New Year For Good


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New Year For Good

  1. 2. Every year, we make New Year's Resolutions . We promise that this time, we’ll give up smoking, or chocolate, or spending too much on clothes. We promise to go to the gym more often, or to cycle every week. But unfortunately , we find it all too easy to give up , to simply forget about our best intentions . 
  2. 3. Research suggests that half a million people will waste around £200 million this year because they’ve sign up for gym membership that they don’t make full use of. Which is a pretty sobering statistic.
  3. 4. How Much?!
  4. 5. But it doesn’t need to be depressing This year, we'd like you to go public about your New Year’s resolution. T ell your friends, family and colleagues, ask them to provide you with helpful nudges to assist you in achieving your goal … … and then ask them to sponsor you r efforts to help raise funds for the Buwan Kothi International Trust.  
  5. 6. By supporting our  'New Year for Good'  campaign and setting up an online sponsorship page with Justgiving, you can make a public declaration that will keep you focused and on course . Whilst also raising funds for our work in India.
  6. 7. If you haven't set up a sponsorship page before, it's easy: just visit and click on 'Create a Page' .
  7. 9. Then select the other option and click ‘Continue’ .
  8. 10. Then choose how long you want to stick to your resolution .
  9. 11. Then you need to register with Justgiving
  10. 12. Finally you need to choose your web page name and then personalise your web page
  11. 14. Once your Justgiving page has been created, all you need to do is let everyone know. Send out e-mails and inform friends and family about the challenge you have set yourself.  
  12. 15. Don't forget to let us know too - we'd like to publicise your efforts on our supporters blog at  
  13. 16. Using Justgiving is a very cost-effective way of raising money for the Buwan Kothi International Trust as it helps us to keep our costs down and enables your friends and family to sponsor you by credit or debit card, rather than you collecting money yourself.  
  14. 17. Still Not Sure You Can Succeed?
  15. 18. Hints for achieving New Year’s Resolutions Make Only One Resolution Many often people make the mistake of trying to achieve too much. The chances of success are greater when people channel their energy into changing just one aspect of their life .
  16. 19. Hints for achieving New Year’s Resolutions Plan Ahead Don't wait until New Year's Eve to think about your resolution. Last minute decisions tend to be based on what is on your mind at that time. Instead, take some time out to reflect upon what you really want to achieve. 
  17. 20. Hints for achieving New Year’s Resolutions Avoid Previous Resolutions Deciding to re-visit a past resolution sets you up for frustration and disappointment. Choose something new, or approach an old problem in a new way. For example, instead of trying to lose 2 stone in weight, try exercising every week instead .
  18. 21. Hints for achieving New Year’s Resolutions Be Specific Think through exactly what you are going to do, where you are going to do it, and at what time. Vague plans fail. For example, instead of saying that you will go running two days of the week, tell yourself that you will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. .