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Josh and travis project1

  1. 1. By: Josh and Travis
  2. 2. Most Popular Itunes Downloads 25,000 20,000 Amount Sold 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 FREQUENCY Artists and Song TitlesBar Graph - used to show amounts or the number of times a value occurs.
  3. 3. # of People in Attendance 300000 250000Number in Attendance 200000 150000 100000 # of People in Attendance 50000 0 Providence & Newport, RI Newport, RI San Diego, CA San Diego, CASan Francisco, CA Philadelphia, PA X Games One X Games Two X Games Three X Games Four X Games Five X Games Seven 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 Year and PlaceLine Graph - used to plot changes in data over time
  4. 4. Madonna Mariah Carey Weeks At the Number One Spot Hung Up Dont Forget Warner Bros. About Us Island Clay Aiken Invisible RCA 4% 5% Blink 182 Feeling This 5% Geffen Records Hilary Duff Wake Up 5% Hollywood Records JoJo Leave (Get Out) Da 3% Family Gwen Stefani Hollaback 8% Girl Interscope 9% Clay Aiken The Way RCA 6% Simple Plan Untitled Lava 4% Good Charlotte Hold On Daylight/Epic Records Outkast Roses LaFace 6% 8% Hilary Duff So Yesterday Britney Hollywood Records Spears D12 My Band 7% Toxic Jive Shady/Interscope Records 8% 8% Britney Spears Beyonce Naughty Girl Everytime Jive Columbia Records 7% 7%Pie Chart - used to show percentages
  5. 5. Est. Sales 250000 200000Number of Est. Sales 150000 Series1 100000 50000 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 IssuesScatter Plot - used to show trends in data
  6. 6.  1. The Bar graph was chosen to show the differences in the amount of downloads between the current top songs 2. The Line graph was chosen to show the differences in the attendance over a certain amount of time. 3. The Pie chart shows the amount of time each song spent at the number 1 spot through percents. 4. The Scatter Plot graph shows the comparison of the different points of estimated sales for the comics and creates an average.
  7. 7.  1. The different downloads of the top songs on ITunes. 2. The attendance at the different X-Games events each year. 3. The percentage comparison on how long each song stayed at number 1. 4. The comparisons of the estimated sales of the comics was illustrated through the scatter plot graph.
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