How to get your business going today


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How are some great getting start ideas and ways to improving your Business Credit today

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How to get your business going today

  1. 1. ==== ====Here are some great ways to get you business off the ground today ====I first want to thank you for taking the time to read this free report about building business credit,we provide this report to anyone without requiring you to sign up for anything. No need to join ournewsletter, no need to speak to a sales representative, no need to do anything. We feel that thisinformation is so important that you should have it without condition. We hope this information willhelp you choose a company and more importantly stay away from companies that put yourcompany and your hard earned money at risk.Before you choose a company we recommend that you do your homework. We did just that withseveral companies and we were shocked with the results.PANDERINGThe first issue that came up is that most of the companies in our opinion pander to their potentialcustomer. This means that they will say anything in order to make the sale. For example; If youcall some of the popular companies and tell them that you would like to build credit on yourcompany and that your company operates from home would that be okay? A truthful answer wouldbe that you can build credit but will be extremely limited in how much credit you will achieve. If youjust take a moment to think about it, a bank will not give a home based business nearly as muchcredit as they would a company working out of an office or even a virtual office. These companieswill pander to you and tell you "Yes, you can build business credit working from home" thats it!!They leave out the limitations because they dont want to scare you off.It is our opinion that our customers are seeking large credit lines and dont want to be mislead intothinking they can have something when in fact they cannot. We feel that it is important for ourcustomers to make educated decisions. We will never sugar coat our recommendations, we willgive you our recommendations and provide you with other options that are available, we will thenexplain those options and what type of results you can expect from them. With us you will alwayshave the ability to make an educated decision. We will not let you make an uneducated decisionthat can cause permanent harm to your companies long term goals.FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION, and FALSE ADVERTISINGThe bigger and scarier issue that we uncovered while researching these companies is what weconsider Fraud, misrepresentation, and false advertising.We found one company that charged about $20,000 to build a company with credit. We had somehope in them as they seemed to be the only company that utilized an advanced methodologywhen building business credit. Unfortunately, when we searched further we found that the ownerof this company is a defendant in a $100,000,000 lawsuit and has had newspaper articles written
  2. 2. in major newspapers that highlighted his companies questionable practices. These articles havecaused major credit bureaus to key in on his business practices, will DnB be one of them? Do youreally want to be associated with a company that can lose everything in a lawsuit who has a targeton their back for questionable practices?We found another company that claimed to have a patent on building business credit. They evenhave a patent number on their website with a link to the US patent office. I followed the link andtyped in the patent number they had touted all over their website and wouldnt you know it thepatent has been long denied. This company is actually counting on customers not checking thereferences they have on their website. If they are willing to blatantly lie about a patent what elseare they willing to do?We also found several companies claiming to be partnered with the IRS, This seems like anendorsement but if you did a little research you will find that the IRS does have a partnershipprogram. This "partnership" program allows the partner to link to tax educational articles on theIRS website. Yes this is a partnership but it is NOT an IRS endorsement in any way, shape or formwhich several of these companies seem to imply. They are betting on you being naive and notchecking. To me this is misrepresentation and fraud.Good for the GooseI feel that this issue is the most amusing. There are several companies that offer to build yourcredit which means they should at least be able to get you set up with Dun and Bradstreet andultimately get you credit on your company. Well, would you believe that many of these companiesdo not even have a DnB file in existence. Thats right they tell you how important it is to buildbusiness credit but they dont even have a DnB file themselves. They also tell you to get yourphone number listed in a national telephone directory and they are not listed, is it only importantfor you to look legitimate? You can go to and search for our company andothers and see who has a DnB file. You can also go to and look upour company "TD Financial Products Inc." Land O Lakes, Florida and see our listing as well astheirs, if they have one. This is most likely just an oversight on their part but I just find it amusing.Overview of Background informationWe ask that you do your homework on any company you are considering doing businesswith....including us!!To do your homework at least do the following1.Search the company name on google and look for problems 2.Search the owner names ongoogle and look for problems 3.Search Dun and Bradstreet and see if they have a file 4.Searchsuperpages and see if they have a listing 5.Look for unresolved complaints with the BBB (TheBBB will keep records even if a company is not a member company) 6.Look for complains onfraud websites (eg. )Now that you have done some basic homework on a company now you can call them. When youcall them have the following list of questions ready. But before you start asking them questions askyourself some.
