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Science cfc ace
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Science cfc ace


Published on

This is a powerpoint presentation describing chloro-fluoro-carbons also known as CFCs

This is a powerpoint presentation describing chloro-fluoro-carbons also known as CFCs

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. By: Brian K Chen
  • 2. Content
    Atoms and elements
    The natural way
    What is the ozone layer
    The common perception
    Scientific truth
    The result
    How are CFCs gotten rid of
    What’s been done
    • What should we do
    • 3. Interesting facts
    • 4. Sources
  • Intro
    CFC is short for ChloroFluoro Carbon.
    It is a man mad substance and is harmful to the environment, more specifically, the ozone layer.
    It is emitted through many daily appliances, at first, people didn’t even know that it was bad.
    Nowadays, steps are being made to correct things.
  • 5. Atoms and elements
    -1 oxygen atom is not very important
    -2 oxygen atoms=the oxygen in the air we breathe
    -3 oxygen atoms=an ozone molecule
  • 6. The natural way
    Normally, the process of producing ozone is very balanced
    One ozone molecule breaks into two oxygen atoms and one oxygen atom.
    The two oxygen atoms joins with one oxygen atom form another ozone molecule
    The one oxygen atom joins with two oxygen atoms to form another ozone molecule.
    The process is very balanced.
  • 7. What is the ozone layer
    The ozone layer is part of the stratosphere and is made mostly by one element, oxygen.
    Ozone itself is a substance. One ozone molecule is made of 3 oxygen molecules.
    The Ozone layer is part of the stratosphere which is one section of the atmosphere
    Without the ozone layer, we would be exposed to ultra-violet radiation from the sun.
    This would cause widespread skin cancer and other problems
  • 8. What is the common perception
  • 9.
  • 10. Where do CFCs come from
    coolants such as refrigerators and air conditioners.
    Aerosols like antiseptic sprays
  • 11. The scientific truth
    Chloroflouro carbons can be written as CF3Cl
    The C is carbon-1 atom
    F is Flourine-3 atom
    Cl is Chlorine-1 atoms
    After ultraviolet radiation from the sun, one chlorine atom breaks off we have CF3+Cl
    The single Chlorine atom is the most dangerous.
  • 12. The scientific truth
    The single chlorine atom will, after it has broken off, combine with ozone molecule and break it into 1 oxygen atom and one oxygen molecule with two atoms.
    Then it will combine with one of the oxygen atoms.
  • 13. The scientific truth
    After wards, the combination will combine with an oxygen atom and break down into another oxygen molecule.
    The following word equations explains this
  • 14. The result
    The process was balanced but now the CFCs are causing ozone molecules to be destroyed faster than they are being created
    That is real bad
  • 15. Why is the CFC so dangerous
    The problem is how long it takes for a CFC molecule to leave the stratosphere
    Normal physical means cannot get rid of it
    On average, one CFC molecule can destroy 100,000 Ozone molecules in its life time
    There are only a few ways of getting rid of it
  • 16. How is the CFC gotten rid of
    When the chlorine atom collides with other molecules such as hydrocarbons, it forms hydrogen chloride which can leave the atmosphere dissolved in water.
    Other way is to let the atom slowly drift out
  • 17. What has been done
    There is the Montreal protocol
    -It links countries together
    -In this agreement, they all set aims together to cut producing of CFCs
    -Singapore is included
    -It has been changed many times to improve it
  • 18. What should we do?????
    We should check if the goods we buy such as refrigerators don’t have CFC
    Do projects like this to raise public awareness
  • 19. Interesting facts
    In some urban areas although the ozone layer is thinner, there is actually less Ultra-violet radiation reaching the ground
    This is because of pollution
    The carbon dioxide and smog in the air actually helps to block the ultra-violet radiation!!!
  • 20. Sources
    Collins advanced science chemistry
  • 21. Thanks for watching!!!