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Student Name: Joe Fulcher.doc
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Student Name: Joe Fulcher.doc


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  • 1. Student Name: Joe Fulcher St Petersburg College Technology Education TLA #1: Designing a Functional and Aesthetic Web Page Context: Web pages have become a daily part of our daily lives as we navigate the world wide web surfing email, promotionals, homework, or our jobs. What determines how long we visit a web page, is its ease of navigation, not aesthetically offensive, effective use of graphics and content layout. Challenge: Before the web page ever gets uploaded and published a great deal of care and planning must be done. Plan for expansion, view other websites for ideas and layouts. When viewing other peoples web sites, notice their use of colors, sounds and graphics, note items that turn you off or cause you to click away in exploration of other sites. Keep notes of what could be done to enhance the page in order to keep your attention. Pick a topic i.e. cars, travel, animals…, brainstorm and storyboard your subject in your notebooks. Draw out links and designs for additional pages. Record use of Hex code web safe colors ( that will be used for your background and fonts as well as any other pertinent info that would enable someone else to pick up where you left off at a future undetermined time. Resources: Notebook, Computer with Internet access and Internet Explorer, FrontPage or dream weaver, Photoshop. Objectives: 1. You and your team member are to write-down your 3 URL’s 2. Choose a topic or theme 3. Write a 2 paragraph introduction with bullets about key areas of your website 4. Story board an index page with at least 3 linked pages to your website expounding more on what was presented on the index page. 5. Add navigational links to your pages as well links to three pages outside of yours to pages of similar subject matter. 6. Use 2-3 different font colors, use an appropriate bold font for the heading. 7. Import or design a minimum of 2 graphics per web page at least 1 of which will be an animation. 8. Extra points will be available for creative use of the following: Java script, VBScript, CSS or Flash. Limitations: • Day 1 Visit websites for ideas noting personal preference do’s and don’ts along with recording 3 visited URL’s • Day 2 Storyboard, sketch and design 1 index page and 3 subject pages on paper. • Day 3 & 4 Design web page using FrontPage or Dreamweaver • Day 5 have website on saved media for classroom viewing and critique of classmates pages on hand out that will be provided by the instructor.
  • 2. Evaluation: 1. Keep a log of all fonts, colors diagrams and other information relevant to the design of this site in a web log along with a printout of the html code saved as a text document.( in Internet Explore this can be done by clicking on the Toolbar-View-Source) (20 points) 2. Written and diagramed storyboard for 1 index page and 3 linked pages of your own design. (15 points) 3. 3 visited URL’s (5 points) 4. Aesthetic use of background color, Font color and use of images. (15 points) 5. Ease of navigation with no dead links (20 points) 6. Critique 2 other class web sites stating 2 positive design points and 2 areas that would entice you to stay and explore the site further. (15 points) 7. Save all documentation to a floppy disk or CD. (10 points)