  3. 3. What do I want in a business credit consultant? Do I want One on One Consultation or am I okaywith just email communication and/or reading books and listening to CDs? Do I want to pay a lotof upfront money? Do I want large "bank" credit lines or am I okay with just "trade" (store) creditDo I want someone to do all the work for me, ending up with a company that has good credit, but,not knowing exactly how it achieved good credit and how I could repeat the process and get evenmore credit on the next company Do I want a company to answer "Yes" to every inquiry I haveeven though the "Yes" really is a "Yes, but....." Am I 100% confident that my personal creditscore meets the underwriters guidelines (score is not all they look for)Now that you have answered what it is you want you can now ask the hard questions of yourcredit consultantAre you providing me with personal coaching or will I be reading books and listening to pre-recorded material?We used to provide you with the option of purchasing a book with audio CDs but we have foundthat nearly 90% of people who purchase these items end up coming back to us for personalcoaching. The figure is so high because, if you think about it, EVERY business is different and it isIMPOSSIBLE to account for every specific situation in a book. The process of establishingbusiness credit is so specific to your company and your type of business that books and CDsrarely answer all possible questions. Books and CDs are very good at providing you with basicinformation but books get outdated as soon as they are published. Underwriting guidelines changeweekly and it would be impossible to keep a book updated.Will your company ever call me to upsell me into a better business credit coaching product?Companies that are going to upsell you will not provide you with all the information you need withyour first purchase. If you are comparing our pricing with a company that will ultimately upsell youmake sure you compare pricing based on the highest level of coaching they provide. Our businesscredit coaching package is out best package available. We dont sell any other coaching packagesno less and no more, we provide all of our coaching in one package. Our belief is who wants topay for a job halfway done. What if your doctor said he will only charge you $500 to start brainsurgery and while you are on the table he says it will be another $50,000 to finish up. Do you reallyhave a choice? Business credit consultants know that if you invested a certain amount in theirbasic course the chances of you leaving them for another company and "losing your investment" isvery low. They take advantage of this and offer you an "option" to upgrade later.Can I build credit on a S Corp or as a Sole Proprietorship?This is a question that will let you know if the business credit consultant is being honest with you orjust "pandering". The answer to this question should be "Yes, BUT, you wont be able to get anyREAL credit or TOTAL CORPORATE SEPARATION". Lenders look at S-Corps and SoleProprietors as small time businesses and WILL NOT lend large amounts of money to these typesof companies. Even with perfect personal credit you will rarely get credit lines in excess of $10,000and you will never be able to waive a personal guarantee. If your "Consultant" tells you otherwisethey are just trying to "SELL" you. We walk you through the process of analyzing your currentprofile to make sure there are no RED FLAGS that will stop you from getting the large credit lines
  4. 4. you are seeking. If you have an S Corp or Sole Proprietorship we will show you how to convert itto the desired structure without losing the valuable age associated with it.How much credit can I get?You will have to listen to this answer very carefully. Most unscrupulous consultants will provideyou with a large number like $250,000. What they "conveniently" leave out is that most, if not all,of the credit you get is TRADE credit. This means you will have $250,000 in credit but you have tobuy products from specific vendors. Do you need access to $50,000 in office supplies? Tradecredit does have its place but most of our customers are building credit so they can get unsecured"BANK" credit. Bank credit is a line of credit or credit card that you can use to purchase whateveryou want. Dont be fooled by high dollar promises. Our process of building credit includes tradecredit so that we can quickly get you an 80 PayDex score. Once you have this score you will beready to get unsecured bank credit.My company is not yet 2 years old, does that matter?This is another question that is usually answered unscrupulously. Most "BANK" credit requires youto be in business 2 years. You will be able to develop credit with a younger company but you wontget the "Bank" credit you desire. Our program has 2 ways that will allow you meet the banks 2year requirement. One is the use of optional aged shelf corporations and the other is by creating acompany history.Does my personal credit score matter?The answer to this question is based on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to getunsecured bank credit you will need to have good personal credit. If you are okay with just tradecredit then you can get hundreds of thousands in trade credit without a personal guarantee. Ourprograms will show you how to get the unsecured bank credit without your personal guarantee**Full Disclosure** You will need somebody to act as personal guarantor in the first several yearsof your business. We will also provide you with free personal credit coaching so you can bring yourcredit scores up if that is what you need.I have a 700 credit score, can you guarantee that I get $XX,XXX in cash credit lines?If a business credit consultant tell you yes to this question without further qualifying you they arelying. ALL loans rely on more than just your credit score. They rely on your debt to limit ratios onyour existing credit and recent inquiries. They also rely on several other items and shouldnt evenbe answered by a business credit consultant. These type of qualification questions should be onlyanswered by a lender or a business loan brokerAre any of the trade references you help me get/provide large trade references?When most credit consultants work on your business credit they will provide you with a list of 25-50 companies and have you apply for as many as you can. The average credit line you will beapproved for is $500 - $5,000. When you ultimately go to apply for a loan with a bank to get yourlarge credit lines you will quickly find out that they will deny you because you have no history onyour credit file of paying of a high credit loan. We have the availability to provide you with at least 3
