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Many times, people are afraid to set goals because they are afraid to fail. Other times, people simply have not taken the time to process through what their goals actually are. The truth is, when you set goals & have a plan, there is so much to gain.

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  • Position the training
    I’m going to be leading you in learning
    Everything you see, everything you hear, all of the stories, exercises, slides…EVERYTHING. Is yours now.
    It will be up to you to internalize it, take it in , make it yours, improve upon it, and teach it to your clients…and hopefully – to the coaches that follow after you.
    I’ll be the Medium to share our experiences, share learning's and acquire new knowledge and skills
    So I would like to invite to participate fully in order to get the maximum value…
  • This slide concept is critical but don’t spend much time here at all.
    The value to the Audience is in establishing enough credibility to keep going.
    Delivery – high energy, Big smile, but not yelling, slow measured pace, lots of eye contact.
    Be matter of fact, not boastful, almost administrative in your tone
    Target takeaway for this slide.
    This guy is qualified enough to listen to
    I “get who BT is”
    Interesting testimonial
  • 2 minutes on this slide MAX!
    “ I don’t want tot spend too much time on this, since , just by being in the room, you already “get it”. But some of the high points are…
    Target Takeaway
    Brief Tie down on who we are
    Suggestion that perhaps they should look into this more.
  • -We should know already how familiar they are with Brian, the more familiar they are, the more we talk about him.
    -If not familiar, build credibility but do not rely on his name, not to much emphasis
    Discuss Brian wanting to expand and reach more and more people
    Discuss Brian leaving a “legacy” and not wanting his learnings to stop when he stops
  • -We should know already how familiar they are with Brian, the more familiar they are, the more we talk about him.
    -If not familiar, build credibility but do not rely on his name, not to much emphasis
    Discuss Brian wanting to expand and reach more and more people
    Discuss Brian leaving a “legacy” and not wanting his learnings to stop when he stops
  • This slide is blank during the exercise, then fill in the quotes when the flipchart is full and posted on the wall!
    Comment to audience, and ask.” Is it OK if I post this so we can refer to it, and make sure I hit all your high points?”
    Target Takeaway for this slide
    The presenter cares about what I want
    Diffuses any “what does this guy know, and what will he avoid?” attitudes ( not necessarily stated by audience)
    Audience participation ( they crave this, as many speakers only…’speak’, AKA a Eulogy…
    Shows you are inclusive
    We are creating a critical tie down for the event
    Congruent with our Goal setting position
  • @ Knowledge transfer for business owners
    Coaching has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with YOU, the owner. My goal for today is that you walk always with something useable, and practical
    @ Reality vs. Theory
    We won’t ever talk about something that is theory. What I’m about to discuss with you has been tested and proven already by Brian Tracy, to thousands of people worldwide and with thousands of FocalPoint clients
    In Summary of this slide
    Our brand Promise is simple
    World Class Content
    and the famous Brian Tracy guarantee, that is, it’s 100% Guaranteed. Everything you learn here, tonight, you can apply immediately in your business and see the results you want. Period.
  • Script…customize to your personality, but keep intro brief
    ” My job as your business coach is to show you new opportunities. So let’s do an exercise…
    I noticed that you guys have been very quiet today. Business Improvement is a process based on small, valuable activities. Lets do one now.
    Can I get everyone to stand please. ( use hand motions!, get them ALL standing) …I’d like to take 2 minutes, and ask you to introduce yourself to the person in front, behind, and to your left and right. Go !
    ……Play some upbeat music ……..
    End Exercise , then ask….”Wasn’t that easy? There is a lot of opportunity in this room. We’ve had people at our workshops walk out with 1200 in new business just from that exercise – it was a printer, who met another business owner who had just decided he needed a new supplier…voila! Best of luck to all of you, glad I could help out!”
    Ok, lets move on…
  • Your script for presenting this should follow the transition of the slide.
