About the authors

David Bell graduated from Queen’s         techniques with distributed database
University, Belfast i...
algorithms for solving optimisation        Science and Technology (UMIST),
problems, collaborative recommender        Unit...
Northwestern University and the Dalla     School of Computer Science and
Molle      Institute  for   Artificial    Informa...
Sa’adah Hassan is a PhD student in       Galway in 2004. He is currently a
the School of Computing and              Ph.D.
His primary research interests are in      first class honours in Mathematics in
parasitology with particular interest in ...
his PhD (2006) in the area of 3D          Chain Optimisation solutions for
Motion Analysis of Chronic Ankle          speci...
Guilin Qi is a postdoctoral researcher    Fergus Toolan is a lecturer in the
working at the Institute for Applied      Fac...
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About the authors


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About the authors

  1. 1. About the authors David Bell graduated from Queen’s techniques with distributed database University, Belfast in 1969 in Pure work Mathematics, and has three research degrees in different topics: programming language design, Nuala Brady received a BA in database performance, and artificial Psychology from Trinity College intelligence in database systems. He Dublin (1987) where she held a worked as a programmer in industry Foundation Scholarship in for three years before embarking on Psychology. She has a PhD in an academic career. He has been a full Experimental Psychology from professor since 1986. He has well over Cornell University (1994) and was a 300 publications, including co- postdoctoral research fellow at McGill authoring of ‘Distributed Databases’ University and Harvard Medical (Addison-Wesley) and ‘Evidence School. Dr Brady was a lecturer in the Theory and its Applications’ (North Department of Psychology at the Holland), and has supervised more University of Manchester from than 30 PhDs to completion. He has 1994-2000 and joined the School of been a prime investigator on many Psychology at UCD in 2000. Her national and EU-funded projects (eg current research interests are in social MAP, ESPRIT, DELTA, COST, AIM, cognition, the perception of faces and …) in IT since1981. He is a member biological motion and in the links of the editorial boards of Information between perception and action. Systems and The Computer Journal, and he has been guest editor of special issues of well-known journals, Derek Bridge is a senior lecturer in on subjects such as Data Mining and the Department of Computer Science The Semantic Web. He has also at University College Cork, where he chaired /co-chaired several leads the Knowledge Engineering programme committees, including Group. His Ph.D. from the University those for VLDB and ICDE. His of Cambridge was in the area of research is in data and knowledge computational linguistics. His engineering - often linking reasoning subsequent research has covered under uncertainty, machine learning, topics such as machine learning of and other artificial intelligence natural language grammars, ant
  2. 2. algorithms for solving optimisation Science and Technology (UMIST), problems, collaborative recommender United Kingdom, which he completed systems, analyses of case-based in 1995. Following this, he also learning, similarity measures for case- completed a one year M.Phil. at based reasoning, and applications of UMIST, which he completed in 1996 case-based reasoning to product before commencing a Doctorate in recommendation, software Computer Science in the Department engineering and spam filtering. of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University College Dublin, Dave Bustard is currently a Professor entitled "Agent Factory: A Framework of Computing Science and Head of for the Engineering of Agent-Oriented School at the University of Ulster. Applications". In 2002, he returned to Before that he was at Queen’s academia as a Post-Doctoral University, Belfast (1974-90) and researcher in the University College worked briefly as a programmer for Dublin, before taking up his current Ferranti Digital Systems (1972-74). lecturing post in 2003. His primary He has also been a visiting scientist at research interests are Agent-Oriented the Software Engineering Institute, Software Engineering, Agent-Oriented Pittsburgh and BT Research Labs, Programming Languages, and Martlesham. He holds a BSc in Autonomic Computing Systems. Physics (1971) and an MSc (1973) and PhD (1980) in Computer Science from Queen's University, Belfast. His Fred Cummins is a College Lecturer broad area of research is software in the School of Computer Science engineering, with particular emphasis and Informatics, University College on the requirements, design