Makalah Motherboard - English Task


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Makalah Motherboard - English Task

  1. 1. English Task “Motherboard” By : Mukhammad Yajid Albustomi 1311430040 IB – Information Technology POLITEKNIK NEGERI MALANG
  2. 2. MOTHERBOARD  Circuit Of Motherboard
  3. 3.  What is Motherboard ? Motherboard is the main Board, or circuit board that serves to connect each component on your computer. Motherboard PCB Board that has a systematic line that connects one component with the other components. The Motherboard could be called also the Mainboard. On the mainboard there is a parts input as well as output either a socket or a slot. Like socket processor, memory slot, USB connector, power supply socket, peripheral Slots, i/o ports, etc. So all over the place for components are neatly arranged in this motherboard. The Motherboard is stored or placed in a Casing (Computer Box). So all existing components in computer connected in circuit board called the motherboard.  What Are The Devices Are Needed In Motherboard  Chipset This Chipset is a small-sized IC be traffic data or otherwise directing the flow of data. The Chipset has an influence in maximizing the performance of your computer.  Useful Power connectors To connect the motherboard to the power supply in the casing of a computer. Through this connector motherboard Gets a flow of electricity.  Battery CMOS The CMOS battery (also called CMOS RAM or just the CMOS) is a battery that is used by the BIOS to remain active even without the flow of electricity. One of its uses to enable and run the function, as well as saving the settings BIOS, and generally put the battery button (the round flat Battery, diameter and thickness varies).  Processor Socket or Slot Used for putting processors. Socket or slot is different, depending on the type of motherboard is used. Anyone have a slot, socket, and there's also that has both a function to multiple processors.
  4. 4.  Memory Slot Where to put the RAM or memory. Usually we have to look at the specs of the chipset on the motherboard to find out the type of a memoryi can be fitted. There is a memory type SDRAM, DDR or RDRAM.  Floppy And Ide Connector This connector connects the motherboard to save computer devices such as a floppy disk or hard drive. The IDEA of a motherboard connector usually consist of two, one is primary IDE and the other is the secondary IDE. Primary IDE connector connects the motherboard to the primary master drive and other secondary master. Meanwhile, the secondary IDE connector is usually connected with hardware devices to slave as slave disk and CDROM.  PCI Slot (Perpheral Component Interconect) PCL uses slot is to add additional devices to the motherboard is typically used to add a VGA Card, Sound Card and Modem.  AGP Slot (Accelerated Graphic Port) A slot port support card graphic fashion 3.3v / 1.5v agp 4x for application graphic 3d.  South bridge controller Serves to connect the input, and controls output between, processor, ram, a storage device and peripheral other.  Standby Power LED This lamp on standby in motherboard if there ' s power.This led act as reminder ( a reminder ) to turn off system power before turning or killed the engine.  Serial and Paraller Port On the type AT, serial port and parallel are not fused in one motherboard but connect via cable. So, on the motherboard available pins for plug wires. The various parallel port functions, ranging from connecting a computer with a printer, a scanner, to connect a computer with a specific
  5. 5. peripheral is designed using the parallel port connection. Serial ports are usually used to connect with a cable modem or mouse. There are also other devices that can be plugged into the serial port. In the motherboard type ATX, parallel and serial ports are already integrated in the motherboard, so you don't need to plug in the cables that are troublesome.  RJ-45 Port Port 25-pin connector connects a LAN through a network.  Line in jack Jacks line in (light blue) corresponds to a tape player or other audio source. On a 6-channel mode, this jack the bass/Middle stepped.  Line Out Jack jack line out (lime) it connects to the headphone or speaker. On a 6- channel mode, the jack into the speaker out front.  Microphone jack Jack mic (pink) is unpaved roads to the microphone. On a 6-channel mode the rear speaker out jack's back.  Video Graphics Adapter Port 15-pin Port is for VGA VGA monitor or other compatible device  Keyboard Connector There are two types of connectors that connect the motherboard to the keyboard. One is a serial connector, while the other one is a PS/2 connector. Serial connector or round shaped type AT, larger than the PS/2 model had a pin hole, with 5 pieces. Meanwhile, the PS/2 connectors have holes of pin 6 fruit and smaller diameter than half the models AT.  PS/2 Mouse Port To plug the PS/2 type Mouse  USB Port To connect a variety of devices that use USB as Pendrive, USB Mouse and Keyboard, and others.
  6. 6.  What are the Function Of Motherboard The functions of the motherboard itself is a place for connecting devices- computer hardware in order to be able to connect to each other so that the computer can work smoothly and optimally.  What Is The Principle Work Of Motherboard Motherboard Motherboard power supply gets from a power supply, the voltage of which will be channeled through a power connector. The entire peripheral installed damper with power supply will get a MB. After getting the supply power, MB the electric circuit on the motherboard that connect each of these components will work. Circuit function provides a place to transfer the signal & amp; voltage (power). PCB itself consists of several layers (sometimes called layer), and each layer contains its own circuit lines, and each line is complicated need not touch other lines which are not related. The more layers on the motherboard (usually 4% u2013 8 layer) then it will be more qualified, because it reduces the ganggungan interference.  What Is The Real Example In Daily Life