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Presentation by FMT on BI Readiness. Also presented at Collaborate 09.

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BI Readiness by FMT

  1. 1. Assessing BI Readiness Faun deHenry FMT Systems Inc. ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction What is BI Organizational considerations Successful implementations BI assessment defined and assessment process Q&A 2 ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. About FMT Systems Inc. FMT Systems is a business Business Process p process consulting company that g p y delivers complete business integration and process management solutions ― including business process transformation, process education, applications training, and b i d business process metrics ― t i allowing companies to help their employees work more collaboratively with business processes and technology. Faun d H F deHenry, CEO of FMT f Systems Inc., Officer in Oracle Business Intelligence SIG, BI Process Track Chair – Collaborate 07, 08, 09, Recognized speaker and Education/ trainer on topics including Application Managing and Sustaining Virtual Teams, Best Practices for Virtual Training Organizations, Oracle’s e- Process Business Suite, and business intelligence Business Metrics/ Process Business Transformation Intelligence 3 ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Business Intelligence Definition Right Information Improved Right People Organizational Performance f Right Time ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Shift to Business Driving BI “You need to be business-driven, You business driven, not IT-driven. Otherwise, you get a tool that no one uses.” Dan Thorpe, Sr. VP, Statistics and Modeling , Wachovia Bank ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. OLTP versus DW/BI—Different Skills Skill OLAP/BI is iterative in modeling, design, and g g implementation Frequent exposure of unknown data quality p problems Multiple source systems (OLTP) converge into one or more target (DW/OLAP/BI) systems Multiple lines of business use different business rules, assumptions, terminology Quantity of data that will reside in DW/OLAP/BI is typically unknown Difficulties in loading and aggregating data Different challenges in p g performance tuningg 6 ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Maintenance Business intelligence is a program – not a project It is ongoing g g Needs of the organization are constantly changing Underlying applications change U d l i li ti h ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. CIO Priorities Source: 2009 Gartner Executive Programs CIO Survey, January 2009 ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. Gartner View of BICC (Business Intelligence Competency Center) I t lli C t C t ) Business Skills kill Business needs Organization and processes p Define Control Manage BI vision Funding Establish Programs Standards Develop BICC Build Users’ Organize Technology Skills Methodology Blueprint Leadership Statistical and Tools and Applications process skills Tools, apps, data Business needs management Analytic IT Skills 2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. © Skills
  10. 10. Looking Forward (Gartner Predictions) P di ti ) More than 35% of the largest 5,000 g , companies will fail to use BI well Business users will control at least 40% of the total budget for BI Approximately 20% of companies will begin using an SaaS analytic application g y pp Social software will meld with BI platforms for more collaborative decision making Approximately 30% of analytic applications A i t l f l ti li ti applied to business processes will be through coarse-grained mashups. g g p ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. Fatal Flaws of BI Implementations “Give me a dashboard” Give dashboard “Darwin was wrong: BI doesn’t evolve.” “Our enterprise application vendor will do it p pp all.” “If you build it, they will come.” “We can outsource this whole darn BI thing!” “Managers need to ‘dance with the numbers’!” b ’” “Data quality problem? We don’t have one.” Bill Hostmann Research Vice-President, Gartner Research 19 July 2006/ComputerWorld IT Management Summit: ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 11 Unlocking the Value of Business Intelligence
