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Just Nailz

  1. 1. Just Nailz & Beauty Supplies<br />4025 – 4th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta Canada<br />403 294 9002 | Toll Free 1 866 994 9002<br />Email: justnailz@telus.net | www.justnailz.com<br />UV GEL COURSE<br />LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION<br />Revised 06/10/09<br />The Just Nailz Certification Gel Nail Course comprises of a total of approximately 50 hours of required student commitment The course is 3 full days in-class . The breakdown is as follows: 21 hours in-class, practical and theory, as well as ~25 hours homework (varies student to student). This includes a mandatory 2-hour practical exam and a 2 hour theory exam.<br />The Calgary Certification Course is taught by Deborah Jacklin, Nail Technician 1986, Master Nail Technician, A.C.E. (Akzentz Certified Educator), I.C.E (Internationally Certified Educator). Deborah is the recipient of the prestigious 2004/05 Canadian Nail Educator of the Year Award has extensive training, in the beauty industry and been featured in publications and magazines internationally and has her own series of international educational Nail DVD’s. <br />Upon successful completion of all aspects of this course (60% or greater must be achieved), a recognized Nail Diploma (Certificate) will be issued by Just Nailz™ & Beauty Supplies.<br />Our Akzentz Education Specialists:<br />DEBORAH JAYNE JACKLIN, Master Akzentz International Trainer, 2004/05 Canadian Educator of the Year (Pre-Etched Manufacturing USA), Master Nail Technician, and also an Akzentz Master Certified Trainer at the Just Nailz “Calgary” facility. Deborah was certified as a technician in 1986, and is a highly experienced, highly respected educator of many years, and, although retired from her nail desk, was an extremely successful, practicing nail technician herself for many years in Calgary. Deborah’s work has been featured on internet sites and publications the world over. Deborah teaches both new technicians as well as senior technician’s advanced training programs, as well as senior nail educator trainings. She brings her years of real life experience and extensive experience to the program which is a huge asset to technicians in training. Deborah uses a hands-on, relaxed approach to teaching creating an enjoyable, comfortable environment, while providing absolutely, top notch, world-class instruction, right in Calgary!<br />LANA GAVRIC, Master Nail Technician, and Certified Akzentz Educator (ACE) for Edmonton. Lana is a highly experienced educator and very successful practicing nail technician. Lana’s work has been recognized worldwide! She teaches in a hands-on manner, in a relaxed teaching environment from her home-based studio. Lana is a pink & white and nail art expert. She is also a certified senior instructor for Marvel College in Edmonton, and is a guest instructor at Marvel Red Deer.<br />BARBARA SAVAGE, Master Nail Technician, Certified Akzentz Educator (ACE) for Lethbridge, and practicing nail technician teaches from her cozy, home-based nail studio. Barbara teaches nails in the real world, and brings her years of experience and expertise to the table. Barbara is a respected technician in both Alberta and the world-over and focuses on the natural looking French nail!<br />MICHELLE KELCHER, Practicing Senior Nail Technician & Akzentz Certified Educator (ACE) in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Michelle teaches her semi-private nail classes from her home based studio, as well as teaching classes for a beauty college in Lethbridge, Alberta. We are happy to have Michelle’s expertise on board with Just Nailz. <br />DIANE MEIER, Practicing Nail Technician and Akzentz Certified Educator (ACE) located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Diane teaches her semi-private classes in a positive and encouraging atmosphere from her home based nail studio. Diane specializes in UV Gels creating natural and thin looking nails as well as teaching nail art classes. Her work has been published in Nail Pro Magazine online.<br />ANNA SWANSON, Practicing Nail Technician and Akzentz Certified Educator (ACE) located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. <br />MELANIE MARTIN, Practicing Nail Technician, Akzentz Certified Educator (ACE) and Nail Instructor for Lakeland College in Lloydminster, Alberta, Melanie has extensive experience and training including advanced educational training.