    Those who LIVE ABOVE THE LINE have nothing to prove to anyone.. They are comfortable in their own skin and typically lead by example
    Nothing to Prove …. Because they are proactive, and they take responsibility for all decisions they make, take ownership of all things they influence, are visionary and forward thinking and forward focused… and they embrace personal and business excellence
    Contrarily, Those who live below the line bend with the trends…. They bend in the wind… whichever way the wind blows today… they are there…
    below the line people blame others and other things for the situations and results, they have all sorts of excuses for why things are the way they are….. Or the way they aren’t…. They are generally negative and exhibit the OH… woah is me syndrome routinely…. They are often in denial that they had anything to do with things or that they should have done something at all… or that they did soemthign that they shouldn’t have done.. And last but certainly not least.. They are scarcity thinking…. They do not embrace competition or self improvement or others’ opinions as valuable
  • Print out this slide and turn into workshop item
  • This is hugely important! It provides the framework for you and your employees to make consistant decisions
  • More Customers is also heard as / more people in the door/ more table turns ( for a restaurant)/ more patients/ more clients/more interest from eh market/ more people in the showroom, more subscribers/ more shipments/ more orders
    More revenue is in also heard as…more sales/
    We make it, but we're not keeping it is heard as. We’re not making any profit/ Gross profit vs. Net/ Our overheads are killing us/ COGS is a problem/inventory/ accts receivable issues ( collections)
  • Hand out your letter head and pens
    Instruct audience to write a letter to themselves. Based on what they’ve learned today, They will be stating the goals they have achieved by the time the letter arrives. Goal Setting.
    Get them to hand the letter in.
    You will mail this letter to them in 6 weeks
    Target Takeaway…
    I’ll do this stuff
    Gives us a chance to follow up.
  • Get 1 idea from each person in the room.
    Restate their point, briefly give praise, expand as needed, and move to next person.
    Refer to Goals flipchart ( from the start of the presentation) to tie down the content
    Target Takeaway
    Gee, I got a lot out of today
    I like this coach
  • Goals workshop

    1. 1. Intro • John Whitt • FocalPoint Business Coaching • Brian Tracy Certified Business Coaches • Our Guarantee, World Class Content, Results, Coaching Is 100% Guaranteed, “I couldn’t have written it better myself.” Former Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca commenting on Brian Tracy’s recent book, Focal Point
    2. 2. What Is A Business Coach Anyway? Time Team Money Uncertainty, Frustration Exit Strategy
    3. 3. FocalPoint Business Coaching We Help Business Owners & Professionals: -Improve Profits - Increase efficiencies so they can benefit from their success! Coaching Program with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    4. 4. About Brian Tracy Brian Tracy addresses more than 250,000 men & women in live seminars each year globally He also hosts numerous webcasts and telephone seminars each year. One of the worlds most prominent brands in professional and business development. A best-selling author of more than 40 books and he has written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs.
    5. 5. About Brian Tracy A few of Brian Tracy’s more than 1000 private clients have included: IBM, Ford, McDonnell Douglas, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, US Bancorp, Northwestern Mutual, Federal Express & many more Brian Tracy has spoken to & trained millions of people worldwide including some of the most respected companies in the world.
    6. 6. The Power Of Goals! Students in the 1979 Harvard MBA Program were asked: “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?”
    7. 7. The Power Of Goals! • Only 3% had clear, written goals • 13% had goals but they weren’t written • 84% had no goals
    8. 8. The Power of Goals! TEN YEARS LATER… Students interviewed again. What do you think they found?