  12. 12. Success Factors Strong Business Management Sponsor g g p “Our CEO is a real data dog!” Sara Lee executive Strong Business Motivation Boston Red Sox determine that money+analytics is better than just money. Feasibility IT/Business Partnership Current Analytic Culture “Do we think or do we know?” Gary Loveman, Harrah’s Ralph Kimball, The Data Warehouse Toolkit, 2nd Edition 2002 Edition, ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. BI ― Result of Corporate Strategy ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. BI Strategic Maturity: Where Are You? Y ? (2003) Opportunistic Tactical Strategic Focused: Increase Operational: Improve Strategic: Integrated Business operational efficiency business effectiveness business execution and Scope: Department Scope: Multi-department management 2 or 3 user types - Higher Single user type – skills level All user types Limited skills required Organization BICC BICC Managed and funded by IT Managed and funded by Funded at executive level IT or business unit 2 or more sources Multiple sources 1 or 2 sources 2 or 3 tool types Infrastructure I f t t Multiple data warehouses Reporting-centric Data quality is important Functionality Standards Limited data quality Data mart, data Multiple tool types warehouse, OLAP Scalability Skills Cultural Accuracy and quality Politics, Politics funding Complexity, Complexity integration Consistency Data access Sponsorship and priority Inflexibility Timeliness Politics Expectations Ability to evolve Mission critical Failure Modes 14 ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. BI Maturity Model — TDWI (2005) Stage/ Prenatal Infant Child Teens Adult Sage Focus Enterprise Analytical Management Data Architecture Spreadsheets/ Data Marts/ Data Services/ Reporting/ Warehouse/ and Scope Individual Department Warehouse/ Inter- System Division Enterprise enterprise Business Type of Financial/ Analytical/ Strategic/ Executive/ Monitoring/ Service/ System and Paper Interactive Cascading Briefing Book Dashboard Embedded Analytics Reports Report Scorecards BI Knowledge All/ Analyst/ y Manager/ g Executive/ Customer/ User and BI Worker/ What What will What is What should What can Focus Why did it happened? happen? happening? we do? we offer? happen? Executive Perception Inform Empower Monitor Drive the Drive the Cost Center about the Executives Workers Processes Business Market role of BI Costs Costs and Costs continue to Business Costs The Cost/ value decreasing/ decrease/ Achieve Value and high/Value Value gap approaching Value Value ROI ROI low widens breakeven increasing continues to increase 15 ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. The Process: Essential to BI Success Everyone needs to be part of process – End- y p p users, IS/IT, and executive management Identify the business processes that enable questions Establish separate evaluation and review teams Two Primary Teams - Decision Team and Management Review Committee Remove politics Identify a selection methodology Design the solution g ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Data Modelling Create a common language between BI users and BI developers Identify needs de t y eeds Creates a development artefact ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Users and Reports Executive ecut e Strategic reporting g p g Middle Management Middl M Tactical/some strategic  T ti l/ t t i reporting Tactical/Some Operational  Power User reporting Internal Users Operational reporting ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 18
  19. 19. BI Capabilities Portfolio Information 2006 Gartner BI Summit Event Dissemination Level of BAM Analysis Interaction CPM Data Interactive Mining Ad Hoc Query OLAP Reporting p g Advanced Analysis Scheduled and Forecasting Spreadsheet What Why Did it What Will Happened? Happen? Happen? Level of Insight ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. Putting it All Together – Keys to Success Executive sponsorship p p Realistic expectations * methodology * team * Proper technical architecture and tools * Quality data Q lit d t Limited scope changes Fast payback projects *Note: Key areas where DW/ETL tools and BI consultants can add value. ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. Assessment Process
  22. 22. Assessment Process 2009 Gartner Business Intelligence Summit
  23. 23. Deliverables of an Assessment High level implementation plan Draft RFP that creates a level playing field for vendors o e do s High level roadmap for transitioning the initial BI implementation to an ongoing BI p g g program Skills gap analysis Learning and hiring plan ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 23
  24. 24. Summary BI = information, people, timeliness Different skills are needed for BI. It is a program program. Must have a sponsor and a sense of urgency. Deal with your data quality issues now! Remember your assessment deliverables and make certain that you get all of them.
  25. 25. Resources Business Intelligence Network ― Events Calendar g TDWI World Conference: San Diego, CA, August 2–7 g , , g & Orlando, FL, November 1–6 Desktop Conference for BI ― Late fall 2009 Oracle BI product roadmap ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 25
  26. 26. Questions and Answers ©2001‐9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights  26 reserved.
  27. 27. Thank you! Faun deHenry FMT Systems Inc. ©2001-9, FMT Systems Inc. All rights reserved.