Turn on your Laugh Life


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Turn on your Laugh Life

  1. 1. it’s a funny term but you are making a big mistake if you don’t take your sense of humor seriously.
  2. 2. It’s an essential part of every relationship. .
  3. 3. It is not an emotion or a mood. emotions and moods come and go, your sense of humor doesn’t. Your sense of humor is always around, but you have to pay attention
  4. 4. That is what Laflife is building. Apps that turn on your sense of humor.
  5. 5. Polls of on-line dating communities asked: What do you find most attractive about the opposite sex? *People Media for Christian Mingle and J Date
  6. 6. Women say: Sense of humor 24% Physical appearance: 21% Intelligence: 16% Integrity: 16% Confidence: 15% Professional success: 3% Domestic skills: <5% Financial success: negligible
  7. 7. Men say: Physical appearance: 33% Sense of humor 19% Intelligence: 16% Confidence: 12% Integrity: 12% Professional success: <3% Domestic skills: 5% Financial success: negligible
  8. 8. THE TOP TEN MUST HAVES IN RELATIONSHIPS *According to eHarmony’s poll of 700,000+ members
  9. 9. MEN WOMEN Sense of Humor 1 Sense of Humor Chemistry Affection Communication Loyalty Emotional Health Passion Character Patience Kindness 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Chemistry Affection Communication Emotional Health Loyalty Character Responsibility Family Life Kindness
  10. 10. But no one is giving them what they want.
  11. 11. In 2012 Ace Metrix released the biggest study ever of nationwide advertising campaigns. More than 6,500 ads. They asked, What kind of Ads are the most effective? *January 2011 - March 2012
  12. 12. The results. Sense of humor wins again. If you are equal on relevance and information funny always wins. *http://www.acemetrix.com/spotlights/insights
  13. 13. BUT WAIT The study also identified a big problem. A funny ad only works if the viewer thinks it is funny. And every viewer has a different sense of humor. (we think that is a good thing.)
  14. 14. 91% of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career advancement. *Robert Half International
  15. 15. 84% feel that people who use their sense of humor do a better job. *Robert Half International
  16. 16. According to the Bell Leadership Institute, the most desirable traits in a leader are a strong work ethic and a sense of humor.
  17. 17. WHY? Are comedians better executives?
  18. 18. You are missing the point if you think that a sense of humor is just about telling jokes.
  20. 20. Everybody wants the real you. Laughing.
  21. 21. It’s what everybody wants. But it’s hard to find. Laflife is about to change that. In a big way.
  22. 22. Laflife’s breakthrough is a patent pending algorithm called the Humorater. The Humorater makes a map of what makes you laugh. *Hint: it is not demographics, political preferences or cultural prejudices.
  23. 23. Our minds track change constantly in nanoseconds (faster than we can think). Our sense of humor is about confronting change. If nothing changes, It can’t be funny.
  24. 24. Have you ever noticed how a joke changes from to set up punch line?
  25. 25. Your sense of humor is a way of relating to change. Everyone has a pattern they prefer sort of like a formula for what attracts you and makes you laugh.
  26. 26. Our breakthrough is in understanding your unique perspective. Really unique. Like one in trillions. It’s a recommendation engine. It can do things no one else can do.
  27. 27. You start with the Laflife Sense of Humor Survey. Rate 39 cartoons from 19 artists on a scale of 1 – 9. Then you’re in. Now Laflife will deliver a personalized stream of humor from our recommendation engine. Just for you.
  28. 28. Laflife is about who and what clicks with your sense of humor.
  29. 29. Team • • • • • • Bennett Johnston – Founder, CEO, Investor, Inventor Chris Schmidt– Chief Product Officer David Zbikowski – Senior Web Developer, Data Ninja, R, Full Stack Charles Lemmon – Senior Web Developer, Postgres Ninja, Full Stack Wadud Jandali – Web Developer, QA Ninja Tim Smith – Front End Ninja • Jef Loyola – Advisor, Marketing President & Creative Director, The-M-Line Ruben Kleiman – Advisor, Algorithm and Product formerly Netflix Algorithm Scientist, Principal Scientist Apple Sam Johnston –Ninja Designer, Second Grade • •