Buzz12 Physician Practice presentation


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Presentation from meeting July 12th, 2012 at Brookwood Medical Center.

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  • Promote your company and employees as “thought leaders” in industry.
  • Buzz12 Physician Practice presentation

    1. 1. Marketing Program Advice: Physician Practices
    2. 2. About Buzz12 Helping companies and institutions create and execute digital marketing strategies since 2009. Partner Phyllis Neill 20+ years’ marketing and management Partner David Sher, 35+ years’ Co-CEO of AmSher
    3. 3. “Lead Machine”
    4. 4. Why content marketing?Educate and inform
    5. 5. Why content marketing?Thought leadership
    6. 6. Why content marketing?Show off expertise
    7. 7. Why content marketing?Attract, nurture leads
    8. 8. Why content marketing?Attract, nuture leads
    9. 9. Why content marketing?Educate and inform
    10. 10. Why content marketing?SEO!
    11. 11. Why content marketing?SEO!
    12. 12. Why content marketing?SEO!
    13. 13. Recommendations fordigital strategy Research Strategy Reputation Management Digital Marketing Blog/content Campaign marketing E-newsletter Social media
    14. 14. Research Research Digital Marketing Campaign
    15. 15. Research Your brand Your competition Your industry Your customers Your prospects
    16. 16. Strategy Research Strategy Digital Marketing Campaign
    17. 17. Strategy Recommend WHERE to participate (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, niche social media sites, etc.) Editorial calendar for content
    18. 18. Blog/content marketing Research Strategy Digital Marketing Blog/content Campaign marketing
    19. 19. Blog/ContentMarketing Development and writing of a blog Article marketing, white papers, case studies, infographics Online PR distribution opportunities Email autoresponder series
    20. 20. Social media Research Strategy Digital Marketing Blog/content Campaign marketing Social media
    21. 21. Social mediaoutsourcing Custom brand your social media sites Opt-in forms for E-newsletter Find followers Engaging with followers Update & content publishing
    22. 22. E-newsletter Research Strategy Digital Marketing Blog/content Campaign marketing E-newsletter Social media
    23. 23. E-newsletter Most effective “pull together” of all content marketing efforts. Non-salesy – only one call to action. Repurposing of best content from period before. Drives non-social media participants to
    24. 24. ReputationManagement Research StrategyReputationManagement Digital Marketing Blog/content Campaign marketing E-newsletter Social media
    25. 25. ReputationManagement Watch what is being said about your brand. Respond to comments on blogs and articles. Look for mentions on social media and anywhere on the internet. Can’t control negative press; CAN be aware of when it happens. Tip: use Google Alerts: (
    26. 26. Short on time? Start a blog ( Start gathering email addresses Get Constant Contact account Do monthly/quarter eNewsletter
    27. 27. Content calendar
    28. 28. Getting docs to blog Interview them verbally on topic. Record conversation; transcribe later. Cut to 500 words or so: ◦ Short paragraphs ◦ Short sentences ◦ Good opening and closing sentence ◦ Provocative memorable headline ◦ KEEP IN colloquial, personality-specific phrases and language.
    29. 29. Buzz12 resources: Sign up for newsletter at our website, Facebook Fan page Twitter page YouTube page Linkedin page