What is Milk Free Chocolate?


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What is Milk Free Chocolate?

  1. 1. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// recipeforcooking.info/blog /
  2. 2. What is Milk Free Chocolate? You hear about regular milk chocolate and organic milk chocolate, but do you know about milk free chocolate? If you have milk allergies this is probably the best news you have heard in a long time – you can eat chocolate, as long as it is milk free chocolate!
  3. 3. The Details Milk free chocolate is, quite simply, chocolate that is made without the use of milk. This means that even people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy this chocolate without worry, which is really fantastic news. No matter what type of chocolate recipe you are preparing you can replace the regular chocolate with milk free chocolate if you are going to be serving it to people with food allergies.
  4. 4. Where to Buy If you are interested in getting milk free chocolate, there are a couple of companies in particular that you are going to want to check out. One is the Plamil Foods Company, a company which has been making its own chocolate for decades. Their expertise in making quality chocolates ensures that you always get the best of the best each and every time.
  5. 5. No nuts used here In addition to being completely dairy and gluten free, their bars are now manufactured in their ‘no nuts used here’ factory. This way, no matter what food allergies you may have, you will be able to feel safe eating their chocolate and actually enjoy it without having to worry about an ingredient being in there that you are not aware of and which you are not supposed to eat.
  6. 6. Alternative to milk chocolate Their alternative to milk chocolate has all of the special qualities that you are looking for and plus even more soy to make this bar ideal for those who love the taste of regular dairy milk chocolate but who are unable to consume dairy milk.
  7. 7. Good nutritional properties of cocoa They love making fine chocolate with the good nutritional properties of cocoa, but want to make sure that even those with food allergies are able to eat their chocolate bars.
  8. 8. Nestle Another company you may want to check out for milk free chocolate products is Nestle. This is a well known company that has been around for years, but you may not have known that they too offer milk free products.
  9. 9. Achieving a balanced diet They believe that every food has a role to play in achieving a balanced diet, and the same goes for chocolate. They continue to use their extensive scientific knowledge to develop new products all the time, so make sure that you keep your eyes and ears open for these.
  10. 10. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// recipeforcooking.info/blog /