<br />Our course is a comprehensive, “nails in the real world course”, designed to provide you with top notch techniques, exceptional products, an overview of health standards including the basics of disinfection, nail diseases, MMA awareness, as well as general industry knowledge and the basics of your operating your nail business. We cover how to sculpt nails, apply nail tips and also how to complete a nail fill-in. We offer many areas of expertise not offered by many other programs. You will receive exceptional training through Just Nailz. Students are provided with a generous collection of products in their kits, featuring the Canadian-made, internationally recognized, award winning gel line, Akzentz. <br />CLASS SCHEDULE & FEES<br />The course is conducted over 3 consecutive days (4 for gel & acrylic):<br />Day 1:10:00 – 12:00 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm<br />Day 2:10:00 – 12:00 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm<br />Day 3:10:00 – 12:00 pm1:00 pm – 4:00 pm<br />Training Kit Options<br />DELUXE KIT (recommended) - $1,499.00* plus GST The course fee includes an extensive student nail kit including all the gels you need to get you started, akzentz tech apron, sundries such as files, brushes etc. and a full hand tunnel gel light with timers (4 x 9 watt bulbs), Just Nailz Training & Instruction Binder, The Milady’s Art & Science of Nail Technology Textbook, and Just Nailz DVD’s #1 & #2. New technician classes are small format classes, with a maximum of one educator/educator assistance per 4 students. This provides the optimum learning environment for the student. We have found that small class format is most effective for everyone. This Deluxe Kit value is approximately $600.00<br />The course fee balance is DUE IN FULL two weeks prior to class start date. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Money Order, Cash and Direct Debit. Sorry, we don’t accept personal cheques. Our classes do fill very quickly as they are “small class format”. A $300.00 (plus GST), non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a spot in the class (the deposit paid comes off the fees due on Day 1).<br />Products & equipment used in the training class must be supplied by Just Nailz & Esthetics or Delicious Nails, no exceptions. No refunds on class tuition or supplies upon attendance in class. No exceptions.<br />DELUXE GEL KIT<br />This Deluxe Kit Option is the best value for the money and what we highly recommend students choose. At the end of the course, you will find the supplies you need to purchase in addition to the kit will be minimal. This is a good supply of product to get you started with your new career.<br />Just Nailz Training Binder<br />Milady’s Art & Science of Nail Technology Book (this is a sign out textbook to be returned at the end of the class)<br />Gel Deluxe Kit (Bonding Gel 15g/.55oz, Natural Pink Gel 15g/.55oz, Top Gloss Clear 15g/.55oz, Builder French White Gel 7g, Gel Cleaner 60ml/oz, Affixit 15ml/.5oz, Gel Wipes 10, Gel Brush - Oval, Nail Prep 60ml/2oz, Blend In 15ml/.5oz, Asst. Curved Tips 50, Nail Glue 3g., Nail & Cuticle Oil 15ml/.5oz, Face Mask, Birchwood, White 100/180 Files, White Block Buffer & Instructions)<br />36-watt (4 x 9 watt bulbs) full hand gel light with timers<br />Ultra French White Gel 15g <br />Natural Warm Pink Coverage 7g<br />Extreme White Gel (7g)<br />Pre-Etched Clear 20 pkg.<br />Curved Nail Tips (50 pkg)<br />Gel Wipes (200 pkg)<br />Stainless Cuticle Pusher / Scraper<br />Pro Tab Nail Forms (roll)<br />Manicure Brushes (4)<br />Assorted Nail Files<br />Practice Finger<br />Nail Application DVD #1 (by Deborah Jacklin, Just Nailz Master Technician & Trainer)<br />Nail Application DVD #2 (by Deborah Jacklin, Just Nailz, MNT, ACE, ICE, )<br />Tip Clippers<br />Nail Clippers<br />Cuticle Remover cream<br />Accel CS 20 Sterilizing Solution<br />Accel TB Surface Spray<br />Disinfecting Tray<br />Akzentz Large Bag<br />Footlogix Catalogue<br />Akzentz Folder<br />Akzentz Colour Chart<br />The value of this kit is approximately $600 and is included in the course fee. Substitutions may occur as required.