week. Answer every mention on Twitter and comment on Facebook.• Provide Twitter and Facebook promo codes. Donʼt forget to remind followers.• Consider aggregating your social media activities into a page or website, e.g. thefordstory.com or Zapposʼ Twitter accounts
  10. 10. thefordstory.com
  11. 11. twitter.zappos.com
  12. 12. • Donʼt just post promotional content. Follow foodies, travelers and related people and brands and share their stuff to Twitter & Facebook.• Create a publishing calendar to vary the types of content you post. Should be 1:10 ratio of promotional vs community related content• Cross promote with related properties and brands• Schedule Twitter and Facebook posts in advance with HootSuite.
  13. 13. PRO TIP: USE HOOTSUITE • Post to multiple Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare accounts • Account passwords are not shared with employees • Schedule posts in advance • Assign team members to follow up on tweets (Pro feature @ $5.99 / month)
  14. 14. Foursquare
  15. 15. • Foursquare is the new loyalty card rewards program for the social media generation.• Make sure your Foursquare Specials are worth the trouble. Make sure they at least match the offers for credit card promotions.• Run limited, really attractive Specials for a short period to generate word of mouth• Add tips for locations around your outlet related to a theme, e.g. Tips for travelers, tourist attractions• Apply for a brand page – must contact Foursquare directly to file an application
  16. 16. SEED FOURSQUARE WITH TIPS foursquare.com/historychannel
  17. 17. Blogging & SEO
  18. 18. • Blogging compliments social media • Provide a space for longer form content • A simple landing page for contests, sign up forms, call to actions • Nurture relationships by growing a community interested in your brand and related topics
  19. 19. • Blogging is also a great way to rank highly in search engines • Make sure your blog theme is SEO-friendly. Hire experienced developers or buy from: • woothemes.com • headwaythemes.com • studiopress.com • Grow the number of incoming links to your blog.
  21. 21. • Identify keywords that customers will search for. Produce related content to target those keywords. • For travelers from outstation, possible keywords are ʻkl hotelsʼ, ʻplaces to stay klʼ, etc • For locals, possible keywords are ʻkl fine diningʼ, ʻkl italian restaurantʼ, etc• Examples of bad vs good keywords • ʻphotographerʼ vs ʻphotographer children portraitsʼ • ʻbuy propertyʼ vs ʻbuy property in malaysiaʼ • ʻmalaysia car newsʼ vs ʻmalaysia car partsʼ
  23. 23. <title>SEOmoz | 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic</title> <meta name="description" content="A considerable portion of recently revolved around the optimization of corporate blogs blogs to revamped sites). As usual, I find a pattern emergin strategies&nbsp;that need attention&nbsp;and the pitfalls thPage Meta rather than charging $400 an hour to give advice on the subj be valuable to share&nbsp;many ..." />Title description
  24. 24. Headings &Semantic HTML<h1>21 Tactics to Increase BlogTraffic</h1>...<strong>Choose the Right Blog Software(or Custom Build)</strong><br />The right blog CMS makes a bigdifference. If you want to set yourselfapart, I recommend creating a customblog solution
  25. 25. Thank You! Slides can be downloaded fromhttp://slideshare.net/buzzmediamarketing Direct questions to david@buzzmedia.com.my @blogjunkie on Twitter
  26. 26. GETTING STARTED with WORDPRESS h4p://ClickToLaunch.net Free  sign  up  to  access  related  content  and  support  forums