and Dublin. He is co-director of the management aspects of the process. Cognitive Science Programme at This has included work on risk UCD. His research has focussed on management, agile development and issues of coordination and timing in autonomic computing. Since 1990, speech production, with a view to much of this work has been dynamical modelling. The dynamical underpinned by general systems ideas. systems approach to cognitive science extends to newer work in the fields of visual perception and the Rem Collier is a Lecturer in the epistemological foundations of School of Computer Science and cognitive science. He is holder of a Informatics, College of Engineering, Science Foundation Ireland Principle Mathematical, and Physical Sciences, Investigator grant for the study of University College Dublin, Dublin, methods for automatic speaker Ireland. He completed a B.Sc. in Pure identification. Previous funded and Applied Mathematics in the research projects included the study of Department of Mathematics, synchronous speech and the University of Bristol, United Kingdom development of multimodal interfaces. in 1994, and went on to study for a He obtained his PhD from Indiana M.Sc. in Computation at the University in 1997, and completed University of Manchester Institute of postdoctoral research positions at
  3. 3. Northwestern University and the Dalla School of Computer Science and Molle Institute for Artificial Informatics in University College Intelligence, Lugano, CH, before Dublin in 2006. He is a former joining the faculty at UCD in 1999. director of New World Commerce, He also directed the Adaptive Speech now New WorldIQ, a Dublin e- Interface group within Media Lab commerce IT company that employed Europe from 2000 to 2004. over 40 people. He is a former director of start-up companies New World Commerce and Prediction Dynamics. Ronan Cummins received a B.Eng. Dr. Cunningham has published over (Hons) in Computer Engineering from 140 peer-reviewed papers in the the University of Limerick in 2000 general area of applied AI, focusing and an M.Sc.(Hons) in Software on machine learning and knowledge Design and Development from NUI based systems for decision support in Galway in 2004. He is currently a engineering, e-commerce, finance and Ph.D. student in the Department of medicine. Information Technology in NUI Galway and is funded by an IRCSET scholarship. His main interests are in Sarah Jane Delany is a lecturer in the Information Retrieval, Artificial School of Computing in the Dublin Intelligence and Evolutionary Institute of Technology and a member Computation. of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group. Her research interests are primarily in machine learning and text Pádraig Cunningham: Dr. mining. Cunningham is Professor of Her Ph.D., from Dublin Institute of Knowledge and Data Engineering in Technology, investigated the problem the School of Computer Science and of Informatics at University College concept drift in spam filtering. Dublin. His current research focus is on the use of machine learning techniques in processing high- John Dunnion is a Senior Lecturer in dimension data. He has a B.E. and the School of Computer Science and M.Eng.Sci. from NUI Galway and a Informatics, University College Ph.D. from Dublin University which Dublin, where he is co-director of the he received in 1989. He was elected to Intelligent Information Retrieval Fellowship in TCD in 1998. He Group. A graduate of University became a Fellow of ECCAI (European College Dublin, his principal research Coordinating Committee on Artificial interests are in Information Retrieval, Intelligence) in 2004. After Document Summarisation and completing his PhD he worked with Question Answering, and the Digital Equipment Corporation as a application of Computational Software Engineer and with Hitachi Linguistics techniques in these areas. Europe Ltd. as a Research Scientist. He joined Trinity College Dublin as a lecturer in 1992 and moved to the
  4. 4. Sa’adah Hassan is a PhD student in Galway in 2004. He is currently a the School of Computing and Ph.D. Information Engineering at the student in the Department of University of Ulster. Her research Information Technology in NUI study is sponsored by the Ministry of Galway. In 2004 he was awarded an Higher Education Malaysia and IRCSET Embark scholarship. He is Universiti Putra Malaysia, where she currently a member of the has been a member of the academic Computational Intelligence Research staff since 2004. She completed an Group (CIRG). His main research MSc in Software Engineering at the interests include Multi-Agent University of Malaya in 2003 and a Systems, Game Theory, Artificial BSc (Hons) in Computer Science at Intelligence and Evolutionary the Universiti Technologi Malaysia Computation. (UTM) in 1999. She also