<br /> <br />Optional Training Items:<br />If students wish to train with an efile (electric file), then the file must be purchased on or before the first day of the class. We offer a good selection of high quality, professional files at great prices!<br />New Efiles now available starting at $259.00 – please inquire!<br /><ul><li>Medicool EF-1 $250.00 is the student E-file supplied for the training.</li></ul>-76200135255Other E-files Available<br />The introductory model Mani Pro (pictured left) is available in a variety of colours – Razzberry, Blueberry, Black, Winter Mint (Clear). This powerful but affordable electric file has a lightweight friction grip chuck handpiece, built in handpiece cradle, strain relief cord, illuminated power indicator, forward/reverse modes and a variable speed control that goes from 4,500 to 15,000 RPM. The Mani-Pro occupies only 3" X 5" of table space and is stronger, faster and more durable than ever. One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty<br />3514725108585<br />The Mani-Pro Max optimizes table space with an overall size of only 3" X5" . The compact design of the Mani-Pro Max translates small size into big power! The Mani-Pro Max features our all new KP-12 friction grip chuck hand piece, manufactured from ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy. The KP-12 hand piece incorporates light weight aluminum body with a high torque coreless micro-motor capable of speeds up to 25,000 RPMs. The Mani-Pro Max Comes complete with a built in handpiece cradle with bit stand and forward/reverse selector with dial speed control. White only One Year Limited Warranty Included! <br />The Mani Max is the best value for the dollar and our top pick for new student. Due to the demand of this electric file, if you are wanting one for class, you must let us know in advance to avoid disappointment, as we sell out of these machines quite often and many times end up back ordered from the manufacturer. <br />0138430<br />The KUPA KP-3000 is the top of the line electric filing system with high torque and an RPM range from 2,500 to 30,000 RPM. The KP-3000 includes our KP-36 handpiece, which is made of stainless steel alloy with a twist lock chuck that allows the technician to change bits with a simple twist of the wrist. The KP-3000 control box is fully equipped with features such as an optional foot pedal connection, forward and reverse selector switch, variable sliding speed control and a lighted LED speed indicator. One Year Limited Warranty Included! <br />0295275Mani Pro Spa Deluxe – This high end e-file is completely portability for techs that are on the go, either via mobile service or within the salon. The newly designed KP-6100 Mani-Pro Spa Deluxe electric nail file features touch button technology and the ease of one handpiece with the option of multiple locations. Now customizing all your work spaces, table, pedicure carts and spa units is easy, efficient and economical. Compatible with KP-36 Handpiece or UG-12 Handpiece. The complete unit comes with the very small touch panel control, connected to the KP3000 tiny, very lightweight handpiece. Can also be connected to the UP200 Handpiece. <br />-2952750133350<br />U-Power 200 (UP200) – Since 1984 the UP200 electric file has been the premiere electric file in the nail industry. The machine set the standard for high quality nail equipment! Extremely reliable featuring with precise engineering! Manufactured in Japan, the UP-200 also features an armature driven handpiece made of stainless steel, a twist lock chuck for ease in bit changes, forward and reverse modes and 20,000 RPMs. This is one of my all time favourites!<br />Erica’s MT-20 This electric file, made in Japan, is smooth like butter. Also extremely quiet with no vibration, this offers the best technology and also one of the top performers both in operation and reliability. Love this efile too!<br />Erica’s Pro Tech 300 A good starter efile. Good quality equipment with a good price point. <br />**Students: please email us for your website passcode (HYPERLINK " http://www.justnailz.com" www.justnailz.com) for pricing details**<br />Note: Dremel Drills /power tools will not be accepted as a professional technician’s tool as they can cause serious damage to fingernails and cannot be used in our classroom.<br />NAIL CLASS ITINERARY<br />DAY 1 – THEORY AM | PRACTICAL PM<br />10:00 am – 12:00 pm THEORY<br />Product information on Akzentz professional nail products; Classic gels versus Options gels, primers, sundry items<br />The basics of artificial nails including nail diseases, MMA, and sanitizing & disinfecting in accordance with health code<br />Slide presentation<br />Watch DVD #2 in class (time permitting)<br />1 hour lunch break<br />1:00 – 4:30 PRACTICAL - SCULPTURING PINK & WHITE GELS<br />(OR NAIL TIPS)<br />Complete full sculptured nails (as seen Part 1 of DVD #2 or DVD#1):<br />Option A: Complete 1 hand on model (models required at 1:45 pm).<br />Option B: Complete 1 hand on your own nails.<br />Option C: Use the practice hand to sculpture the nails*<br />If using this option you will need to purchase a practice hand from Just Nailz <br />HOMEWORK<br />Complete required “reading” from Just Nailz Binder and Milady’s Nail Text (see homework handout). Study, study study for Day 2 exam. See Homework handout for complete details.<br />Finish nails (if not finished in class and if applicable).<br />Complete at least 3 additional sets of nails outside of class (within 2 weeks), have models complete questionnaire and take photos, which will be handed in on Day 3 (see Homework Handout).<br />DAY 2 – PRACTICAL <br />10:00 am – 12:00 pm PRACTICAL - TIPS <br />New set of tips & gel (as seen on DVD #1 OR DVD#2):<br />Option A: Complete 3 -5 nails on model you have supplied (models required at 10:15 am)<br />Option B: Complete 3 -5 nails 1 hand on your own nails (must be free of product)<br />Option C: Complete tips on Practice Hand* <br />*if using the practice hand option, you will need to purchase the practice hand at Just Nailz<br />1 hour lunch break<br />1:00 pm – 4:30 pm PRACTICAL – TIPS WITH GEL OVERLAY<br />OR FULLSCULPTURING<br />Fill in the nails from Day 1 with your model from day 1 with Clear Gel<br />Option A: Complete 1 hand on model. Continue on second hand, time permitting<br />Option B: Complete 1 hand backfill on your own hands<br />Option C: Fill nails on practice hand<br />HOMEWORK – Complete required reading (see homework handout) and answer questions for grading. Answers will be submitted for grading on Day 3 (Class 3). Complete models nails if required. Complete 3 sets of full sculptured nail on models outside of class and have models complete questionnaire (see Homework Handout). Complete required reading and answer questions for grading. Answers will be submitted for grading Day 3. <br />DAY 3 – Theory – PRACTICAL PM<br />10:00 am – 12:00 pm<br /> Written exam (2 hours)<br />Questions from students<br />DVD 1 (time permitting)<br />1 hour lunch break<br />1:00 am – 4:00 pm PRACTICAL – SCULPTURED NAIL FILL (P & W) <br />Perform a pink & white backfill (as seen on DVD #2 Part 2) from Day 1 with your Day 1 model <br />Option A: Complete 1 hand on model. Continue on second hand, time permitting.<br />Option B: Complete 1 hand fill on your own nails<br />Option C: Fill nails on practice hand <br />Note to Students: At the end of the course, a 2-hour practical exam is mandatory and is to be scheduled by student, within 60 days of completion of the course. If an extension is required, this can be arranged by contacting your educator. Certificates will not be given until this exam has been completed and passed. <br />Homework assignments will be graded along with all practical applications in class. Final marks will be recorded. Certificates will follow by mail, or will be available for pickup after assignments have been graded and passing marks have been determined. A 60% is required to complete our course and receive a certificate.<br />From the Desk of Deborah Jacklin, Just Nailz<br /> New students, please keep this in mind ….<br />To become a proficient nail technician, continual practice is required. Find as many models as you can, and practice, practice, practice!! This is truly the way to develop and perfect your skill, and become a successful nail technician. Practice does make perfect! <br />After 1-year you will start developing your confidence …after 2 years you will start developing a loyal client base and will be coming into your own. Creating beautiful nails is not as easy as it looks, but with much perseverance and determination, you will be able to create an enjoyable and profitable professional career for yourself<br />And, remember, we are always here to provide you with technical support and assistance if and when you need it!<br />