Explaining the Buyer Persona Interview to Sales Management


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Marketers often struggle to get permission from Sales to interview buyers, and direct buyer interviews are critical to the deep buyer insights that marketers need. These few slides will help you explain the goals to sales management. Learn how to interview buyers at www.buyerpersona.com/masterclass

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  • This is the fundamental difference between sales and marketing – We are both in the business of persuading peopleWhile sales people have both the opportunity and the training to understand the buyers they hope to persuade, marketers have neither opportunity nor training.
  • We’ve identified five areas of insight that are the foundation of successful strategies to persuade buyers. The sales people will have a perspective on these insights, but buyers will reveal far more to us because we were not involved in the sale.We propose to capture these insights by interviewing recent buyers about their decision to choose us, choose a competitor, or choose the status quo.
  • We will conduct a specialized kind of unscripted interview that allows us to discover candid, surprising facts the buyer has not yet shared with anyone.For instance, if the buyer says that he chose us, or chose a competitor, because our solution is “easy to use”, we might follow up with questions such as these:So what did you expect to be easy to use? What amount of training did you expect to deliver before it was easy to use? What steps did you take to compare our solution’s ease of use to the other options? What did you learn about our solution (and the competitors’) through that assessment? Who else was involved in that assessment and did their opinions vary from yours?
  • We know that every deal is unique, so we will look for patterns and trends in the data to find common threads that will help us persuade markets full of buyers.We will continue to interview buyers every month, so that we are a ready source of deep insights about each of these points.This will help us to know where to target our marketing investments, what message, content and sales tools we need to deliver, and which buyers will be most receptive to sales and marketing efforts.
  • Explaining the Buyer Persona Interview to Sales Management

    1. 1. 685 SPRING STREET, NO. 200 | FRIDAY HARBOR, WA 98250 | WWW.BUYERPERSONA.COM The Buyer Persona Interview Explain the Purpose to Sales Management
    2. 2. ©2013 BUYER PERSONA INSTITUTE INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2 Sales persuades one buyer at a time Marketing persuades markets full of buyers We All Need to Listen First, then Talk
    3. 3. ©2013 BUYER PERSONA INSTITUTE INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3 We Need 5 Buying Insights What happens to makes this problem an urgent priority What are this buyer‘s expectations for success What barriers prevent this buyer from choosing you What and who impacts this buyer at each step in the decision What capabilities does this buyer evaluate for each of the options
    4. 4. ©2013 BUYER PERSONA INSTITUTE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4 Insight requires probing. The buyer’s first answer is the one we already know.
    5. 5. ©2013 BUYER PERSONA INSTITUTE INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5 Our Goal: Align Sales and Marketing Around Who will agree to meet and how to get that meeting Positives to emphasize, objections to overcome What buyers say about each competitor Which buyers are critical at each buying process step How sales tools are targeted for distinct buyer types
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