    9. 9. The Power Of Goals! 13% with unwritten goals had annual earnings that averaged twice what the 84% with out goals made
    10. 10. The Power Of Goals! The 3% with clear, written goals were on average earning 10 times the combined income of the other 97% Source: Mark McCormack “What They Don’t Teach You in the Harvard Business School”
    11. 11. Goals For Today …It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going. • Brian Tracy Start with the end in mind. • Steven Covey
    12. 12. My Goal For Today • Knowledge Transfer to Business owners • Reality vs. Theory
    13. 13. This Is A “Workshop” Your Business N W S E
    14. 14. We Always Have A Choice… Failure Magnets Opportunity Seekers P R O V E roactive esponsible wnership isionary xcellence B E N D S lame xcuses egative enial carcity PROBLEMS
    15. 15. Kaizen • Continuous and Never-Ending improvement.
    16. 16. Let’s Walk Through “Diamond Mapping”…. Here is an illustration of Diamond Mapping …… Goal to determine how well balanced your life is in: •Financial •Business •Health •Family & Relationships
    17. 17. Core Values And Beliefs FocalPoint’s • Profitability • Forever • Integrity • Excellence • Passionate Commitment • Balance • Leadership • Team • Spirit Your’s • What are your Values and Beliefs?
    18. 18. Purpose, Mission, Vision FocalPoint • To contribute to a world in which every individual has the skills and the tools to achieve true success in their business and personal lives. Yours • ?
    19. 19. Exercise 1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________ By Friday December 31st , 2010, I achieved all of my goals because I…
    20. 20. Exercise 1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________ By Friday December 31st , 2010, I failed to achieve all of my goals because I failed to…
    21. 21. Magic Wand Exercise • If I could wave a Magic Wand and change three things in my business… 1. ______________ Date: ______ 2. _______________ Date: ______ 3. _______________ Date: ______ • Who will hold me accountable?
    22. 22. What Business Am I In? • What product or service do I sell? • What is my customer buying? • What business would I like to be in? • How will I get to the business that I would like to be in? • When will I make these changes? • Sell vs. Solution Exercise
    23. 23. Who Is My Ideal Customer • Age • Gender • Income • Geography • Personality • ????? • What changes will I make in my business? • By when?
    24. 24. Why Do My Customers Buy? • 10 answers. Work on your own. • Discuss • What changes will I make in my business? • By when?
    25. 25. What Is My Competitive Advantage? • What do you do better than 90% of your competition? • How will I change my business to take advantage of my USP?
    26. 26. Who Is My Competition? Internal • _______________ • _______________ • _______________ • _______________ • _______________ External • ________________ • ________________ • ________________ • ________________ • ________________
    27. 27. What Are My Critical Constraints? • Internal • External
    28. 28. The Identity Iceberg • Results •Actions •Beliefs •Thoughts
    29. 29. 30 Second Drill!!!!!! • What one skill must I master this year? • How will I do it? • When will I do it by? • How will I measure my progress? • Who will hold me accountable?
    30. 30. My Top 5 Goals For 2010 Are… 1. ____________ By When: __________ 2. ____________ By When: __________ 3. ____________ By When: __________ 4. ____________ By When: __________ 5. ____________ By When: __________
    31. 31. 3 Frustrations a Coach Hears •We need more Customers •We need more revenue •We make it, but we’re not keeping it How Typical Is ThisHow Typical Is This Group?Group?
    32. 32. Business Accelerator Exercise • Letter to myself (Name and address for mailing) (Date 6 weeks from now) Dear Self, In the last 6 weeks, I have changed some very important things in my business. I have ( your goal here) and I have ( your goal here, and I have ( your goal here). Just as importantly, I have started ( what do you want to start doing) and I have stopped ( what do you want to stop doing). PS> Great job on……. Love , Your name here !
    33. 33. Top 3 Things You Learned In This Workshop 1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________ 5. ____________________________ 6. ____________________________
    34. 34. Our 100% Guarantee Your Value, This Morning • Discuss your Takeaway Lessons Privately, one on one • Free 1 Hour with a Coach • I’m limited to 2 openings / day, or by advance request.
    35. 35. Thank you for your attention!! Lee and Lauren Richardson FocalPoint Coaching Tel 803-431-6956 drichardson@focalpointcoa ching.com