Doing business online SWOT analysis


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Strategically analyze your business. Find out what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. Increase your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, exploit your opportunities and avoid the threats. Check out:

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Doing business online SWOT analysis

  1. 1. Doing Business Online SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Doing BusinessOnline SWOT Analysis
  2. 2. Doing Business Online SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Strategically analyze your business. Find out what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. Increase your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, exploit your opportunities and avoid the threats. Click hereMore savvy business owners are now discovering that having an easilynavigable website, utilizing Web 2.0, finding customers through socialmarketing tools, and implementing an aggressive article marketingcampaign is one heck of a rock solid marketing plan.Not only does a thorough web marketing plan give you an automatedway to increase your business sales, it is also extremely cost effectivewhen you consider the benefits.But if theres one thing youve probably learned in the course ofrunning your business, its that there are two sides (maybe three orfour!) to every scenario. Just like with any other business decision,setting up and maintaining an online presence comes with itschallenges. Its time to do a quick SWOT analysis -- here well identifyboth the power and pitfalls of using the Internet for your business.Strength in Automation and High ROI
  3. 3. Doing Business Online SWOT Analysis SWOT AnalysisThe most attractive benefit of establishing yourself online is that youare setting up an automated source of income for your business. Youknow, just like they say in the infomercials "set it and forget it." Youwake up in the morning and money is waiting in your inbox.Lets also consider that the return on investment (ROI) when makingyour business Internet-ready is usually quite amazing. Isnt ROI oneof the most important considerations when youre operating abusiness? You need only come up with an amazing idea, make theone-time investment in a beautiful, user-friendly website, hiresomeone to take charge of your online marketing and pay a writer tomaintain your content on an ongoing basis.Then simply wait for business to start rolling in.Depending on your product or service and how skillfully you set upyour Internet campaign, you can easily see an ROI of 100% or morein just the first few months of being online.Weakness -- Web Vulnerabilities
  4. 4. Doing Business Online SWOT Analysis SWOT AnalysisWith the advent and growth of the World Wide Web also came therise of Internet thieves, hackers, and scammers. Many experts agreethat the Internet is not always a safe place to entrust your personalinformation.As a merchant, you constantly have to be concerned about hackerstapping into your customers private information (and guess who maybe ultimately responsible if this happens?). Not to mention, being thatyou have pretty much made your business accessible to anyone onthe globe, you are going to have to deal with supposed "customers"who are intent on wasting your time with questions or looking forfreebies.Thankfully, there are a number of ways to protect yourself and yourbusiness from scammers who are looking for an easy way to attackyour business for their own financial gain. Several trusted companiesoffer active online protection for a monthly or yearly fee. Contactforms and automated responders allow you to weed out the folks whoarent very serious about using your services.Threats from Online Competitors
  5. 5. Doing Business Online SWOT Analysis SWOT AnalysisOne detail that you simply cant overlook is this: you are definitely notthe only one in your industry who has considered the profit potentialof setting up shop online. You are constantly going to need to be onthe lookout for online competitors. For example, the fight forkeywords and search engine ranking is one of the most prevalentforms of online competition. In some situations, the market is highlycompetitive.It is your responsibility to stay ahead of the game with new andinnovative approaches that will solidify your online presence. Forinstance, many online marketers are now seeing the full value of long-tail keywords for their article marketing efforts instead of continuingto compete for high demand one or two-word keywords.Opportunities AboundThe O and the T of this SWOT analysis were switched around for avery important reason. We want you to be highly optimistic aboutlaunching an online presence despite the threats. As a businessowner, youre a risk taker, no? You certainly didnt let the fear and
  6. 6. Doing Business Online SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysischallenges of starting a new business hold you back, and selling ormarketing online should be no different!Dont hesitate to unlock the remarkable opportunities that come withselling on the Internet. New innovations are being developed everyday to help businesses like yours excel online -- the prospects arelimitless. Adding an online element to your company is a powerful wayto grow your bottom line and stay up to date, especially sincenowadays the definition of a strong business seems to change asfrequently as the seasons.
  7. 7. Doing Business Online SWOT Analysis SWOT AnalysisIf you want to do business online successfully, whether you run an online store,manage multiple websites or promote affiliate products, you need high quality webcontent to make the grade with Google and other top search engines.Visit to get a fair quote on top quality articles, webcontent, blog posts, web store descriptions, white papers, press releases and more.Article Source: