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Company History Company History Presentation Transcript

  • Company & History
  • The Cartridge Network Company History The Cartridge Network ,, began in 2005 as a subsidiary of Bravo Zulu International, Ltd., (BZI) , a multinational company with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada; Romoland, California; Eastern Countries; and Georgetown, and the Cayman Islands. BZI specializes in the design and fabrication of flight and motion simulators for the Air Forces of international government’s. In late 2002, we were positioned in the Middle East during the war in support and for the development of flight simulators for an allied Air Force. It was difficult to obtain computer printer supplies in this remote region, so we decided to develop techniques and processes to refill ink and toner cartridges in the field. As a result of technical research by BZI Laboratories, a new business was born within the Ink and Toner refilling business.
  • Mr. Bruce Zeier, the President of BZI, realized a need in the USA for quality, low cost, ink and toner refilling operations. As such, he and his wife Iryna decided to open an ink and toner store in Hemet, California, as a means to further develop the marketing of retail ink and toner storefronts. As the business grew, the demand for the knowledge and experience of how to open similar refilling stores increased and The Cartridge Exchange began to sell nationwide distributorships. We currently have distributors in Illinois, Minnesota (the home state of Mr. Zeier), New Jersey, Florida, Northern and Southern California . We currently have Master Distributorships pending in several countries all over the world. In an effort to help others begin local ink and toner refilling operations, Bruce and Iryna decided to form a California Corporation to develop this market, named The Cartridge Network, Inc., (CNI) . CNI has received approval from the California Attorney’s General Office to promote and sell their business opportunities within the State of California and Nationwide.
  • The President of Cartridge Network
    • Mr. Zeier has served as our President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director since our inception in March 2007. Before that, Mr. Zeier operated several sole proprietorships and has many years of international business management experience. From 1985 until the present, he acts as the owner of Executive Helicopters of Los Angeles, which is a sales and maintenance company for corporate helicopter operations. He currently holds an active Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Mechanic’s License and an Inspection Authorization License. This means that Mr. Zeier is qualified and certified to not only repair and maintain virtually all systems within a certificated aircraft, but is also a designated representative of the FAA to return to service small and large aircraft after major repairs.
    • From 1981 until 1985, Mr. Zeier owned a successful aircraft maintenance business located in Fresno, California, named Aviation Technical Services. Mr. Zeier has completed numerous technical courses relating to aviation maintenance, aircraft avionics and electrical wiring, aircraft piston and turbine engine repair and overhaul. Mr. Zeier has also taught aircraft maintenance courses at a local California Community College.
  • Technical Experience
    • Mr. Zeier is also an accomplished inventor holding a US Patent on a water saving device called the Waterfuze. In addition, he has developed a motion based flight simulator sold to the Air Force of Pakistan and a non-motion simulator sold to the Egyptian Air Force. This experience is valuable when evaluating different commercially available ink and laser toner refilling machines when establishing cartridge business distributorships.
    • Mr. Zeier has owned a large insurance agency, which had a sales force with as many as 119 agents nationwide. As such, he has developed the skills and training ability to lead, organize and manage a large group of sale agents. These skills are valuable when assisting a new distributor in establishing a sales force to solicit “Business to Business” sales of ink and toner cartridges.
  • The Birth of the Business Model
    • Mr. and Mrs. Zeier began an affiliate company, The Cartridge Exchange, in December of 2005, by establishing a business front cartridge filling and sales company. They shortly developed a distributor model and developed several successful distributorships nationwide. Having seen first hand the difficulties of competing distributors in making their distributors profitable, Mr. Zeier developed and tested a system to essentially cut out the middle man, that is, circumvent the need for a franchiser, while still providing the equivalent start-up and continuing support services desired by potential business startups.
    • Thus, Mr. Zeier adapted the cooperative purchasing power notion utilized in many other industries and is now offering these tremendous cost savings benefits to the cartridge business niche, at a fraction of the cost of the traditional franchise business models.
    • When many franchisee’s heavily risk their family’s financial resources to purchase a franchise, they may unwittingly attach themselves to long term, adverse cost structures associated with franchising.
    • With the advent of The Cartridge Network’s group buying power of nationwide and international distributors, and the associated benefits of group experience, emphasis on sales training and assistance; allows the newly formed Cartridge Network Distributor an equivalent business model alternative at much lower risk factor to a conventional franchise.
  • What We Will Do For You
    • Cartridge Network is the only corporation that actually keeps it’s members from wasting their money right from the start.
    • We give you the buying power to exercise for yourself with the nation’s tested and tried top manufacturers in the industry.
    • We show you all of our secrets for success and help you posture yourself for longevity through our ongoing available world class training and education.
    • We will even give you connections in the industry with people who could benefit by doing business with you, the new business owner. We back you with our own company references to give you the confidence needed with New potential customers.
    • Our concept is extremely people friendly and regenerates the motivated self starter to really take a hold of the “American Dream” of Being Your Own Boss.
  • What You Will Receive
    • There are the Retail Ink and Toner Resellers (Office Super Stores) and “Franchise” Concepts that could seem somewhat enticing, (Cartridge World, Rapid Refill, Cartridge Caboodle, etc.) but not one of these is offering you the best opportunity for you under one roof, except Cartridge Network. With inflation on the rise, this is an Extremely Hot concept, with a Proven Business Model that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and two legs.
    • Level One : 3-5 days of Certified Network Training in Outside Ink & Toner Sales & Education at our Hemet Store-You Buy Direct-$2,500.00 Retailed Value of Inventory-Ongoing Support & Education-Advertising Templates-And More…
    • Level Two: 5-14 Days of Certified Network Training in Outside Ink & Toner Sales & Education at our Hemet Store-You Buy Direct- Ink Jet Remanufacturing Training & Equipment-Plus Protected Area Development-$4,000.00 Retailed Value of Start-up Inventory-Advertising Templates-And More…
    • Master Distributors : 14-21 days of Certified Network Training in Outside Sales & Education, $5,500.00 Retailed Value of Start-Up Inventory-Distribution Operations Training, Business Development Training- Protected Area Development-Training-Outside Ink & Toner Sales & Remanufacturing Training, And More…..
  • How You Get Started
    • Request a RFC “Request for Consideration” Form
    • via Phone or Email
    • Call 951-765-5435 –National Business Development Office
    • Email [email_address]
    • Return Your Completed Form Via Fax to: 951-658-7545
    • Schedule Your Training Dates
    • Submit Your 20% Deposit to Cartridge Network Inc. Using a Master Card- Visa-American Express, Discover, or Cashiers Check.
    • Coordinate your arrangements to come to California for Training with the Cartridge Network’s National Business Development Office. 951-765-5435
  • What Happens Next…
    • Level One Training is 3 Days in California.
    • Level Two Training is 5-14 Days in California
    • Master Distributors Train in California for 7-14 Days and 3-5 Days in your Protected Territory. (Yes… We travel to your territory and continue training you where you are.)
    • In our Level Two and our Master Distributions Level we also include the training and education given in Level One, and add the world class Model 3000 Refilling System and unmatched additional training and education to fully equip you in your new business.
    • In our Master Distributions Level we offer the unique opportunity to develop Level One and Level Two Cartridge Network Opportunities around your own protected territory, increasing your potential for even greater successes. You will have the opportunity to assist others as you yourself have been assisted in starting up as a network member and new business owner. It is a winning and proven principle to give and have it given back to you.
  • What is the Cost Again?
    • Level One: $10,000
    • Level Two: $25,000
    • Master Distributorship: $50,000 Minimum (Depending on the Population within the
    • Protected Territory You Have Chosen)
    • See Schedule A for Detailed Information on all Cartridge Network Members Levels
  • Don’t Miss The Opportunity
    • The Business Model is Proven and Viable.
    • What separates us in the Ink & Toner refilling and wholesale industry is our unique approach to offering you a business opportunity that is genuine and tangible.
    • The ink and toner industry is a huge, 225 billion dollar industry, with 85% of those dollars being spent on OEM cartridges, it’s growing like gangbusters and Cartridge Network is in the OEM, the New Compatible, and the Refilling and Remanufacturing Cartridge Industry. Staples, Office Depot and Office Max all have Compatible Cartridge Sales that are proprietary to them. Even Walgreen’s is refilling cartridges!
    • All these businesses are cashing in on the shift to provide more affordable printing supplies to the consumer, while making more money for themselves, because the profit margins of the compatible ink and toner products are HUGE! Just like your average paper , and pen type of office supplies, ink & toner is a repeat order every month from your customers. Even still, these big names are out sold buy us everyday.
    • Cartridge Network is poised to help people get into the business for a small investment of time, money, training and industry education. People all over the country are wanting in on this, and we are offering the most efficient and profitable business plan in the industry today. Why are we doing this? Because we love helping people succeed in this business, and it just makes good sense to help the people around us.
    • Get Started Today! Call 951-765-5435 or email us at [email_address] or [email_address]