  5. 5. unsecured trade references that will report a Trade line of up to $100,000What is your pricing?When comparing pricing you want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples - I can easilysell you books and materials for a few hundred dollars and compare it to full blown one on onecoaching. Obviously the books and materials will seem cheaper. They, however, wont get you thesame results. We recommend deciding on the method of service you would like.Do you want books and materials only, personal one on one coaching, or a completed producthanded to you? Once you decide on the general product then you can compare costs. Just makesure you add in the extras if they are applicable like aged corporations, large credit lines, personalcredit coaching etc.Can I pay the bulk of your fees with the credit lines you will help me get?Most companies will not offer this option. Is it because they fail to provide actual "cash" creditlines? Will they not take your $10,000 Staples card as payment? We are so confident in ourproduct that we let you pay the bulk of it only after you achieve success. We even finance theinitial deposit for you. Is there another company that will do any one on one personal coaching(even using outdated basic methodology) with you and allow you to pay just $299.00 upfront? Theshort answer is NOAre there any other third party expenses?This is also another tricky one that most companies will try to avoid. We feel that some of thesethird party expenses can add up quickly and must be disclosed so you can make an informeddecision. The types of expenses you will incur in the building credit process are as followsCompliance Costs - Sometimes you will have to pay state fees to get compliant (eg. Licenses,permits, corporation fees etc) Legitimacy Costs - Banks want you to be a legitimate business, youcant be a legitimate business if you work out of the back of your truck. You will have expensesrelated to becoming "legitimate" Credit Building Costs - To build credit you typically have to buystuff, buying stuff costs money. You also may have to pay third party fees to the credit bureaus sothey can build your credit fileThe actual costs for these items range greatly based on your specific situation, type of business,state you are operating in, types of credit lines you want and items you buy. With every step wewill offer you options that range from low cost and free to high cost. With each option we explainthe positives and negatives and allow you to make an educated decision based on your needs andbudget.Will you be my coach?Are you talking to a professional salesman or to the person who will be coaching you? Rememberevery company and situation is going to be different. How will someone who is not a coach be ableto tell you that their coaching will work for you. These salesman do NOT know how to build credit,they are working on commission and their only goal is to "SELL" you. We talk to everyone before
  6. 6. they decide to use our services. If we relied on salespeople that might "conveniently" leave thingsout we would be dealing with customer service issues all the time. Since our coaches are the onesthat speak to you right from the start there will never be any broken promises and/or fingerpointing.Shelf Corporations - If you are using another service to provide you with a shelf corporation makesure you ask this questionWill you guarantee that Dun and Bradstreet will not re-age this company when I try to buildbusiness credit on it and basically turn my aged shelf corporation into a brand new company?Dun and Bradstreet will re-age your aged shelf corporation if they see a transfer in ownership inthe public records. We create our aged shelf corporations in a way that avoids re-aging. If youpurchase an aged shelf corporation from us and let us help you build business credit on it we willwarrant that if your company is re-aged by Dun and Bradstreet we will create a new company foryou.Trade lines - If you are using another service to provide you with Trade lines make sure you askthese questionsWhat type of Trade line are you selling me?Authorized User - Authorized user accounts are temporary in nature, they usually last on yourcredit report for about 6 months and that is IF it ever makes it to your credit report to begin with.You must also be aware that many authorized user Trade line companies have gone out ofbusiness and there are several still out there selling a dream. You also want to keep in mind thatlenders know about the authorized user loophole and have effectively closed it. If you are usingthe authorized user account to get credit you may be surprised to know that the lender will mostlikely rescore your credit file to remove the benefit you received from the authorized user tradeline.Primary Account - A primary account is okay only if it is a NEW account and you are makingpayments, If you are added to an old "seasoned" account you are committing fraud if and whenyou apply for a loan. Worse yet the lenders have fraud departments that are looking for companieswho provide "fake" credentials. One company in particular was opened by a ex-mortgage brokerand is on the radar of the credit bureaus and underwriting departments. Imagine if you actually geta loan and have one of these "fraudulent" accounts on your credit and several years go by andyou find yourself in financial distress and wind up defaulting on the loan. Do not think for a secondthat the lender you defaulted one will not come after you for fraud it happens everyday with peoplewho provide fake paystubs, fake bank statements, and yes it can happen if you provide a faketrade reference. The company that is being sued for $100,000,000 issued and are still issuingseasoned primary trade lines.Our primary trade accounts are legit accounts. You are provided a NEW account, it is serviced mya fortune 100 servicing company, and you make monthly payments, if you are late you arereported late, if you are on time you are reported on time.Who do they report to?
  7. 7. On personal credit you want your Trade line to report to at least 2 credit bureaus. In businesscredit you want it to report to at least Dun and Bradstreet. Our primary Trade lines report to 2personal credit bureaus or 2 business credit bureausWe hope this information was found to be valuable to you and we hope you ultimately choose todo business with us. If you ultimately choose someone else and they fail you we will give you $100off our service if you share your story with us.Danny Garciahttp://www.BusinessCreditCoaches.com813-473-7402Article Source: ====Here are some great ways to get you business off the ground today ====