holds a Diploma in Computer Science from MARA University of Technology, Stuart Jackson is a PhD student in Malaysia, where she worked as a the School of Computer Science & programmer for several years before Informatics at University College beginning her undergraduate studies at Dublin (UCD). He completed an MA UTM. Her research interests include in Cognitive Science at UCD in 2006, software engineering, intelligent and previously graduated from UCD systems, and autonomic computing. with a BA in Psychology in 2003. His current research focus is on action Patrick Horgan is currently a Clinical perception and biological motion Research Fellow in the Faculty of processing, and the role of body Medical and Human Sciences in The perception in the development of University of Manchester. He obtained theory of mind. His graduate work has an MSc in Cognitive Science in 2005 also taken in research on multistability in University College Dublin (UCD), in vision, and the application of Ireland. He also trained in psychiatry movement perception tasks in motor obtaining Membership of the Royal rehabilitation. He is a member of the College of Psychiatrists in 2003. He Cognitive Neuroscience Society and obtained a Higher Diploma in the Vision Sciences Society. He is Computer Science in 1998 in supported by the Irish Research University College Cork (UCC), Council for Science, Engineering & Ireland.. He completed his Technology (IRCSET). undergraduate Medical Degree in University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland in 1997. Current interests Patrick Kirwan is a PhD student, include the investigation by studying the interactions between neuroimaging of the role of dopamine malaria and geohelminths, at the in learning in humans. School of Natural Science, University of Dublin (Trinity College), Ireland. Enda Howley received a B.Sc.(Hons) He completed his Bachelor's degree in in Information Technology from the Natural Science (B.A, Hons.) from National University of Ireland, University of Dublin, Ireland in 2003.
  5. 5. His primary research interests are in first class honours in Mathematics in parasitology with particular interest in 1973 and was awarded the degrees of parasite interactions. MSc and PhD by the same university in 1974 and 1976. He held academic posts at Queen's University Belfast David Lillis is a PhD student in the and Lancaster University before School of Computer Science and moving to the University of Ulster in Informatics, University College 1993. With research interests in case- Dublin, where he is a member of the based reasoning (CBR), intelligent Intelligent Information Retrieval systems, and autonomic computing, he Group. He graduated from the has been active in artificial University of Limerick in 2002 with a intelligence research since the 1980s. BA in Law and Accounting. He is an author or co-author of more Following this, he completed a Higher than a hundred scientific publications, Diploma in Computer Science in 2003 and has won best paper awards at two and a MSc in Computer Science in conferences related to artificial 2006, both from University College intelligence. Dublin. His principal research interests are Information Retrieval and Multi Agent Systems. Peter Milligan is a senior lecturer in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Weiru Liu is a Reader at the School His research interest include the of Electronics, Electrical Engineering design and implementation of semi- and Computer Science, Queen's automated development environments University Belfast. She received her for parallel, distributed and mobile B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer computing; software modelling and Science from Jilin University, P.R. re-engineering: the use of object China, and her Ph.D. degree in models as a basis for the design, Artificial Intelligence from the development and maintenance of University of Edinburgh. Her main software systems; meta-heuristic research interests include reasoning knowledge engineering: the use of under uncertainty, knowledge combined AI techniques as intelligent representation and reasoning, agents in the development, uncertain knowledge and information transformation and maintenance of fusion, and knowledge discovery in sequential and parallel codes.; meta- databases. She has published over 70 computing systems: the dynamic journal and conference papers in these transformation and generation of areas. software and hardware systems; the utilisation of FPGAs for dynamic hardware construction. David McSherry is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Kenneth Monaghan is a College Information Engineering at the Lecturer in University College Dublin, University of Ulster. He graduated School of Physiotherapy & from Queen's University Belfast with Performance Science. He completed
  6. 6. his PhD (2006) in the area of 3D Chain Optimisation solutions for Motion Analysis of Chronic Ankle specific problems within the forestry Instability (CAI) and has published in industry. He completed a Ph.D. in Physiotherapy Ireland, Clinical Artificial Intelligence with the Biomechanics, Gait & Posture, and Department of Computer Science in JOSPT. Recent Seed funding grants Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in (Euro50k) have developed research in 2005. He also completed a BA, BAI the areas of Motor perception in (Hons) in Computer Engineering from stroke, kinematic analysis of golf Trinity College in 2002. He held putting, and further analysis of CAI. short-term Post-Doctorate positions in He completed his MMedSc(Sports Trinity College and Dublin City Physiotherapy) in 2000 from UCD, University before joining 4C in 2006. and graduated with a BPhysiotherapy His previous work and interests in 1992 (UCD). He is currently a include; Knowledge Discovery, Case- member of the ISCP Overseas based Reasoning, Explanation Assessment Sub-Committee (OASC) Systems, Active Learning and Image and was part of the International Recognition. organising committee for the 3rd International Ankle symposium held in UCD 1st-3rd September 2006. He is Diarmuid O'Donoghue received his course director for the Graduate B.Sc. and M.Sc. from University Diploma/MSc in Healthcare College Cork in 1988 and 1990, and (Acupuncture) and is co-ordinating his PhD from University College numerous undergraduate courses in Dublin. UCD. His research interests include He has been a lecturer at the Sports Biomechanics, Exercise and Department of Computer Science NUI Fitness, Falls in the Elderly, and has Maynooth since 1996. Diarmuid is an active participation in the also an associate of the National development of e-learning courses in Centre for Geocomputation. His UCD. interests are in artificial intelligence, cognitive modelling, analogical Emma-Claire Mullally graduated reasoning, qualitative spatial from NUI Maynooth, where she reasoning and evolutionary studied computer science and software computation. engineering, in 2004. She is currently perusing a PhD. in the area of Structure Matching in GIS. Colm O'Riordan lectures in the Department of Information Conor Nugent is a Post-Doctorate Technology, National University of Researcher with the 4C group in Ireland, Galway. His main research University College Cork. He is interests are in the fields of Artificial currently working on an Enterprise Life, Evolutiionary Computation and Ireland Innovation Partnership project Information Retrieval. His current with Cork based firm TreeMetrics. research focusses on cooperation and This project is focused on developing coordination in Artificial Life Artificial Intelligence and Supply societies and Multi-agent systems.
  7. 7. Guilin Qi is a postdoctoral researcher Fergus Toolan is a lecturer in the working at the Institute for Applied Faculty of Computing Science in Informatics and Formal Description Griffith College Dublin. He is Methods (AIFB) at the University of currently completing his PhD in the Karlsruhe in Germany. He received Intelligent Information Retrieval his PhD in Computer Science from Group in University College Dublin. Queen's University of Belfast in 2006. His research focuses on Classifier Before he moved to Belfast, he Ensembles in Machine Learning and completed a Master degree in the use of Machine Learning Mathematics at Jiangxi Normal techniques in Information Retrieval University in China. His research Systems. He completed an M.Sc in interests include knowledge Computer Science from University representation and reasoning, College Dublin in 2002 focusing on uncertainty reasoning, and semantic the area of Web Personalisation, and web. He has published more than 30 obtained his primary degree from papers in these areas; some of them University College Dublin in 2000. appeared in top conferences or journals. He is Editorial Board Member for Journal of Advances in Artificial Intelligence. He was PC members of the International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics (IWOD’07) and of the first International Workshop on Semantic e-Science. Paul Sage is a lecturer in Computer Science in Queen’s University, Belfast, from where he previously gained his honours degree and doctorate. His research interests include the application of artificial intelligence techniques in the areas of code transformation for parallel architectures, grid and P2P computing surfaces. Michael Smullen graduated with a first class honours degree in Information Technology from NUI, Galway in 2004. He completed his M.Sc in 2007 researching the domain of Information Retrieval. His research interests include modelling context in information retrieval, user modelling and data mining.